Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Google Ads or Facebook Ads? This is often the most confusing question that appears in the minds of novice marketers. When your choices are narrow, and you have to choose only one option, then most business owners fail to decide which is the right choice. 



As a matter of fact, both of these advertisement options are the big players today.


In fact, these are the two major gorillas in the world of PPC advertising. That’s the reason, both of these ad types still have a longstanding rivalry that is even more dramatized by digital marketers.



If you are a common advertiser who is new in the field of Google and Facebook ads, you must be wondering what’s all this debate about? And what ad platform is best for my business?



To clear all this confusion and conflict, our advertising specialists have created an easy guide that helps you understand what these two advertisement types are, what is the difference between them, and what are the benefits of these two ad options.


Why is it important to invest in the right ad platform?


When it comes to generating a high return on investment and drive qualified leads and visits to the site, it becomes important to invest in the right ad platform.



When you ask the question from most digital marketing specialists, you will get the same answer, Facebook Ads. They are easy to run, most people use the platform, and you can convince more people to use your products and services.



However, contrary to that, we believe that both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. Both of them are good for marketers and you should definitely invest in these platforms to get high-quality leads and conversions.



So, if you want to invest in advertisements, read till the end and learn some common differences and benefits of using each platform.


What are Google Ads?


Google Ads, which were previously called Google AdWords, is a primary PPC advertising platform where you run ads for your business and promote products. These ads usually appear in search results on Google, even above the organic listings. And could also be run on other websites by choosing Google Display Ads Network.



The core purpose of running Google ads is to show people their desired services and products at the top of the searches for the relevant keywords they use.



In the case of search advertisements, keywords are the backbone of your entire PPC campaign. You need to identify some top keywords that are relevant to your business. After that, when your relevant audience enters a related query to your ad, the ad immediately shows up at the top for users to click on and direct to the landing page.



When users click on that ad, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount where the campaign name has been earned “pay per click”. In short, the main goal is to drive relevant leads and visits to the website.



With Google ads, you can run different kinds of campaigns, such as


  • Search networks campaign


  • Display network campaigns


  • Google shopping ads


  • Video campaigns 


  • App campaigns


What are Facebook Ads?


Facebook ads are also the most common type of advertisements that usually appear on the newsfeed of user’s Facebook. Just like Google ads, you have to pay the platform for getting the most relevant leads and clicks.



Facebook ads also appear in different areas such as


  • Facebook newsfeed


  • Instagram newsfeed


  • Messenger box


  • Video feeds



Facebook ads have now become highly popular and competitive over the past few years as the platform is considered more reliable and advanced among all the social channels with 2.85 billion users. This makes it an optimal space for business owners and advertisers.



You can also run Facebook ads in different formats, such as


  • Photos


  • Videos


  • Carousal


  • Lead form ads


  • Slideshows


  • Dynamic product ads



According to a recent analysis, more than 180 million people use Facebook for their business advertisements so they can connect with massive customers every day.


Google Ads vs Facebook Ads


Before running ads on Google, most advertisers wonder is the platform really worth it? Well, there are a number of differences that make Google ads a preferred solution. 


Have a look at the table below to understand some key differences



GeoYes Yes
Internal destination URLNoYes


Benefits of Google Ads


Have a look at some benefits before you choose Google AdWords for your business.


  • Wide audience reach: Google search engine can easily tackle more than 75,000 search queries in one second which means an average search of about 2 trillion in one year. It has an incredible potential to reach new people every second.



Besides its great reach to a massive audience, it’s also quite efficient in targeting relevant keywords. Your options will be restricted to audience demographics like age, interests, habits, gender, and location.


  • Versatile Ad formats: With the continued increase in its growth, you may find a variety of ad formats in Google ads. Advertisers also have plenty of options for different add-ons such as location extension, site link extension, price extension, and many more. 



Some of its popular ad formats are text ads, image ads, responsive ads, video ads, app promotion ads, call-only ads, and many more.


  • High Bidding: When you choose Google ads, you can easily bid on millions of relevant keywords so you can rank the ad higher in search results. It helps reach new people and boost exposure and click rate.


Benefits of Facebook Ads


  • Use the information to target people: Facebook is the most popular social media channel which is accessible to every person regardless of their age and gender. It’s a platform where people share information about themselves such as their likes, interests, age, occupation, gender, location, hobbies, beliefs, and much more. 



Now you can use this information to target ideal people who are most likely to buy and consider your services.



  • Visually appealing ads: The most important benefit and edge over Google ads are, you can run visually appealing ads using Facebook. These ads usually blend in with the photos and videos of the user’s timeline, so most probably your audience will click and show interest in your services. 



The ads often appear with the tag “sponsored” which means they are paid ads by advertisers.


  • Conversion rate: Facebook ads have a great conversion rate which makes it a successful strategy among all the tricks. You can quickly earn sign-ups, get sales, subscriptions, gain followers and unlimited leads in your inbox every day.


Which platform is best in terms of ROI?


According to the above details, we can easily analyze that both of these platforms have their own benefits. Hence, the thing that matters in the end, is the highest ROI. 



In this debate of Google ads vs Facebook ads, we need to figure out which platform gives the best return on investment.



Technically speaking, if you run campaigns on these two platforms according to current trends for30 days, you can gauge the performance and other details. Then you will find out that both of these platforms are customer-focused, for example, a cosmetic company has run ads on both platforms


  • The Facebook ads helped earn 300 memberships with 73,400 impressions, but its cost per conversion was $19.98 cost per conversion.


  • Now the Google ads have gained 500 memberships at an incredible $6.00 per conversion as well as collected helpful data about ad types that deliver excellent results.


Google ads vs Facebook ads- which is the right option indeed?


Facebook ads and Google ads are the two powerhouses that give an incredible boost to your business. Therefore, to analyze the benefits and ROI of these platforms, we suggest you use both paid search ads and social ads together as it will help you a lot in the long run. 

We have used both of these holistic campaign methods and generated impressive ROI for our clients. This makes them an excellent choice for your continuous business growth.

But on the other hand, if you have rolled your eyes out on the title of this article and decided to read it till the end to know the exact answer, then here we suggest you choose…. Google Ads!

The platform will help you sell more without spending a huge amount and also help you achieve your objectives in a short time. Especially if you want to reach a massive audience who is in the process of buying and looking for your products, then Google ads will help you address customers’ needs.

However, if you want to build strong awareness for your brand and want to interact with new people every day, then Facebook ads are the best option. Facebook ads will help you achieve your goals at lower costs as compared to Google ads.

Interested in running PPC ad campaigns or Facebook ad campaigns?


After reading the whole overview of both ad platforms, we are sure that you definitely want to give it a shot and run ads to promote your business. 



So, in case you don’t know where to start, contact our specialists at Hukumat as we have a team of ad experts who help run compelling ads that reflect your business needs. Hit us up today and see where it goes!


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