Project : Web Development, SEO, BackLinks

Website : Global Database

Client : Alex O’Connor

Project Date
: 2019

Industry : Database,  Bussiness


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Global Database

The global database is a UK based company that provides bespoke business intelligence solutions and offer company information through an integrated workflow. This acts as a unified platform that covers everything from business leads to company information. They are envisioned to make information easy, accessible, and usable on companies and executives.

Clients requirements:


They requested us to enhance the visibility of their website online, gain more exposure, and drive traffic from not only in the UK but also across 195 countries where they are serving.



Working on such a professional website that has high competition in the marketplace was such a big challenge for our team. But our experts managed to identify the ideal customers who are actually interested in their services and offered thousands of visits within 5-6 months. We fixed the technical issue and targeted the right keywords to increase their ranking in search results. As a result, our team delivered exceptional results in the form of high ranking, increased traffic, and more targeted customers.

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How we helped!


Our experts at Hukumat Networks implement robust SEO methodologies that bring exceptional results within a short time. We researched the company profile, analyzed the competition, and crafted the most reliable on-page and off-page SEO techniques that could result in improved traffic and leads.


We used advanced tactics and created a comprehensive strategy for so that we can take their reputation to the next level.

Alex O'Connor

CEO - Global Database

Your continued support and aggressive technology have convinced me that signing another optimization contract with Hukumat. is the best approach in maintaining our edge over the competition.

Global database