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85% of users go online to find painters so they can brighten their homes. Is it easy for them to find you on Google? We make it possible with PPC for painters.

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Let us help you brighten more buildings with PPC services for painters

If you are looking for more painting projects that can offer you a chance to color more houses and buildings, its time to choose PPC services for painters. Because pay per click is one of the fastest lead generation marketing methods that help you reach valuable customers who are actually interested in buying your services.


At Hukumat Networks, we help painters get relevant clicks and visits on their website that can maintain a proper sales funnel and help them achieve the biggest milestones in the shortest possible time.


Get in touch with our experts and let them build a strong PPC strategy for painters for more painting leads.


Drive real results by creating painters PPC campaigns on multiple platforms


With our dedicated PPC experts for painting companies, we make it easy to create successful campaigns across different platforms. Our experts manage different Ad campaigns on platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.


With our PPC campaigns for painters, we help you optimize all new and existing campaigns for targeted leads. We also eliminate all that extra Ad spend on costly keywords and come up with more competitive keywords that bring valuable visits. We drive hundreds of sales and leads by positioning your painting Ad at the top of search results and also dominate social media platforms with effective Ad copy.


If you want to see the results yourself, here is a chance to connect with our professionals and discuss your goals. We will build a strategy that jumpstarts the process and fill your sales pipeline with numerous leads.


How we launch a successful PPC campaign for painters?


If you are ready to touch new heights of success, we are here to turn your dream into reality by launching a successful PPC campaign for painters and painting franchises. Here is a brief overview of our process.


Setting the goals of your campaign


When we begin to shape your PPC campaign for painters, our experts set goals and objectives. Because these goals will ultimately boost the performance of your painting business marketing campaign.


So, what type of goals we set for the campaign?


Well, the most common one is, earning clicks and conversions. We choose this goal because most of the painting companies launch PPC for profitable earnings. It’s a good method to generate fast leads and valuable conversions. Another goal is earning more impressions. You will only need to pay when the user clicks on the Ad, but even if they see Ads in their feeds, you will get impressions and engagements which in turn increase your brand recognition.


Creating an effective Ad copy


To engage your users effectively, we create the most relevant Ad copy that converts visits into leads. Like when your clients search on painting related keywords, they expect to see something relevant to their queries. That’s why we ensure that the Ad content is relevant to the competitive painting services and maximum users click on the Ad for further information. Our Ad copy contains catchy title, description, and subheadings that create interest in your audience and they feel more connected with the services you provide.


Ad Extensions


Google offers complete freedom and control to handle your campaign. We can decide how your Ad should look in the search results, and what information is important to add. Our experts customize your painting Ad by adding relevant details. For this, we use Google Ad extensions that entice relevant people to click and visit the company.


Our Ad extensions include location extensions, call extensions and site link extensions that help people to know more about your location, contact details, and website.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Let us make a picture-perfect PPC plan for Painters


Curious how we drive leads with PPC? Let us help you create a better strategy by running a picture-perfect PPC campaign for painters and see how we grow your leads and traffic within a couple of days.


So, if you want to know more about how we turn leads in huge conversions, give us a call today and let us create an actionable plan that suits best for your painting business.


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