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Wondering why your law firm needs SEO in the first place when you already implement word-of-mouth advertising? The fact is you cannot gain effective leads without ranking high in search results.

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Law firm SEO company - An ideal starting point to get more leads & exposure

Being a member of a reputable law firm, you know how challenging is for people to find a relevant website or a professional who can address their sensitive concerns. However, it’s no more challenging when you implement the best SEO practices for your law firms. With SEO, you can easily rank high in search results and ensure that you are the best choice in the industry, which ultimately leads you to unlimited exposure, clients, and conversions.


Hukumat Networks has the perfect knowledge and expertise to handle all your legal marketing concerns. You can rank higher in search results while beating other big players in the industry. Curious to know how? Let’s connect with our team to learn more details about marketing law firms.


Increase your case volume with professional law firm SEO services


If you want to provide the best defense to the maximum number of clients, then choosing professional law firm SEO services is all you need to succeed first. Because no matter how striking your law firm is, and how effectively you are winning every case, if you are not following trendy SEO practices, there is no way your clients find you or hire your services.


We claim to be the top SEO company in the US as we are armed with the latest SEO practices that ensure that your website will work for you in the long run. Our SEO experts look under the hood and identify all the errors and issues that might wreak havoc on leads, conversions, and rankings. 


Therefore, we optimize all your pages for the basic search terms that your audience commonly uses to seek the best law firm SEO agency. 


Our professionals’ inch you up at the top, without putting your site in danger of penalty. Want to discuss more in detail? Give us a call and let’s find out how we are the best SEO company for law firms.


Effective law firm SEO strategies that get your phone ringing every time!


Now that you understand why SEO is important for law firms and what benefits it could offer in the long run, so it’s time to execute strategies that offer explosive leads and conversions while ringing your phone every time. 


Extensive keyword research


Keyword research is one of the basic steps that are the foundation of your SEO campaign. It helps us identify which keywords should rank high and what search terms are commonly used by your audience. 


When we discover some top and competitive keywords, we include them in your website content and other places so we can ensure increased ranking in no time.


For law firms, we especially focus on targeting long-tail keywords that consist of more than three phrases. Because these keywords are more specific in nature and can easily identify the search intent of the audience. For example, keywords like ‘the best law firm for property issues’ might be a nice keyword than simply using ‘best law firm’ that are not even disclosing the purpose of your search.


Detailed competitive analysis


Before we populate every page of your website with some useless keywords just to improve the position and rankings, we make sure that each specific keyword we use comprises a different amount of uniqueness and purpose.


To implement the right keywords, we perform a detailed competitive analysis about the keywords that could be the best choice to consider.


First, we search on the internet for these keywords and check who is ranking for these keywords and what’s the spot. Websites that rank on these keywords are usually your competitors. 


We also find several tools that can provide complete stat details on the searches for each keyword, or a total number of websites that are competing for the same keywords.


Building qualified links


Another essential aspect of your SEO is the total number of links that point to your website. After the evolution of several search algorithms, search engines give great value to external links received from authoritative and trusted websites. 


It’s actually the technique to determine trust and credibility. Because when trusted and qualified website links to your site, it would be eventually assumed that you are also a trustworthy source in the law industry.


Without enough incredible links pointing to your law firm website, it would be challenging for search engines to figure out whether or not they should rely on your site and place it at the top. And when they can’t find you a trustworthy source, they won’t rank your site anywhere in Google search results.


We also generate a blog page on your site and create some quality posts so we can increase the number of backlinks. Other than that, we also share content on different blogs and sites to increase the authority of your firm. The more qualified links your website has, the more chances to rank high in search results.


Website optimization


Once identify the right set of keywords and analyze how competitors are targeting keywords, we start implementing the best methodologies for website optimization. We incorporate keywords that are most likely to drive new clients and give you more business. 


We optimize your homepage according to the latest SEO practices and place keywords in different places such as page title, meta title and description, on-page content body, and in the rest of the content page.


Website content


After finding the most competitive keywords, we work on your website content. We tend to build the right balance between content that your audience may want to read, and the content that search engines will love to analyze. By determining relevance between the two types, we come up with engaging and user-friendly content for your site.


In order to rank well, all the content on your website should be SEO optimized and according to current trends. That’s the reason, in addition to creating user-friendly content, we include images, infographics, and different types of interactive content materials that engage the audience.

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Did you know more than 74% of clients visit your website when they first interact with you on call? The reason is, they want to get more details about the law firm and check whether the professionals can meet their needs or not. 


To bring your law firm into the spotlight, we follow all the processes and latest SEO trends. Give us a call or drop us a line today and share your requirements to continue with the best SEO company for law firms.

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