Project : Web Development


Client : Tim Hashmi

Project Date : 5 March 2019

Industry : Furniture

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Steampunk Desk

Steampunk desk provides an impeccable collection of vintage items with a blend of modern touches. The brand offers a unique handmade variety of different valuables such as steampunk clothes, steampunk lighters, steampunk jewelry, goggles, hats, and lots of other accessories. The popular shopping brand is owned by Tim Hashmi.



Tim wanted sustainable and steady sales for the platform by store creation, social media management, Search Engine Optimization and Google ads.


Though it was a new project and we had to launch it from scratch, the owner had great confidence in our skills and expertise. He really witnessed our previous achievements and wanted us to take over for remarkable results.


We had to create a strategy that works for both social media and SEO. That’s why we really needed SEO-optimized content for their products and ads.


We were responsible for delivering a streamlined e-commerce shopping store, SEO, managing social media pages, running Instagram, launching Google ads, and bringing a strategy that works for increased traffic, leads, and sales.

By keeping all the challenges and goals in mind, our experts took over in Feb 2018 and worked tirelessly to accomplish the client’s goals.


The speed at which we created strategies, managed social media and ran ads were quite impressive as they started getting sales within one month.


They achieved great success with timely and wise execution.


We helped them in:

  • Activate their social media channels
  • Run store from scratch
  • Manage Instagram, share posts, create ads, and much more
  • Run ad campaigns
  • Drive relevant traffic from absolutely none and made it an overall successful project



At the end of the day when Tim evaluated results for all the campaigns, He was surprised! The results were super awesome. We knew exactly which marketing channel performed well out of all.

  • We created an Ecommerce store exactly as Tim requested us to do.
  • Received hundreds of sales from Instagram and social media channels
  • Boost page likes, followers, and conversions on Instagram
  • Generated high-quality sales on a regular basis and became our most successful project these days.

After a huge success, Hukumat Networks decided to buy shares in this business and this is now a Hukumat family project. We implemented more strategies to take it to new heights.


Tim shared his reviews after implementation and execution of strategies:

Tim Hashmi

CEO - Steampunk Desk

I have had great confidence in team Hukumat since inception. Steampunk Desk is just one of the examples when the team showed highly amazing performance. Their systematic approach to handle things is just out of this world. After working with Hukumat team, I do not need to consult with any other professional because they provide excellence in every strategy. From creative website design to remarkable SEO performance, everything is highly appreciating. Thumbs up for their hard work.