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Does your NGO need social media profiles to boost the growth? Or this could hurt your mission to earn leads? If done correctly, social media marketing is an ideal strategy to grow.

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Make an impact in the online world with social media marketing for NGOs

Social media marketing gives you a chance to reach targeted prospects for your business and convert followers on the spot through your fabulous and engaging posts.  However, when it comes to nonprofit organizations, we have to think twice before implementing social media marketing. Because their purpose and way of operating in the market are a bit different as compared to businesses. In fact, some of the NGO owners still assume social media is not the right practice for them as it couldn’t prove helpful to engage donors, sponsors, and volunteers. But the truth is, in this age, social media marketing is the most effective strategy.


You cannot only showcase your work to half of the world but also interact with a massive group of sponsors, donors, supporters, and volunteers who are interested in making positive changes in society. Learn how it works for you.


Why do you need NGO social media marketing to obtain leads?


Did you know 39.5% of the audience discover NGOs on Facebook while donating to a cause? This means channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube that have billions of fan followers are the ideal platforms to engage people who want to make donations or support a cause. And if you are not being active on these channels, you are missing out on an incredible number of leads.


With our social media specialists at Hukumat, you cannot only stimulate engagement and interaction but also streamline conversions and leads while increasing brand awareness. This makes social media marketing an amazing sales accelerating tool for an organization that has to convey a message effectively to a massive audience.


We have all the right knowledge and expertise for running successful social media campaigns that generate unprecedented leads. Keep reading to learn what strategies we implement to tell your story to the world.


Develop an effective NGO social media strategy for long term growth & success


If you want to generate more interest in your work, it’s better to present it with a good picture so that people can believe that you are working for a great cause. That’s the reason, implementing effective NGO social media strategies is an extremely important element that generates long-term growth and success and brings the right audience to your platforms.


Set clear goals for your NGO


Before working on any strategy or action plan, first, you need to set clear and effective goals. You need to determine what’s the purpose of running a campaign. 


Whether you want to get donations, raise more awareness, or just want to recruit more volunteers for a cause. When you have clear objectives in mind, you can better work for them and focus on the right path. With confused ideas in mind, you cannot even understand what you want to achieve and what could be the right method to bring in more success.


Target right audience


In addition to determining your goals, it’s also important to target the right people for your Ngo. Targeting the right personas could help you know what content they like the most, what and what elements you should consider building more interest in. 


Use the best platforms


Since NGOs operate on limited resources so it’s not possible to invest on all the platforms initially. So, we make sure that we research and conduct detailed analysis to determine which platforms are most used by your audience. We only invest in the platforms that have the highest fan following and where your targeted audience is actively participating in such campaigns that make a change in society. Platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are undoubtedly the best ones for any new or established NGO.


Post consistently


After analyzing which platforms are best for your NGO, it’s time to create a content calendar and focus on ideas that could engage an audience and convert them immediately. Therefore, our experts share relevant information that engages people, post links to articles, infographics, and different ideas for raising more awareness. By posting content consistently, people get familiar with your work and they consider you a reliable source of information among others in the industry.


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Let us get you on the road to more charity, awareness, and donations!


So, after knowing all the facts and strategies, you must be thinking to implement social media marketing for your NGOs. If yes, connect with a brilliant team of specialists at Hukumat Networks and share all the details to kickstart the process today. We are here to help with everything you want.

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