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How to push your site higher in search engine results so it can receive incredible visits from supporters, donors, and sponsors? Well, it not possible without an effective SEO strategy!

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Want to rank #1 in search engine results? Nonprofits SEO is all you need!

Cultivating successful relationships with donors, supporters and sponsors depend upon the way your Ngo website appears in the search engine results. If you are serving for a great cause and want to earn maximum recognition or donors, you need to rank high in search engine results so that people can immediately click your site without considering others in the list. Because more than 75% of clicks are received by the sites that rank at the top three positions in search engine results. When you successfully achieve such an increased ranking, you can easily get maximum attention from the desired audience. However, if you are failed to rank high in the top, then chances are, your competitors will steal all the potential leads every hour.

That’s where Hukumat Networks come to help. We have a team of SEO specialists who craft industry-led practices for Ngo’s that get your site to the top in a given timeframe. Keep reading to learn about all the strategies we implement.

Why is SEO important for nonprofits? Does that help reach a broader audience?

If you want to earn ideal online exposure for your ngo seo is a silver bullet. It doesn’t only help your site rank higher in search engine results, but also provides streamlined leads, conversions, traffic, and revenue in the long run. Because in today’s dynamic world, your donors prefer to support the cause online. According to research, a 10.6% increase in donations was witnessed online in 2018, and then 67% of nonprofits set up an online donations system to reach a broader audience.

This proves, instead of implanting traditional methods, going online is much more effective as your donors and supporters are already using platforms like Google and Bing to find nonprofits. 

Above all, it’s a great inexpensive method among all the strategies out there. Learn more about how SEO brings qualified traffic to your site while boosting its position in search engine results.

What are the top strategies implemented by Nonprofits SEO services company?

If you want to tap into the evolution of your Ngo’s awareness and increasing the number of supporters and donors, it’s best to follow all the strategies introduced by nonprofits seo consultant companies. The team of professionals can help create plans that offer long-term growth and recognition while ranking your site high in search engine results. 

Find relevant SEO keywords for Ngo’s

The first and foremost step in your plan is finding a relevant set of keywords that best define your Ngo and its purpose. Keywords are the basic search terms used by your audience to find your Ngo in the search engine results. When they use something that defines your cause, your website appears at the top of the searches to ultimately receive more visits and leads. 

However, finding such keywords is a challenging task today especially after an overwhelming competition. That’s the reason, our SEO experts perform thorough keyword research using different tools and techniques so they can spot the right keywords to include in the campaign. While finding keywords, they make sure that they choose long tail and competitive search terms that best describe the search intent of users. As long-tail keywords consist of more than two or three words, they are more specific in nature. 

For example, keywords like, ‘Ngo’s for mental health’ and ‘NGOs for women rights in the US’ are some common search terms that may be used by your target audience. When we target these keywords, we bring in the audience who are looking for NGOs that serve this particular cause. 

Above all, we also make sure that we target location-based keywords so that we could receive clicks and leads from your required destination.

Create SEO friendly content

After finding the list of all the SEO keywords for Ngo’s, the next step is to create engaging, high-quality, and SEO-friendly content while featuring all the keywords that best define the purpose of your nonprofit organization.

We have a team of copywriters who collaborate with SEO experts so they can include all the important keywords in the content strategically and naturally.

Once they have the list, they incorporate them into all the service pages and homepage of your site. Including keywords in the title, description, headings tags, and content body is an important phase that helps Google crawl all the pages perfectly so it can rank the site accordingly. 

While creating content, we make sure that the ideas are clear, defined, and reflect the true nature of your Ngo’s services. This helps us draw more visits and leads from the relevant audience. Above all, effective and meaningful content educates people and helps them understand your message easily.

Local SEO

Local SEO is another important element of the strategy that helps target a local audience for your Ngo. Our experts research location-based keywords and include them in the service pages so that local people could also come across your site and participate in the cause. 

That’s the reason, we create your free Google My Business listing that helps your site appears in the searches with all the important details such as website link, contact number, location details, and operating hours. This information helps the audience understand everything about your organization and they can quickly reach out without looking for additional details.

We also create your profile on different online directories so that people could get the details from multiple sources. This helps increase brand awareness and on-site and off-site visits.

Make sure the site functions well

Besides creating content and targeting keywords, it’s also important to ensure whether your site is functioning well or featuring all the elements that offer continuous growth and recognition.

That’s why, our experts make sure that the site is responsive, have SSL for security, loads quickly within seconds, and have SEO-optimized content over all the pages. It’s important to take care of all these elements so that you can rank your site high in search engine results.


When your site is accessible for everyone and loading perfectly, it ensures increased ranking while sending positive signals to Google that the site is accurate from all aspects and should be ranked higher accordingly. 

With such perfection in all regards, you can simply expect more visits, leads, and conversions every hour that sets you a recognized authority in your industry.

FAQs- learn more about SEO services for nonprofit organizations

It’s extremely important to choose the best SEO agency for nonprofits. Why?

Well, the reason is, SEO agencies know how to run campaigns that give long-term results. They implement solid and proven methods that generate guaranteed leads and conversions. This makes them a great choice for the nonprofit industry. So, if you want to gain maximum exposure and ranking in your industry, relying on a company like Hukumat is the best option. Get in touch with our team and learn how it works for your nonprofit organization.

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