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Living in a technologically driven world, it is not about having a digital presence for your healthcare organization. It is about how strong your presence is. In order to win online, you need to have a competitive online strategy that includes the market driven search advertising, responsive website, search engine as well as social media optimization, and so much more.


It is an open secret that the health industry has lagged behind other industries when it is about marketing. As this industry is highly regulated it is a pretty much scary to adapt to the changes in the marketing nowadays.

However looking at the today’s technological savvy physicians and patients,it clearly means that digital marketing is no longer an option for the hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and other organizations that are involved in the healthcare industry. All the online strategies work together in synergy to drive the desired response. We have expertise in all the strategies that have proven them to be successful in online world.

Medical Internet Marketing Strategies for you: 

We usually recommend that one should implement all the underlined strategies together; we are there to implement them on one to one basis as well. It depends on you how you want us to work for you.

These online strategies include the responsive website, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social media marketing etc. Let us now briefly talk about how these strategies can help you in ensuring your strong online presence.

Responsive Website:

It has been observed that one third of the patients make use of the tablets and other mobile devices on daily basis to reserve the appointments and / or research. Physicians make use of these on daily basis from their house and office in order to facilitate their patients. Also they use it in order to learn about the medications and procedures as well as to access the required information regardless of their location.

Therefore, looking at the increasing rate of the mobile web usage as compared to the desktop usage, healthcare organization must look in to considering the transition towards a responsive website design. With responsive design, it is meant to design a site that adapts to the size of the device’s screen on which it is accessed. In this way elements of the site will be adjusted and will be reacting depending upon the ratio of the browser, navigation with minimal resizing, easy to read content, scoring and zooming etc.

We are well aware of developing the responsive websites. So the websites that we develop will be providing you with a digital experience eliminating the need for the separate mobile experience. Also this will ensure the consistency on all kinds of devices, including the smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Having single responsive and efficient site enables the healthcare organization to focus on developing strong and single web strategy. It enhances the visibility, conversion, and reach and at the same time it decreases the efforts and expenditures.

Search Engine Optimization:

It is of no use of having an attractive website in case patients can’t access you. A cold truth is that the top 5 to 10 listings get 90% of the visits. Therefore, if your website is not there then you are essentially in an internet.

Worse is when there website has flaws which decreases the likelihood of your site to get at the top. Good news for you is that our strategies related to the search engine optimization will facilitate you in getting at the top of the Google or other search engines.

There are chances that you might have accessed via an internet search. If you typed in something like “healthcare marketing” you may have returned with 19 million results and still we were at the top of the list.

Do you know why? It is because we have used the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to be here at the top of the list.

So imagine what our SEO strategies can do for your medical website. We are not talking about search for your company but almost every relevant search that will be related to your healthcare services. This is because people will not be searching with your healthcare organization.

It is our unique knowledge of healthcare industry that gives us deeper insight of how the patients look for the healthcare that we turn out with the best SEO strategies for our customers.

Social Media Optimization:

With more than half of the population looking for the healthcare information online, social media is highly influencing the choices that are made by the consumers. Healthcare success facilitates the social media programs for your healthcare practice, hospital or institutions in compliance with regulatory authorities. Also it enables you to effectively engage the prospective clients and patients.

Developing Effective Social Media Strategy:

Every healthcare social media is well aligned with the objectives and marketing plans. Most of the programs fail as they focus on tools and channels that are needed not to be based on.

We create sustainable and effective strategy by setting the clear objectives and measure their success. Our tactics in this regards will be complying with the needs and requirements of your target market and then content will be promoted in order to ensure maximum engagement with the help of most appropriate channels for the healthcare business.

We will execute social media optimization strategy with the help of written posts, video and visual campaigns for the popular social media channels. These include the Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ etc.

Pay Per Click Campaigns:

One of the most common challenges for the medical practices with respect to marketing is that they do not have any time. There are patients to be seen, paper work to be got done with and then one is already working 8 hours of the day.

So how can find the time to be active on social media or to blog? As a healthcare marketer we completely understand the challenges that medical practitioners and healthcare organizations go through.

This is why we tend to rely on Pay Per Click strategy. One of the foremost benefits of this technique is that one remains capable of controlling ones budget by setting maximum spend.

In case you are looking forward to have an affordable and fast way to generate business then implementation of PPC is indeed effective.

Lead Generation:

It is relatively a new concept however an effective one. Industries are shifting towards generating leads for their business which means accessing the potential customers.

We are well equipped with the team of experts who know how to generate leads and side by side your CRM will also be developed for future prospects.

What is Next?

So now you have to implement the well-crafted online digital strategies for your healthcare strategies. This will set the tone to outshine the online competition.

In order to get more information about how to get these strategies crafted and implemented, you can always contact us. You can contact us at +1-716-222-2341. You can also write to us at info@hukumat.com and see how we can facilitate you. We will ensure that your experience remains pleasant working with us.




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