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Social media marketing for painters to build an online audience

With above 2 billion active users on social platforms, social media marketing has now become an important need for all industries including painting. Painters need some more exposure and visibility to get their artwork in front of a massive audience. It will not only help them get more qualified leads but would also help them develop relationships with new customers who are seeking the help of painting professionals for their new home.


So, if you have not get started with social media marketing for painting, its time to choose a company like Hukumat Networks that has devised certain strategies and plans to grow painting companies like you.


Contact us today and let us come up with an actionable plan for unstoppable leads and calls.


Create your identity as an artist with painters social media marketing


Our social media marketing experts understand that each platform is different and have specific importance. They create separate plans for all the platforms and implement them according to the latest trends and techniques. Thus, our marketing specialists strive hard to create a strong brand identity and turn you into an artist who has vast knowledge and expertise in painting and related work.


We utilize different social media channels to position your brand in search results. But the most popular platforms that create a strong identity are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We have expertise in managing all the channels  and know how to interact with followers and subscribers with engaging content.


If you are interested to know more about our social media marketing services for painters, contact us today, and discuss your goals.


How we turn leads into lifelong customers with social media campaigns for painters?


Social media marketing for painters provides you an opportunity to strengthen your customer base and increase brand recognition. But to manage this efficiently, we curate multiple plans and strategies that work well according to the latest trends. Here is a brief overview of our social media services.


Research target audience


Before we set up a social media marketing campaign for painters, we research your target audience and see who is more likely to become your customer. We never launch any painters marketing campaign without performing research on target audience. Because if we launch campaigns without any research, it won’t give relevant leads and your website will receive irrelevant visits from several locations. To identify the right people for brand, we search on ideal consumers. We find out several details that include demographics, audience interest, requirements, hobbies, and status.


Scheduling campaigns


Social media channels should be updated regularly, and that’s why we maintain posting through campaign scheduling. Your target audience likes and follows different painters and related pages to keep up with the trends. That’s the reason, our team works hard to keep your page at the forefront and post frequently to engage the users who are most likely to get painting services.


Our experts schedule time and date to post different news and updates so we can follow the audience’s interest and their needs. Instead of posting things throughout the day, we schedule dates and times. This program helps us create a more cohesive campaign that targets an interested audience and reach out to many people.


Post versatile content


To run social media campaigns more effectively, we post versatile content to engage your audience. When we post different content such as articles, blog posts, news & updates, and interesting video links, we get more followers and likes and strengthen your customer base.


We understand that your target audience doesn’t want to see repetitive content all the time, that’s why create versatile content and ideas that engage readers for a long time. They need to explore different options and ideas which is why we post interesting and exciting information about the painting industry.


We choose various formats to deliver interesting content. Our formats include videos, photos, a link back to website, polls, contests, and much more. These content types help us build a strong customer base and steadily increase the process of lead generation.


Engage with the audience


When we post interesting information on your social channels, it will build your audience’s interest and they will interact with you for more information. People will even share, comment, and like the ideas, we share regularly. That’s why it’s our priority to share the details that engage your audience and keep them informed about your services.


When we engage your audience with your painting brand, it will develop a positive relationship between the company and the customer. They will get great exposure to the brand and take interest to learn more about the services you offer.


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