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Is it possible to get massive traffic for college websites through search engine optimization techniques? The answer is Yes, let us help you find out how!

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Increase organic traffic and website ranking with college SEO services

Today, most college-bound students plan to attend some specific school, college, or university that could help them grow and enhance their skills. And almost every institution sets a criterion for each student regarding location, subject majors, and other particulars. Now considering that, when we specifically talk about colleges, we can easily calculate that there are more than 5,000 colleges in the US alone. So, every student has a lot of possibilities to achieve.


However, students can’t check out the details of every college, and that’s exactly where the role of SEO comes to play which helps the top website appear at the first position while beating all others. Let us help you find out more about the benefits of SEO for colleges.


How to get your college noticed with top SEO services by Hukumat Networks?


SEO is one of the best methods that help your college gets noticed in major search engines by all the potential students who might want to take admission in your institution. The reason is, today the majority of college students use the internet and rely on search engines and social media platforms to find accurate information about colleges, and surprisingly, more than 70% of the audience click on the first page.


Now this means, if your college doesn’t rank in the search engine on any of the top positions, then it might be possible that prospective students won’t be able to visit your site; and ultimately you won’t be discoverable and get a chance to enroll maximum students due to insufficient traffic.


At Hukumat Networks, we change the whole game plan by implementing various industry-leading SEO methods that help your site climb top rankings within a few months while outranking all the major competitors in the industry. Explore how our professionals could turn your dream into reality with top SEO services.


SEO strategies for colleges that draw a major portion of students from local schools


Drawing a major portion of the student body isn’t that easy, especially if you are moving forward without implementing advanced SEO strategies. You cannot even win big competitors and always lose the game against people who attract students every year and do not provide the education culture they even promise. In order to beat such stiff competitors, we help you implement robust SEO strategies and practices that draw a significant portion of students from local schools.


Create SEO friendly content and unique pages


Google ranks your website based on several significant factors and elements, and this also includes a lot of qualified and unique pages that help people engage and spend more time on your website. Now the higher the visits, the more chances to get ranked on top of the searches. By considering this element, we help you build some important and unique pages that specifically suit your college particulars. By doing this, you cannot only expand the overall size and reputation of your college website but keep people engage for long hours.


We do not create pages just because we need to, and we want to promote you at the top. Because creating unlimited pages may give your site a cluttered and spammy look. Instead, our team creates informative pages that deliver the right messages about your system. We create separate pages for degrees and programs you offer, financial aid program, faculty & staff, admission requirements, your campus history, and different perks.


After that, we tend to create SEO-friendly and engaging content for your website that mesmerizes the audience the moment they land on your pages. This doesn’t only help in ranking, but you can also obtain qualified admissions by delivering the right information about your institution.


Optimization for local students


Location plays a big role and is considered by almost every student when they want to apply to some specific college. For example, adult students always prefer to attend colleges that are close to their home, while some high school students may choose a college that is located in any part of the region, so they can further experience the challenges of life. Now both groups tend to research colleges based on their location. That’s the reason, we help you optimize your website according to local searches.


If your college is located in some crowded place, we mention the name of the city in the emails, web copy, and other content material.


For example, if you are located in New York, you want your students to enter keywords like “colleges in New York” it would give you traffic from New York locals and other nearest states.

If your website is optimized for local searches, your students will be able to find it at the top of the searches with a proper map. Because we also enlist your site free on Google my Business that helps your site appear at the top with all the information such as operating hours, location, contact number, and other significant details.


Target competitive keywords to build content around them


Keyword research is basically the first process in your SEO campaign for colleges. We explore some targeted and competitive keywords that are frequently used by your audience. After that, we create a list and build content around those keywords for your website and other content material.


We create content by searching the right target audience and then select the right set of keywords for further positive impressions. For instance, if you want to attract veterans or military professionals, we create content regarding that specific niche that is much relevant to this population.


And if you want to boost enrollments for your online courses, then we target keywords and phrases such as, “long-distance courses” or “online programs” and others.


URL optimization


If the URLs or links of your pages are equipped with some random numbers or useless letters, then Google won’t be able to understand it correctly. As a result, search engines can never rank your pages at the top of the searches.


That’s the reason, our experts create URLs that explain what your pages actually contain. For instance, if the page is all about online courses, then your logical URL might be, “” Above all, this URL would be quite easy for people to remember and then visit back.


We also choose to add some important page keywords. Because if your website URL comprises some terms that most students are looking for, then it gives a signal to Google that it is quite relevant and also good to rank higher for potential visitors. Now that being said, we also avoid “keyword stuffing,” because it disturbs the overall ranking and position of your site in search results. Google considers this a spam issue, and you may deal with penalties sooner or later.

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To beat strong competitors in the industry and get the desired number of enrollments are certainly big challenges for every college today. That’s the reason, our Hukumat professionals create a comprehensive SEO strategy that doesn’t only beat competitors but also position yourself as a leader in the education industry. So, let’s schedule a consultation with our experts and get a strategy that suits your long-term goals.

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