Project : SEO 

Website : Advanced Care Hypnosis

Client : Dan Rose

Project Date : 2015-2017

Industry : Health, Medical


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Advanced Care Hypnosis

Advanced care hypnosis offers hypnotherapy treatments for more than 30 years in New Jersey. The company is launched by Daniel Rose, who has the most insightful approach in medical and wellness practices.

They were experiencing a significant decline in traffic and leads, so they came to us at Hukumat Networks for advanced SEO services at the top of search results. Let’s find out how we helped them fulfill their dreams.



Our experts at Hukumat Networks experienced a significant challenge as the site was not converting people due to its complicated hypnosis nature. So first of all, our experts redesigned the whole website to get better conversions and engagements. We created content, designed attractive images and managed several technical aspects.


After that, we were focused on managing on-page and off-page optimization and created numerous backlinks for brand recognition. We also created Google my Business account and listed the company of multiple web directories.


As recommended in the video, Phill- the operations manager has a lot to say about his experience with Hukumat Networks. He found us extraordinarily competitive and further complimented by considering us a one-stop solution for all marketing needs.

Our robust SEO methodologies and website design strategies helped the company rank on top of the search results within 4 months only. Our experts launched campaigns for their weight loss and other programs and helped them earn valuable leads within a few weeks.

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Daniel Rose

Manager - ACH

My video tells everything to your readers. All I can say is we are satisfied with the output so far and looking to get more 1st page placements in coming months.

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