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Sharing occasional Facebook posts, random tweets, and stock images on Instagram? Is that how you market your clothing store? If so, then it’s time to change your social media strategy!

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Clothing social media campaign to give your business a great boost

With more and more people buying clothes each year, it’s better to say that the clothing industry is booming. Almost all the clothing retailers have a well-developed online clothing store, which means they have chances to grow their business by implementing strong social media strategies.


Social media marketing looks like a great option because it provides more than one platform to make purchases. With social media becoming tremendously popular, every clothing store needs to implement growing social media strategies to beat the competition. If you think social media can do wonders for your business as well, give us a call and get your custom strategy in place.


Why should invest in social media marketing for clothing brands?


If you are running your own clothing store but never have been into any kind of marketing then you are probably missing out on 65% of leads who are active on at least one social media channel.


Therefore, if you want to reinforce your message and expand your social media reach then clothing social media marketing is the most important component to include in your strategy. Our experts build profiles on all the social media channels and increase interaction with the targeted audience who are most likely to convert.


Besides that, social media marketing provides a formal way of communication with your audience as compared to other advertising channels, which makes it a two-way conversation platform so you can further interact with people who want to know more about your services. Moreover, we help you share your brand with others in the industry so you can increase your reach by 70%.


Contact us to see why social media marketing works well for your clothing business.


What are the best social media platforms for a clothing store?


Creating social media pages is easy and free, but determining what social channel offers more benefits and engagement is a little daunting process especially for eople who are new to the business. Here we discuss what is the best social media channel we use for your clothing business marketing,




Facebook is one of the most popular social media channels in the world, which is also the most favorite for clothing retailers like you, as it provides a chance to increase sales through paid ad campaigns.


Our experts run paid ads on Facebook based on people’s preferences, their buying habits, and their location. These ads give a chance to interact with the targeted social community who is most interested in buying clothes. With more than 3 billion active users on Facebook, we can make sure that most of them see your ad and interact with your business.


We create a Facebook business page for your clothing business and then share photos of your products, make announcements, arrange polls, answer to most frequently asked questions and share a link to your website to deliver the most details to your audience.




Twitter is the best platform for clothing stores. The channel has more than 800 million active users and 52% of people admitted that they buy clothes when they first check reviews and feedback on Twitter. The platform helps people to make their purchasing decisions. That’s the reason, we build strong credibility of your brand on Twitter so you can earn more conversions in a short time.


We also share complete details about your services and manage conversations about your clothing store so we can drive maximum people to your channel. Moreover, many people also tweet directly about your store to voice their opinions, as a result, you can establish strong authority for your store over Twitter as well.




Instagram is basically a photo-sharing app, which is definitely an ideal platform for you to showcase your clothing designs in front of a massive audience. Instagram has more than 500 million monthly users, so the chances to interact with your target audience on Instagram is quite high.


In addition to posting pictures of your clothing designs, we also use Instagram to establish a strong brand identity by interacting with people who are most likely to buy clothes from your store. We share details about back-end processes, the designs you make, and feedback from satisfied customers to make your audience believe that you are a trustable retailer in town.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get more leads with social media campaigns for clothing stores


As a clothing retailer, your goal is to get increased conversions and leads. Thus, it can be accomplished with strong social media strategies that deliver both new and repeated customers.


If you think you can also utilize the benefits of social media marketing for clothing store, connect with our potential team of experts and let us create a custom social media plan for clothing stores.


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