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Need a steady influx of new handyman clients? Social media marketing is the best option to grow your sales pipeline.

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Expand your handyman business with social media marketing

If you are new to the internet marketing world and exploring new ways to increase your handyman clients, social media marketing is the best option to consider that can help you compete against big competitors and also offer a chance to increase your leads.


At Hukumat Networks, we create profitable social media campaigns through which you can get a chance to showcase your work on the biggest and popular platforms to strengthen your client base.


Contact our social media specialists today and see how we utilize all the platforms to take your handyman company to the next level.


Why choose social media for handyman services?


You are talented and skilled, but do you think your handyman company is strong enough to convert hundreds of clients in a year? We help you turn this dream into reality by leveraging the power of social media accounts. We market your handyman business on multiple popular social platforms that include Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Social media management strategies can help your business reach all corners of the world while maintaining a strong customer base. Though you don’t need to reach farther for your handyman business other than local surroundings, maintaining strong brand recognition is something that can further stabilize your business growth within months.


This is achievable if you choose our social media specialists who implement innovative techniques to target qualified potential clients by using interesting posts, hashtags, interacting with people, and sharing beneficial information among a massive audience.


If you are interested to know how our specialists increase your social outreach, you can contact us today and get a custom strategy for your business.


What social platforms do we use for handyman companies?


With a number of social media channels, how would you analyze which is the best one to choose for handyman services? Well, our experts are here to help, as they have years of experience in handling social media marketing for handyman services.




With more than 2 billion users on Facebook, this is the most popular social channel that works for every business. Our experts create business pages on Facebook, post relevant content, share, and engage your target audience by following all the latest trends. We share links, photos, and clickable Ads on Facebook, through which your client will directly land onto your website and find the services he needs.




YouTube offers great opportunities for handyman companies to grow because the channel is particularly meant for engaging and informative videos.


YouTube also has more than 2 billion active users per month. It’s not behind the race, especially when it comes to advertising. We create and post engaging how-to videos, for example, we have created a video about ‘how to fix a damaged sink’ for our previous client. The video got a huge engagement rate which also boosts brand recognition. We also inform your audience about handyman jobs and post FAQ related videos to educate people about minor handyman tasks.




Instagram is one of the most useful social media platforms today that help us share your work with millions of people out there. We post everything related to handyman jobs, engaging videos & photos, post unique stories about your projects, and also “go live” to increase social outreach.


We utilize trendy hashtags to classify your handyman posts. For example, if we have posted a video of fixing the bathroom sink, we could use trendy hashtags like #sinkrepair #leakysink as these will help you earn views and traction.




Twitter for handyman companies is another option utilized by a massive audience out there. We create a business account on your Twitter, post several engaging images, your projects, and video clips to attract more relevant people. We also interact with people by retweeting the posts and share more information and knowledge with a direct link to your website.




LinkedIn is the best platform to engage with the biggest commercial clients. Because this is a professional platform that helps you target both residential and commercial clients for repair and maintenance tasks. We can help you interact with thousands of connections every day and showcasing your work for more acknowledgment and recognition.


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