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Wondering how to start social media marketing to engage potential clients? It shouldn’t be complicated or time taking. Keep reading to learn tactics to win more conversions.

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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate businesses

With millions of people using social media channels in the US, it’s quite safer to say that you are probably missing out on several potential leads if you are not leveraging the power of social media marketing. Especially if you belong to a real estate business, you cannot drive immense traffic and leads without strong social connections.


To turn your random customers into strong potential leads, you need to connect with as many people as possible on a variety of social media channels. That’s what we manage at Hukumat Networks. So, if you think you are in a position to showcase your services on multiple social channels, give us a call now and learn more.


Why does social media marketing for real estate agents matter?


With the above-mentioned information, you must be able to understand what it could do to increase your business recognition. If you are not planning to market your real estate agency on social media, then remember, you are missing out on several leads and conversions.


Social media channels are something that people use every day, even for checking reviews about the company they want to consider.  That’s the reason, we tend to implement strong social media strategies for your business, so you could make the most out of your campaign in no time.


At Hukumat Networks, we help you build strong social connections on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Our experts post engaging content and follow all the best practices that can take your small real estate agency to the next level in no time.


Social media marketing strategy for real estate agents that drive results


In order to interact with an interested audience and maintain a strong social presence, our experts implement robust social media marketing strategies that drive immediate results.


Post photos regularly


People interact with attractive visuals more, as compared to simple text. In fact, more than 70% of marketers believe that using visual elements is an important asset that could bring more targeted leads to your channel.


When we post attractive photos of apartments, plots, and houses that are available in the market, we are simply giving a glimpse of what we have and what could be the best for you. After seeing those photos and videos, interested buyers immediately make contact and inquire more about the services you provide.


Informative links to blogs


Our experts create a blog page on your real estate website so it could engage more people and rank higher in search engines. We create informative and interesting posts for the blog and then share it with your followers on social media. It educates them and creates more interest in your audience.


We share several potential links to your blog page on Facebook and Twitter. When people see the post, all it takes is one click to your real estate website. In this way, we can simply generate more leads and targeted conversions by publishing researched-backed articles. It also gives ideas about your services and people can easily explore what’s trending in the real estate market.


Run contests


Holding several contests on the Facebook business page is the finest method to gain targeted leads. We take the help of other home-buyers by asking them to post photos of their new home or plot or share their experience of how they entered a gift card and received numerous benefits. This encourages your audience to take part in your contests and other activities while increasing the reputation of your agency.


In return, you will be able to get more calls, appointments, and emails inquiring about your business.


Post listings


Since social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a strong customer base, we post homes, apartments, buildings, plot, and everything available in the market.


When one person likes or comments on the post, he might share it with his friends and followers, which simply offers more exposure and credibility to your real estate agency.


Publish geo-targeted advertisements


Geo-targeted sets the strong foundation of your real estate agency in the market.


Because most of the audience already knows what they want to purchase. So, they enter location-based keywords in search engines to specify their searches.


This proves posting geo-targeted ads on social media can simply enhance your reach and offer more targeted leads. So, if you want to sell a brand-new apartment in New York, those geo-targeted ads will show up at the top of their newsfeed to those buyers who are actively looking out for the same.

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After understanding the importance and strategies of real estate social media marketing, you must want to consider if for your business too. If that so, schedule your consultation today and let us create a robust real estate marketing solution for your business needs.

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