Project : Web Development

Website :

Project Date : 24 Sep 2019

Industry : Tech

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This multimillion-dollar company is responsible for offering DDoS attacks worldwide. StressThem is one the most secure, fast and reliable IP Stresser in the booter market. It is the #1 rank IP Stresser by a far margin with 1500+ attacks running 24/7 at a time.



The client Reinier approached us mainly for the SEO of his website as his core objective was to beat competitors and gain qualified traffic.


Though it was a technical niche, we had to come up with solid strategies that give long-term results, so we proposed plans for his sustainable growth.


When they first approached us, we performed a detailed audit of the website and found out that their content is not delivering any kind of value to the audience. They only had a 1-page index in Google. Most of its content was not SEO-friendly and not even persuasive. So, we had to change many things in the content so we could run a perfect campaign.


Their website was fresh, not ranking even on low-volume keywords, and they were almost receiving zero to no traffic. So, we had to start from scratch and manage their SEO, rankings, and conversions.



Our engagement with begin in October 2017- December 2019.


During that time, our experts worked tirelessly on SEO and content. That was a time when we created a rock-solid strategy for StressThem and promised amazing solutions while executing our strategies. We outreached and gained some of the best backlinks from different sources. We delivered them:


  • Onpage SEO
  • High-quality backlinks
  • High volume keyword research
  • Overall SEO worldwide



We have not delivered phenomenal performances in general niches only, but also have done a lot for technical industries, such as StressThem. The results were no less than astonishing. They were quite amazed to see the progress within the first few months of our strategic implementation. In the next 3 months, we reached 2,000+ UV/month and after 8 months of consistent efforts we achieved No.1 Spot on all of their keywords. Business is now getting 3200+ organic visitors/day.


When asked about the performance, the client expressed happiness and said

I absolutely love the energy and excitement of team Hukumat. This was the first time when I launched my website and business, so I was quite confused about the strategies and results. But when I worked with Hukumat, my all worries and confusions were wiped away. They worked hard for months and within 8 month period, they helped me rank in the #1 position. This is a remarkable achievement. I must say its a fantastic experience all around