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How to convert leads into students and encourage them to sign up for new classes in your university? Probably the best website design can do the magic!

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Grow your student base by leveraging a great website design for universities

Did you know our previous university clients experienced a 40% increase in conversions after creating a website with our professionals? This proves our dedicated team of experts knows all the tactics and strategies that offer compelling yet appealing website design for universities according to current trends. So, if you want to ignite your growth, its time to rely on Hukumat Networks that has a proven track record!


Whether you want to build a new website from scratch or redesign an old site for maximum conversions, we are here to help boost your growth. Contact us today and find out how we are the best web design company for universities.


Establish your credibility in education industry with top university web design


At Hukumat Networks, we have created more than 150+ university websites, so our experts have perfect knowledge about creating a website that converts audience and drives maximum relevant students to your site. We make sure that we incorporate some important elements that can make it easy for students to find desired information and then convince them to open a form, add details and immediately get sign up to enroll in their required degree program.


Our expert web designers know what it takes to create a beautiful and reliable website with mobile-friendly features that simply work on any device. Yes, our experts also have a perfect understanding of creating secure data collection portals that makes the audience feel safe while keeping all the lines of communication open with students.


Interested to know more about our innovative design processes? Let’s talk more and schedule a consultation with our experts today.


University website design strategies to drive more newcomers every year


Did you know more than 20 million students enrolled in universities in the year 2019-2020? They enrolled for different programs like Bachelors, Masters, and M.Phil. But how such a massive percentage could be guided to pursue their degree with your university? That’s not much difficult if you have a well-designed website that covers each & every aspect of your course programs.


Fast loading website


As we know that people are busy juggling with family and friends, so they have the least time to wait for all your pages to load properly. By considering this element, our experts follow smart page optimization tactics that help load your website within the first 3 seconds. When your visitors land on your site, he can quickly explore all the pages and find all the desired information within seconds due to increased site speed.


On the other hand, if your website is slow and taking more than 5 seconds to load all the images and content, then your audience may get bored and frustrated and most probably they press the ‘back’ button to find another website for an enhanced experience.


That’s the reason, speed of your website matters and plays a crucial role in the success of your site. Above all, if your website is loading slowly, Google may never rank your site because of an inefficient user experience.


SEO optimized design


No matter how attractive and compelling your website looks, if it failed to appear at the top when the audience enters a related keyword to your industry, then your website is of no use.


With that being said, we make sure that your website is properly aligned with current SEO standards and following all the practices that ensure a top position in Google search results.


We perform proper keyword research and identify the right search terms so we can include them in your content and make the overall website structure appealing yet compelling. With an SEO optimized website that ranks at the top of the searches while beating others in the industry, you can simply win more potential students who may enroll in one of your degree programs shortly.


Responsive website


Building a website that loads properly across every screen size has become an important element that can make or break the overall reputation of your university website.


Because today, more than 65% of students and parents access your website via mobile. And when they see an inefficiently aligned layout where they need to pinch-zoom all the elements to get the required information, then they definitely do not consider your institute, hence choose another university for their educational needs.


With Hukumat Networks, we do not make this happen because our experts perfectly understand the importance of responsive design element. We follow all the advanced mobile optimization techniques that ensure a fully responsive website that loads quickly and efficiently across every screen regardless of the device you use.


Above all, a responsive web design is more likely to rank at the top because Google prefers a site that delivers an excellent user experience and entertains the audience through every device and screen size.


Safe and secure design


When students enter their personal information while signing up for a specific program, they always inquire whether it’s safe to add details or a risky step that might challenge their privacy.


However, a website that has HTTPS protocol in the URL might be the safest choice for every visitor. And that’s why we take student’s safety very seriously and provide a free SSL certificate that activates HTTPS protocol and offers strong protection against malicious attacks and hacking attempts.


Not only that, but we also follow other security measures that offer additional protective layers and ensure complete protection against issues that challenge your safety.


Custom design


We believe that your website sets the first impression of your university and helps decide students whether it’s the perfect choice for their future or should they consider another platform for completing their degree.


In order to make them choose your university over others in the industry, we follow custom design solutions and include all the elements and pages that may score unlimited leads and visits the moment your audience lands on your site.


We include sign-up forms, financial ad pages, information portals, and separate pages for several degree programs that help the audience believe that you are the most reliable institute for their educational needs.

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