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When people wish to have their home or office professionally cleaned, who they contact first? To make sure they find you, it’s better to craft a PPC campaign for cleaning services.

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Dominate the front-page position with PPC for cleaners

If you are looking to earn qualified leads and traffic for your cleaning business, you have come to the right place.


Hukumat Networks can help you blow your competition with a solid customer base by crafting powering PPC campaigns for your cleaning business. We have worked with all small and large cleaning businesses to reach their sales goals with highly valuable PPC ads.


We can do the same for you so you can quickly dominate the search engines by scoring the first position. We help you place your Ads on Google with a compelling message that can generate thousands of clicks within a few hours. Our PPC experts are professionally trained and certified in Google AdWords which makes them a perfect choice to blow the competition away in a matter of days.


Cleaning PPC- A surefire way to get more calls and leads


People tend to choose the highest placements in Google so they can connect themselves with a reliable cleaner. To control these top positions in search results, it’s essential to knock off your competitors with a powerful PPC campaign for cleaning. That’s what we promise at Hukumat Networks!


Our PPC campaign management for cleaning is a surefire way that helps you increase your leads, calls, and appointments within hours. Our experts create a solid sales pipeline by creating a compelling landing page, engaging Ads with attractive visuals.


If you want us to design and manage your PPC campaign by applying powerful methodologies, contact us today and let us build a custom strategy for guaranteed success.


Here’s what packed for you into a powerful PPC strategy for cleaning


Waiting to get a nice return on investment within a couple of days? Let us build a strategy that will rock your sales and keep yourself busy for the next six months.


Drive valuable leads


Driving leads with PPC is not at all a daunting task-if you do it correctly.

Our PPC experts have years of experience in handling internet cleaning campaigns and generated hundreds of leads within a couple of months. PPC campaign is beneficial for your business because more than 70% of people click on Ads placed at the top while looking for a service they need.


So, if you want your Ad to be appeared at the top of search results, investing in PPC can bring valuable leads and results in a short time.


Controlling extensions


When we launch a PPC campaign for cleaning company, we offer you complete control to handle it by yourself or the team. You can help us decide how you want us to run your campaign and what would be the total budget. With PPC, we also have control to pause and resume the campaign according to budget, requirements, and other elements. You can also set an amount that works better for you, whether its $80 or $200.


With PPC for cleaners, we create compelling ads that help us drive valuable leads and sales. We help you choose all the information you want to include in the Ads. We can even add additional details with extensions including, call extensions, site, and location extensions.


You will pay when people will click


PPC campaigns never burden your pocket, because you will only be required to pay when someone clicks on your Ad. This means you are not burning cash on people who are not interested in your service. Your Ad will only appear in Google when someone searches with a keyword related to your service.


When we set up a PPC Ad, our experts will set a maximum bid. Now, this is the amount you need to pay when someone clicks on your Ad. Our professionals perform detailed research and choose maximum bid, they find out the average cost per click (CPC) rate for the keywords so they can get a proper idea.


Monitor results


We know when you invest in PPC strategy, you must want to see whether it’s working or not. Well, unlike SEO, you can see excellent results instantly as soon as we launch the campaign.

We give you access to Google Ad’s account where you can analyze all the PPC metrics highlighted on the dashboard. Here you will find click-through rate, conversions, views, impressions, and other elements that are contributing to the success. These numbers will help you determine the performance of your cleaning campaign.


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