Project : SEO , Backlinks

Website :

Client : Ecosusi
Project Date : 20 July 2019

Industry : Ecommerce , Fashion

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Ecosusi is one of the top-notch fashion brands that sell trendy handbags, shoes, clothes, and much more. Owned and operated by WorthFind Inc, the brand is no stranger to providing valuable, unique, and premium quality leather products.

Challenges and proposal


Ecosusi was beset by lots of challenges when they approached Hukumat as it was the most arduous step for them to dominate the huge fashion market in the US and Europe.


The popular fashion brand decided to take their business to the next level by hiring Hukumat professionals. They came to us in Feb 2021 with the core purpose of increasing traffic, leads, sales, and conversions.


Although they are rooted back in China and recognized themselves as an authority in the Chinese industry, they also wanted to go the extra mile and increase their online visibility in the competitive market of the US. Although they were doing wonderful on Amazon as well.


There were plenty of things for us to rectify because their website content was copy-pasted, there were no blog posts and their rankings and revenue were also quite average.


However, we know how to live up to the expectations!


They were trying hard to disrupt the fashion market with their high-quality, multi-colored, and stunning collections- which is why we proposed a solid and proven marketing strategy that worked wonders. See for yourself!



To streamline their website traffic, leads, and sales, our experts constructed a sought-after strategy and implemented a lot of proven tactics. Our qualified specialists created a perfect Onpage strategy, worked on website structure (as they had a huge website with hundreds of categories), and crafted methods for speed optimization.


Once we executed the plans, we got:

  • Phenomenal traffic increase
  • On-page optimized website
  • Installation of a chatbot for excellent customer support
  • Outreach to high-quality sites to say good words about us
  • Blog posted on high authority sites
  • We created fresh, unique, and engaging content for their products
  • Made their dead blog live again.



After successful implementation of Onpage and off-page SEO strategies, guess what would be the results?


Their average sales were $150,000 before SEO, and after that, they experienced an almost double increase in sales of $3,15,000. In fact, in February, their organic traffic was around 5,000, and after 6 months, they touched 10,000+ organic visits.


The best part is their sales were not affected even after the bruising pandemic year.


Get more insights here in the graph.


WorthFind Inc – the company that holds Ecosusi is also happy with the exponential growth and development of their project. Their representative once shared his opinion about Hukumat on Clutch:



WorthFind Inc

While the work is ongoing, the engagement thus far has sped up the website and improved its Google ranking. Hukumat Networks manages the project and communicates in an organized and clear manner with monthly reports. Furthermore, their professionalism and helpfulness are the keys to this success.