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What is the best way to engage visitors, donors, and volunteers to support your cause? Well maybe, you need to get started with a well-designed website that conveys all your information!

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Get an expert team for the best website design for nonprofits that converts

If you want to effectively run your organization so that you can support your cause with a massive audience visiting around, then having a website is the essential requirement. Especially when more than 94% of impressions are related to your website design, then it’s primary to have a website that engages the audience the moment they land on your homepage. However, most nonprofits are still not sure what elements to include in their website or how to make their website compelling yet engaging so that it can attract maximum audience every day. If you are one of those, then don’t worry!


You don’t need to look any further, because Hukumat Networks is here to help with their expert team of designers who have years of experience in creating websites for nonprofits. Let’s find out how a good website works for you.


Why do you need a compelling website for nonprofits?


Without a strong website for your nonprofit organization, you cannot convert donors, visitors, and volunteers, and maybe none of your audience supports your cause because they are not sure if you are in the right direction because of the elements present on your site. Therefore, if you want to make the site attractive and high converting, then the best way is to incorporate all the industry-led design solutions that inspire people when they visit your website.


At Hukumat Networks, we know what it takes to create an effective website that converts. We include all the elements and make sure that your site is responsive, loading fast, SEO optimized, and has a perfect layout that is understandable for your audience. 


So, if you want to know something more about all the elements then have a look below and keep reading to learn why each element plays a significant role in the success of your website.


Web design strategies for nonprofits that boost online giving and donations


If you want to boost your online giving, then it is compulsory to have a website that creates an urge to donate more and support the cause. However, to make that happen, you must need to include some strategies in your plan so that you could create a website that generates success and recognition.


SEO optimized design


If you want to optimize your nonprofit website for new visits, leads and conversions, then it’s recommended to have a website that incorporates all the basic and advanced SEO practices. Without an SEO-optimized design, you cannot convert an audience and engage people effectively because they are not able to see the site in search engine results.


Therefore, our website designers work with SEO experts and copywriters to come up with a design that becomes an inspiration for others in the industry. We make sure that your site features the right set of keywords. That’s the reason, we perform detailed keyword research using different tools and methods so that we can include all the common keywords in content and different areas of your website. 


After that, we ensure that your keywords are included in the title, description, content body, focus key phrases, and other areas where Google search engines could see and analyze the page. However, if your website pages do not have such effective keywords, then it’s hard to get your site ranked in search engine results. As a result, your competitors will steal all the incredible leads and conversions because your audience couldn’t find you and hence discovered your competitors.


Responsive design structure


As you know today more than 67% of the audience access internet using mobile devices instead of desktop. This means, if your nonprofit website is not optimized for mobile or lacking a responsive design structure then you cannot convert maximum people towards your business. 


With a responsive website design, your audience can easily access all the pages without zooming in or zooming out every element. They won’t be required to scroll and check contact information that looks misaligned. That’s the reason, our experts follow all the mobile optimization tactics so that we can make the design responsive and user-friendly for a mobile audience.


Above all, when your website is responsive, it sends positive signals to Google that the site is mobile-friendly and offering a good user experience. After that, your site may get increased ranking in search engine results.


SSL friendly structure for security


Nobody wants to visit a site that warns the audience that the site is not safe to visit. When your audience experiences something like this, they immediately want to close the site and move to another platform for better results. Similarly, when your donors and volunteers visit an insecure platform without HTTPS, they do not prefer to believe the information or perform any action due to the least security solutions.


That’s the reason, our experts tend to use an SSL certificate for security that activates HTTPS protocol in your site and protects it against all malicious attempts, hacking and spamming issues. When your site is free from all such issues, you can simply make it available for an audience who love to fill online forms for donations as they consider you a secure and reliable source of help and information.


Most importantly, when your site is secure with SSL, Google will consider you the best source for the audience as it tends to provide secure sources for enhanced user experience.


This ultimately increases your leads and visits as people would prefer you above all the other choices in the industry.


Fast loading speed


Have you ever visited a nonprofit site to send some donations, but their online form couldn’t load well just because the site speed is slow? If so, then you must feel frustrated because the slow speed of the website couldn’t inspire people, and instead, they immediately click the ‘back’ button for a better user experience.


That’s the reason, we make sure that our experts follow page optimization tactics so that your website loads within 3-5 seconds which is an ideal site loading time.


When your website loads fast, it sends positive signals to search engines, and hence the site will automatically climb rankings in search engine results. 


As a result, you will be able to receive maximum visits, leads, and conversions while giving users a chance to read all the information in seconds.

FAQs- learn more about web design companies for nonprofits

Want to rally maximum people to your cause with an effective website?


If yes, then what are you waiting for? Help is here as the team of Hukumat Networks invites you to create a website that attracts an audience and converts them immediately while presenting your cause in the best possible light. We have created hundreds of websites for nonprofits and charities which makes us an expert in our field. 


Therefore, if you want to make a big impact in your industry, it’s time to get in touch with our team and understand all the techniques and tactics that help you become a thought leader in the nonprofits industry.


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