How to Manage your SEO and PPC Budget for Increased Efficiency?

Paid and organic ads are created to target a relevant audience and to drive maximum people to your website for an increased sales and revenue.



These marketing strategies are basically SEO and PPC that are equally important for the growth and stability of your business. Meanwhile, if you are only relying on one of them, you must be managing a budget easily.



However, running both strategies at a time is quite tricky in terms of managing a budget. Because there is no one size that fits every strategy for the long term. On the other hand, you cannot rely on just strategy especially if you want maximum efficiency and long-term results.



Both of these strategies are integral elements for the success of your business. But the real point of concern is, how to manage and balance the budget between these two strategies?



The answer is simple- you need to identify your goals & objectives and see how these strategies can work together to achieve your desired objectives.


What are your business goals?


First of all, you need to identify your goals and analyze what you want to achieve in the long term. There are some common goals that every business must set in order to get desired outcomes. Now the goals could be


  • Increase website traffic


  • Increase the number of contact form completions


  • Increase the number of downloads on your website


  • Boost phone calls, emails, and other inquiries


  • Boost phone calls, emails, and other inquiries


  • Increase the total time spent on a website


  • Boost conversion rates



Sometimes, business owners might set a combination of these goals so they can experience a great boost in results. For that reason, it’s important to recognize what areas need more improvement so you can invest in the right place.



Also, sometimes it’s quite tough to set goals and objectives. Because a business owner may think that he needs a lot of website traffic but in reality, he needs to streamline the revenue and improve conversion rates.



When you take some time out to figure out what your goals are, you can save your business time, money, and big headaches.


Done with goal setting? Let’s manage a budget now


If you have created a goal, it’s time to manage a budget for SEO and PPC separately.


Manage a budget for your PPC campaign


PPC is one of the most profitable strategies that can help bring potential leads to your website the moment we launch your campaign. When you first start, make sure you identify some best keywords that your audience is frequently using for finding your services. You have to bid accordingly so you can get the most attention and clicks on your ad.



The bonus point is, PPC helps you target some critical areas of your website that are extremely difficult to rank. Now the trick is, the total amount you invest in PPC ads should be aligned to your marketing goals. You need time, resources, and proper investment to launch PPC ads.



If you want to follow a short-term strategy, choose PPC split 60-80% budget only on PPC and 20%-40% on SEO. With a short-term approach and setting enough amount for the strategy, you get a chance to flood your website with relevant leads and traffic. Your campaign will be active all time. You can also scale back your campaign and appear only during active work hours.


Manage a budget for SEO


SEO is also another amazing strategy that helps achieve long-term goals. However, SEO is a strategy that needs some time to bring results. Experts create highly exceptional on-site and off-site SEO plans to get increased ranking and visibility. Many reliable SEO agencies usually cost $1000-$5000 every month; sometimes even, depending upon the requirements of the businesses.



Remember, SEO is not a free strategy. You need to invest time, money, and resources as well. Sometimes the plan requires proper strategies that need investment.



If you want to make it successful, it’s essential to allocate expert resources that provide guaranteed results. SEO won’t work well if you are not creating engaging and effective content while following other techniques.



When you pay your SEO professional-just a one-time fee so you can update the site, is simply a wasted endeavor. You need a person to manage it constantly.



And this takes several months before you actually see results with your campaign. Therefore, you need to set a monthly or annual budget plan in order to run SEO consistently.



So, in that case, you need long-term SEO leads that can stay with you without requiring you to pay much. Now with SEO as a long-term approach, you need to move opposite. Invest 20-40% on PPC and 60-80% on SEO where you will implement hundreds of SEO strategies for desired results.



The key is to produce SEO-friendly content which includes website content, blog posts, guest posts, and other material for use all over the web.


Hire Hukumat Networks to balance your SEO and PPC budget with winning strategies


Being a business owner, you must know that a good PPC and SEO strategy comes from those who create smart goals and objectives.



You need to come up with goals so that you can create a roadmap and stick to your plan without the fear of losing.



Moreover, allocating a proper budget to your marketing strategies eventually depends on your overall project requirements in both short- and long-term cases.



So, if you analyze, PPC advertising could return quick results, while SEO campaigns will increase brand awareness, reach maximum audience and streamline leads. Therefore, you have to run a PPC campaign and then find out the keywords that convert maximum people. After that, you can use SEO for promotion.



Most interestingly, in many cases, you don’t have to make a choice. When you combine both strategies, they give excellent results. That’s why hiring experts like Hukumat Networks can make things easy in terms of both balancing budget and managing strategies. We can meet your expectations confidently to ensure the best possible ROI.



Thus, in order to understand all the intricacies and bring your website to the top, it’s important to invest time and effort so you can generate healthy results without investing too much money.


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