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Do you worry that your academy website looks boring and dull? That’s not a problem anymore, because you can hire the best web design company for academies.

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Turn more visitors into students with a fresh and cool website for the academy

Great websites are not only limited to schools, colleges, or universities today, but academies can also take benefit of unique design opportunities that can boost your online presence and attract potential students to get help from your professional and qualified teachers. Yes, we know there are a lot of hurdles and difficulties that may stop you to create a compelling website, but if you expect a lot of student enrollments every week, then this is an essential step to consider today.


At Hukumat Networks, we have a professional team of designers who are qualified enough to create fresh and cool websites for academies. Contact us today and discuss your objectives to kickstart the process.


How to get the best academy website design that bursts with innovative ideas?


Getting the best website design for academies without jeopardizing your user experience is not challenging, especially when you rely on professionals like Hukumat Networks that has more than a decade of experience in creating websites that win leads and conversions in no time.


At Hukumat Networks, we understand what it takes to build a website that attracts students and make them believe that you are the best choice that can help them get good grades and beat competitive students in the class. To achieve that trust and credibility, we go the extra mile and design a website that features all the necessary elements for growth such as, compelling videos & photos, effective call to action, a mobile-friendly approach, and simple navigation that helps students to get desired information.


And a lot more… if you want to know everything in detail, drop us a line and let our professionals build a powerful design strategy for your academy.


What important factors constitute a clearly organized academy web design?


There are a lot of factors that constitute a clearly organized and functioning website that attract students the moment they visit your landing page. Have a look at some important elements to come up with a user-friendly and reliable design.


SEO optimized design


If you have a website that doesn’t follow SEO standards, then it’s more likely you never rank high in search results. Because in order to grow your academy website, it’s important to follow SEO rules and practices to make your website stand out from others in the industry.


To maintain a good SEO structure, we perform detailed keyword research so we can add competitive keywords in content that ranks high in search results.


We also include those keywords in URL, meta tags, and other areas that help your website rank higher in searches. After creating a fully optimized site, we ensure better rankings, more visits, and lots of qualified leads from potential students who might want to become a part of your institution.


Not only that but if your website is SEO optimized, you can beat other locals in the industry for competitive search terms. Because we provide local SEO services through which we rank all the location-based keywords. For example, if your academy is in New York, then targeting keywords like, ‘best academies in New York’, ‘Academies near me’ and other related search terms that can help you rank for local searches.


Fully safe and secure


Another important element that encourages more visits and leads is a secure and safe website for the audience. If your website only features HTTP, it means it’s not secure for random visits and your data might not safe.


That’s the reason, in order to provide plenty of visits, we make sure that your website is safe for audiences who might want to take benefits of your academy services.


Our experts offer a free SSL certificate to your website which activates HTTPS protocol and ensures that your site is safe from all kinds of malicious errors, hacking attempts, and spamming.


With HTTPS activation, your website encourages a lot of qualified visits. Above all, if you want to rank higher in search results, this practice helps you achieve your mission.


Responsive design


Do you know what makes your website special and different than others in the industry? Its responsive design feature helps your website load across several devices including mobile, tablet, laptop, smart tv, and others.


If your website is not responsive, your students won’t be able to visit it via mobile and other devices which means you are losing 65% of the audience who visits your website using mobile devices.


Therefore, we follow advanced mobile optimization techniques that help load your site quickly across several devices without being able to pinch-zoom any element or page. By following this practice, more and more people can get desired information because the design is user-friendly and helping people to make the most through a compelling design.


Fast page speed


Have you ever left a website that offered you a slow loading experience? If so, you must understand the frustration and irritation that comes with a slow loading site.


Now in order to save your student audience from that frustration, we practice advanced page speed optimization tactics that load your site within the first 3 seconds.


Because if a site takes more than 5 seconds to load, your audience may press the ‘back’ button immediately and do not consider wasting any more minutes waiting for the site to load properly. So, by providing such an efficient and quick loading experience, we ensure more visits and encourage people to spend some time and explore all the pages for their educational needs.


Besides that, a fast-loading site is more likely to rank in search engines. Because Google tends to provide the best user experience to your audience, so it ranks the sites that load quickly without letting people wait.


User-friendly design and navigation


User-friendly navigation is all your website needs to make people stay and explore desired information. That’s why we make sure that your website features an explicit menu bar that comprises all the pages and services at the forefront.


Because if your audience is failed to find its desired information, they might not explore your site and visit each page to get details. Hence, they will find another competitor’s website for an easy experience.


However, if all the pages are present in the navigation bar and giving clear ideas about your services, then your audience might take interest and spend time exploring every page.

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