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Is social media marketing an important strategy for mining companies? Well, the short answer is Yes! You cannot drive targeted clicks & visits without leveraging social media platforms.

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Promote your business with social media marketing for mining companies

Did you know only 25% of mining companies use social media marketing for the promotion of their brand? Other 75% of the business owners are still unaware of the potential of social media in the mining industry. If you are also one of those business owners who think word-of-mouth and traditional advertising is the right solution for your business, then you are in the wrong direction. Social media has become the backbone of your marketing campaign, especially if you want to thrive in the online marketplace.


At Hukumat Networks, we make sure that you are following the best social media approach by being active on all the popular channels. Drop us a line today and let us create a strong action plan for your mining company.


How mining social media marketing is right for my business?


Social media marketing has become one of the most talked-about and widely used techniques in every industry, including mining. Marketing on social platforms means you are branching out from your company’s space and opening up the new doors of opportunities for your business.


That’s the reason when you don’t consider the technique for your industry, you may lose out 75% of targeted leads that may become your lifelong customer in the future.


Our experts help you position at the top by creating strong profiles on all the channels including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


We are focused to build compelling content strategies for social media that further help us stabilize your position in the market. Give us a call to find out which is the right channel to promote your business.


Social media strategies for mining companies to get new leads & conversions


If you want to engage your audience, get new leads and conversions while an increasing reputation for your business, then it’s time to consider social media services that incorporate strong strategies for long-term growth and recognition.


Set your goals


The basic step to setting a strong strategy for your social media campaign is setting your goals. This is the most important part of every strategy because it ensures that you are moving on the right track. That’s the reason, we set goals and identify the objectives of your campaign so we can invest energy in the right place.


Instead of setting standard goals like ‘increased traffic’ and ‘more leads’, we are focused to set measurable goals such as ‘increase conversions by 50%’ and ‘boost visits by 45% in next month’.


By doing so, we can successfully analyze the effectiveness of your campaign and can further concentrate on achieving specific goals at a specific time.


Establish a target audience


Once we set goals for your campaign, the next step is identifying the right audience who is actually interested in considering your services. To establish the right set of people for your campaign, we identify who is most interested to buy.


We can define the audience by following several preferences such as age, gender, location, buying habits, interests, and other elements.


Target right platforms


After establishing your target audience, our experts identify where to find them or what are the right platforms where you will possibly meet the most interested people.


By analyzing the behavior of your audience and its interest, we explore what platforms could deliver long-term leads.


Create compelling content


After choosing the right platform for your company, we are focused to create original, engaging, unique, and modern content so we can target maximum people in a short time.


We create interesting posts, share article links, post infographics, and videos, and other related content that further obtains more impressions, clicks, and visits.


Determine the frequency


Now that your content strategy in place, so it’s time to focus on the frequency like how often your company should post content to engage the audience. Now the frequency could be different for different channels.


For Facebook and Twitter, we prefer 2-3 posts weekly, and for Instagram and Pinterest, we prefer 5-6 posts weekly due to their nature of the feed, so we can connect with the right audience when they need your help the most.


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Build a custom social media campaign for mining companies today!


Social media is the most powerful tool to generate strong leads. It strengthens your reputation in the industry while increasing delivering unlimited exposure.


So, if you want to harness the power of this amazing strategy, give us a call today, and let’s find out how we run profitable campaigns across all the popular channels.


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