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Where do current students first hear about the university that can fulfill their educational goals? Yes, social media channels- which means it’s must to have a strong social presence across various platforms.

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Connect with existing student body via social media marketing for universities

One of the best methods to market your university is to attract maximum potential students and convince them to choose you over others through effective social media marketing which is now being leveraged efficiently by every educational institution that wants to draw in multiple applicants. Most universities are doing it by increasing their social interactions and focusing on key selling features.


At Hukumat Networks, we make sure that we connect you with the existing student body and showcase your unique university culture while encouraging more applicants to consider you their first priority. Connect with us to know how we are the best social media company for universities.


Invest in university social media campaigns to promote your campus culture


With a lot of elements at stake, it’s quite challenging for universities and other higher education institutions to hire an in-house social media team. However, if you are not investing in social media companies that specifically follow industry-leading tactics to grow your brand awareness, then you cannot promote your campus culture and hence remain behind the competition.


That’s the reason, at Hukumat Networks, our team uses social media to its full potential as we have mastered the art of generating a strong social presence by establishing profiles on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.


So, if you want to raise your university spirit through social media marketing, then it’s your chance to hire experts that can leverage the best strategies to fulfill your marketing goals. Connect with our team and let’s understand the methods we implement for your enhanced student enrollments.


Why should you use a university social media strategy?


From increasing brand awareness to communicating with students directly, there are a lot of essential reasons to choose a powerful social media strategy for your universities.


Enroll new students


Students never apply to a university they have never heard of or visited before. However, they search on social media channels to find the best place to continue their educational goals.


According to recent research, more than 58% of students prefer using social media to find a university for their degree program. 17% of students said they found useful sources through social media, while 62% said they are influenced by social research and might choose the ones they found on social channels.


Other than that, social media marketing gives a glimpse into your university culture and inspires students by picturing their future at their institute.
This helps you achieve new enrollments every month as more students get inspiration from your campus culture and educational goals.


Promote achievements, customs, and values


We can help make your university’s missions, customs, and values known across major social media channels. Social media marketing plays a crucial role in setting the perfect tone of your university culture. We can help you promote and earn respect from a massive audience, so they appreciate the kind of environment you aim to cultivate in your university.


As our experts build profiles on every popular social media channel, we promote the values by sharing constant updates about your university programs so students show interest and choose you over certain others on the list. We make students feel welcome by sharing their achievements and values, as this makes students more comfortable and they take pride in becoming a part of your university.


Engage and connect students on and off-campus


Even under non-pandemic and normal situations in life, not every student lives on the campus and do participate in activities. But that doesn’t mean they are not motivated and do not want to participate in ongoing activities or situations.


Hence, when we use social media for university, we make strategies to engage and connect students with the campus from home through promoting seminars, webinars, work-study programs, conferences, and other scenarios.




Several universities experienced great success by leveraging fundraising activities on their campus. We also make a strategy that becomes a lever for fundraising.


By integrating our powerful and profitable social media campaigns, you can simply raise millions in a single day as we have done this already for previous clients and helped them generate $2 million from 10k donors.

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Connect with our team now and let’s get a custom strategy that offers exceptional results and unprecedented enrollments in your university as soon as you get started with social media advertising.

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