Project : SEO, Backlinks

Website : MyUKMailBox

Client : Jemie 

Project Date
: 2018-2019

Industry : Delivery


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MyUKMailBox follows an innovative E-commerce approach that attracts buyers from all around the world. So, no matter where you live, then you can rely on is myukmailbox legit service to get that product for you. Their services include parcel forwarding, online mailbox management and photo service.


They came to us to increase brand reputation and improve the ranking in search results. Let’s find out how we helped them accomplish their goals.



After analyzing everything in detail, we initiated the project by incorporating search engine optimization techniques and brand management solutions. The site was not ranked anywhere in Google. Hence our experts performed in-depth research, studied the competition, and implemented keyword research processes.


To increase their brand recognition, our experts came up with comprehensive branding solutions, which include a business listing on web directories, profile submissions on top newspapers, backlink creation, online reviews submission, and much more.



Our advanced SEO methodologies and powerful branding techniques helped us generate thousands of visits within the first 4 months of the contract. They experienced a significant rise in traffic and leads which in turned received more bookings and orders and helped them gain premium plan members.


We also activated their payment gateway procedures to offer ease and convenience to their users.


Co-owner - MyUKMailBox

Hukumat submitted our website to few of the top newspapers and media sites resulted in nice traffic and more clientage. They also submitted our website to few top authority websites to get more viewership. They are expert in outreach and Internet Marketing and we would love to work with them again…

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