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Google Adwords

In today’s world, Google Adwordsis the most powerful tools in the internet marketing. With such Adwords, you can not only position your brand effectively but can also capture more and more clients. Also, you can run high conversion and low-cost campaigns with these AdWords. Such campaigns are great for the growth and success of your business.

According to Google Economic Impact Report, businesses often make an average of 2$ for every 1$ that they spend on the Google Adwords. If you are new to Google Adwords and want to launch Google Adwords campaign, then it can be an exhilarating process.Different emotions of fear and anxiety may dominate your mind but no need to worry as we are here to help you. Our Google Adwords and PPC Remarketing services are reachable,and our customers are friendly so you can email us or chat with us for any query and we will solve all your problems.

About Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an advertising system of Google in which the advertisers use keywords to make their ads appear in the search results of Google. In next 5 years, Google Adwords will be more stronger than now. Advertisers pay for these ads and Google makes money from the searches. Grow your business with the amazing services of the Hukumat SEO Company!

Search Network

Search Network is the most common and familiar types of ads. These Adwords appear in the search results of Google. They not only appear on the top and sides of search results but also on the Google Maps and Google Shopping. You can also target the search partners of Google in your campaign which will ultimately make your add appear on pages that have partnered with Google like Amazon, Ask and others. It has been found that more than 1.2 million advertising on Google Search Network.


Remarketing is also one of the amazing campaigns. With this strategy, your ads are shown to all those people who have already visited your site before. When people open your website but don’t buy anything, then remarketing will help you reconnect with such people by showing them the relevant ads on Google or mobile apps. The campaigns of remarketing are the most successful ones at promoting awareness regarding your brand, driving sales,and increasing registrations.

The Shopping Network

If you want to have an online store and want customers to buy your products, then Google Shopping will be the best choice for you. Your ads will not only appear in Google shopping when people search for your product but also when a regular search triggers Google shopping results.

Display Marketing

Every internet user is quite familiar with the banner ads, text ads,and rich media ads that often appear on news sites, forums and blogs. These ads are part of Google Display Marketing, and Google owns one of the largest display networks which serves about 180 billion impressions each month. According to Google Benchmarks and Insights, the display campaigns of google reach about 80% of the internet users worldwide.

This display network of Google consists of millions of sites, blogs,and forums. It means that it can help you reach millions of people. Rather than showing up when people are searching for it, these ads pop up directly and interrupt people from what they are doing. So, this type of advertisement is also called ‘interruption marketing.’ Starting your campaign on Google display network can be a wise decision as the click per rate of an ad on such network is 0.4%. According to Specific Media, about 155% of the consumers who are exposed to display ads are likely to search for them.

Reach Your Desired Audience

Here, you have come to know about the different types of Google Adwords, but if you are still not sure about the right option, then we are here to help you. We have highly trained and professional experts in Adwords campaigns who can guide you so call us or send us your email and we will love to help you.Choose how you want to reach your desired audience with Google AdwordsCampaign of the Hukumat SEO Company!

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