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PPC for handyman services yield 60% more traffic on your website

Did you know PPC Ad campaigns yield more than 60% traffic on your landing pages? The reason is, PPC advertising has now become an essential element of the internet marketing world that bring valuable and instant results as compared to other marketing methods.


If you are a handyman with a well-functioning website, we can help you grow! At Hukumat Networks, we help you boost the ranking of your website by setting a budget for PPC so you can get your Ad listed on top of the search results, these are called PPC ads that help obtain relevant leads from people who are actually interested in buying your services.


Skyrocket your sales with PPC for handyman business


You are a handyman and you aim to target all the people looking for both minor and major fixing in electricity, plumbing, and repair categories. Now PPC is a method through which we help you target the most relevant audience looking exactly for these services.


We target people based on location, interests, needs, and demographics. We make sure that your PPC Ads have reached the targeted group and getting more prospective leads according to your specialty.


For handyman having the least ideas about PPC and SEO, we help them understand how both techniques work perfectly with collaboration and capture unlimited leads for your handyman company.


If you need to know further about handyman internet marketing and PPC campaigns, we are here to assist and will help you know how to make more from every dollar you spend on PPC ads.

No pain, no gain- invest more in PPC to get fast results


If you are a handyman planning to invest in the PPC campaign for your business, it’s time to go for a company like Hukumat Networks that can help you offer several benefits that could come up with a PPC campaign integration.


Freedom to set your own budget for PPC


PPC is one of the most affordable and profitable methods of marketing because you don’t need to set some fixed amount for Ads. You have complete freedom to choose the amount suitable for your handyman company.


Now whether you want to spend $30 or $60, you have a choice to decide how what works best for the business. Many handyman companies like this technique due to the flexibility of setting a budget. So instead of expanding the amount for other techniques, you can consider this method by investing a bit more for getting more leads and fast results.

When you will invest more, it will directly impact the success of your Ad campaign. Because you won’t be able to see the same results with $30 and $60.


At Hukumat Networks, we help you create a perfect balance between the amount you set and the clicks you get on your Ad. Contact us today to get more ideas about running your handyman Ad campaign.


Earn more leads and get more calls


PPC for handyman businesses guarantees multiple leads and hundreds of phone calls per month. This is the most appropriate method of getting relevant leads that work well than other techniques.


More than 75% of users click Ads that show up at the top of search results and these are the actual users interested in your services.

We create effective and compelling Ad copy that attracts more leads and conversions. Let us know if you want to score unlimited conversions, we have ideas and proven strategies for your handyman business.


The best method for immediate results


When our handyman business invests in the PPC method, you will get to see fast and immediate results the minute we launch your Ad campaign on Google and other platforms. This helps us track the results of your campaign. We monitor clicks, conversions, engagements, impressions, click-through rates, and other PPC metrics to measure the results efficiently.

To see the results yourself, we also give you access to analyze the effectiveness of your Ad campaign. You can check all the metrics mentioned on the dashboard. These results will help you analyze this technique works well than other marketing methods.


Control over the campaign


Google gives us complete control over the campaign, there are several things you can decide regarding the campaign.


We analyze which information is important to highlight in your Ad. This offers us more freedom to customize the Ad and to include the service details that are essential to delivering.


Our PPC experts also include Ad extensions. These extensions mainly include location, call to action, and a website link. This information is beneficial to add for getting multiple clicks on the Ad.

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