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Do you know what’s the key to getting more leads and booked jobs for contractors? It’s PPC advertising, that can maximize your first-page ranking in Google.

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Grow your business fast with PPC advertising for contractors

If you are a contractor or looking to set up a contracting company for general building and construction needs, you have come to the right place. Hukumat Networks can help you set up profitable PPC campaigns that can offer guaranteed sales and leads within a couple of hours.


We have worked with multiple contractors and helped them generate millions of dollars through effective PPC marketing. Our goal is to build result-oriented PPC campaigns that drive right clicks and maximum traffic to your website.


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PPC services for contractors- Fundamentals for the success of your Ad


Pay per click advertising is the most affordable method for all business sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are a newly established company or a big giant in the contracting industry, you need to follow some fundamentals that ensure the success of your PPC ad.


These fundamentals include quality score which refers to the fact that where your Ad is going to be placed on Google. This element is more important even than the highest bid. The second element is, a catchy headline- because if your Ad has a boring or common title, nobody will ever click and your PPC campaign will eventually flop. And the third element is the squeeze page- when someone clicks on the Ad, we capture their information with the squeeze page.


Our PPC experts’ contractors create a highly functional PPC strategy that is based on your business goals. We include those plans and methods that have already proven for other contractor businesses and have generated maximum ROI. Once we create the PPC strategy, our expert set up the campaign and create compelling Ads. After that, we provide a detailed monthly report that highlights all the results and campaign activities.


Some of the best practices we follow for contractors PPC


There are a lot of things we need to consider before launching your contractor PPC campaign. Some of them are highlighted so you can get an idea about how we manage the process.


Highly converting landing page


When a user clicks on the PPC ad, they will redirect onto the landing page. Our experts tend to create a unique and attractive landing page so we can convert maximum visits into leads. We make landing pages that reflect the content of your Ad so users get attract and look for more information after landing onto the page.


For example, if your Ad is on ‘contractors for kitchen remodeling’, and when the user clicks on the Ad, he must be redirected onto the page that gives more details about your kitchen remodeling process and overall costs.


Be specific and unique


Our experts do not create a simple Ad that fails to get engagements and impressions. Instead, we highlight the most important things in the Ad that makes your services unique from all.


If you are a contractor that manages the construction of buildings only, then we highlight that skillset in your Ad and create a unique and catchy description that sets you apart from others.


Easy to understand


When we create an Ad for your services, we keep it user friendly and add easy and understandable wording that attracts the attention of a common audience and they don’t need to focus more.


Our experts avoid complicated language as it can easily overwhelm your customers, and users do not get your point at the first glance, they will never click on the ad and eventually, you will lose a potential customer.


That’s the reason, our experts tend to stick to the conversational tone, easy wording, useful images, and captivating videos to build more interest in the Ad. We also avoid adding lots of useless images and jargon that only confuse your readers and they switch to another company.


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If you are ready, just let us know and discuss your goals with us. Our professionals will get back to you with a custom strategy that can help obtain more leads, visits, and calls which eventually ensures more success and Roi. Contact us today and get a foolproof PPC strategy for your contractor campaign.


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