7 Tips to Skyrocket Your Social Media Traffic on Weekends

“Weekends are always associated with great feelings of happiness and freedom”



I can prove my point as my favorite novelist Chuck Palahniuk says



“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.”



Well, I think that’s quite true from the perspective of employees. (I can sense that)



But not that exciting from the perspective of social media marketers! Because unfortunately, their social media posts experience a great dip on weekends as many people are busy enjoying with family, hanging out with friends, and planning parties.



“I too experienced this dip while handling social media pages for my client.”



  • He was expecting me to deliver unprecedented results on weekends for his E-commerce business.



  • But sadly, I got failed to deliver increased engagements, boosts, and social media traffic on weekends as compared to other prime selling days (Monday to Thursdays).



  • Then after detailed analysis and evaluations, I found out that I am also experiencing a great decline in sales on weekends.



  • I get 10% of sales from Friday to Sunday, and 90% of sales from Monday to Thursday.



  • I got stressed and worried about the results, felt myself in a serious funk.



  • So, I explored different ways and tactics to boost social media engagement which is directly related to an increase in sales and queries.



“After thorough research, I got secrets to substantially increase my social media activity on weekends.”



And guess what?



“I got a 35% increase in traffic on weekends as compared to other days of the week.”



Let’s unleash the secret to this success!



1. Gauge the weekend moods of your audience


“This is the first tip of success”



When you are being able to gauge what your audience wants to see, what motivates them, and why they take interest in your post, you can certainly target them well align posts according to their weekend mood.



So, when it comes to increasing engagement on Fridays and onwards, understand that people have been exhausted, and now want to sit back & relax with a hot steaming cup of coffee.



They want to see something that smoothes their nerves and make them laugh.



Posting funny-themed, satirical, comical, and relaxing content that also reflects your brand would certainly help you achieve the desired engagement rate.



You will start noticing an immediate rise in impressions, boosts, and engagements.



I came across this meme yesterday.



Now that successfully promotes the brand by describing its ‘hot’ quality as well as engage the audience and make them laugh



2. A unique strategy for each social media platform


This factor counts a lot, I experienced this myself.



This doesn’t only work during weekends but has effective impacts on weekdays too.



If you are active on all the social media channels, you must have felt that every channel has its own unique effectiveness.



For example, LinkedIn is a professional network specifically for employees and employers; whereas Instagram features visual content and offers interesting, professional, engaging, and comical posts besides promotions and advertisements.



That’s the reason, I believe creating a unique and original content according to the specific nature of each channel is a key to success.



For weekends, posting unique content according to the nature of your business and social channel with proper alignment of weekend mood can significantly skyrocket your engagement rate and double your traffic than before.



In case you are wondering what could work well for LinkedIn



3. Discover the best timings to post to rise above the noise


I realized this is one of the many reasons behind the failure of most social media marketers.



“The best thing is, do NOT post anything on your regular timings during weekends.”



Yes, change the trick and time!



Because on weekends, people are not being able to online for the whole day just like they do on weekdays.



Friday to Sunday, most of the audience is active during the first half of the day. (Perhaps it could differ according to your own target audience).



That’s why posting content according to the activity and online timings of the audience would help you engage people and increase your social media traffic by 20% as compared to weekdays.



“To manage this efficiently, it’s better to experiment at various hours of the day so you can discover the most suitable posting time on weekends.”



  • Best time to post on Facebook: Friday- 11 am



  • Best time to post on Twitter: Sunday- 2 pm



  • Best time to post on LinkedIn: Friday- 9 am



You can uncover your own timings according to the type of business and preferences of your audience.



But make sure, you are sharing valuable and informative content that could reflect the truest nature of your business.



4. Amplify traffic and engagements by running contests


Want to drive the maximum attention of your target audience?



Well, no other technique could work well than running contests, special offers, quizzes, and polls on the weekends.



Because these are the methods where maximum people drive by themselves and even, they share and tag their friends on the posts too.



In order to make it more fun and exciting for your audience, it’s also best to offer lucky draws and gift vouchers for people who want to participate or taking interest in your offer.



I experienced that this tactic drives huge engagement and traction which encouraging people to keep visiting your social media page in search of a new offer and voucher.



Offers like these could literally drive more traffic to your channels!



5. Repost interesting infographics


“When I first launched my client’s social media pages, my team did a very smart thing.”



We found some most interesting info graphics that suit best to the client’s business and then reposted them with little change on the Facebook business page.



“Sure, I know we did not do something exceptional, but the way we promoted them on Facebook by mentioning stats and special features, grabbed a lot of attention from our target audience.”



The smart tactic is to highlight features that make the business unique from other industries and mention all the stats that show the brand is useful in all significant ways.



  • After that, you can also make it tweetable.



  • All you need to do is, tweet the infographic which could further regenerate 30 or more re-tweets.



  • After that, those retweets would create more tweets, and then it would initiate a chain of tweets from the right audience



We have known this amazing technique for years but never implemented it on weekends. Now I am going to start applying it every weekend to further increase my traffic on all social media channels.



6. Create a group on LinkedIn


“I have been noticing for a few months that people are heavily involving in LinkedIn groups and earning more of their revenue from this business network.”




After that, I dived deeper and found that LinkedIn groups are the top of earning maximum traffic on your social media platforms.



Let suppose if I have 2,000 members at the start in my newly created group, I can roughly generate 12,000 in a matter of days with those 2,000.



We can even announce and publish the latest blog, just like we send emails to our clients and persuade them to consider the service.



This is mainly known as an “Announcement” feature on LinkedIn.



We just need to do such blasts once in a month in the group, or else you won’t make that tactic to work in the long run.



“I have noticed that every time I make an announcement, I always get an amazing spike in traffic and get thousands of visits.”



People share the content on other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook which generates more & more visits to my LinkedIn page within 48 hours.



In short, we can easily generate 4 visitors for every member we add to the LinkedIn group; but remember, the focus is on sharing good, interesting, and relevant content.



7. Create compelling ad


If you are having trouble getting your brand noticed on social media, the possibility is you don’t have enough followers and nobody is seeing and appreciating your content- which is definitely quite frustrating and you cannot gain any momentum for your business.



That’s the reason, I trust traffic campaign ads especially on weekends when sales are down.



These ads generally appear in the news feeds rather than occupying a specific space on your page.



Now it gives quite an organic feel. It just looks like a friend sharing something interesting.




So, the tactic is to make it look like the post rather than some promotional kind of content. Because the benefit is, you will be able to get more clicks and visits.



It would less look like some promotional ad, which is much better to gain engagements and impressions.



Instead, it would like a general interesting post; and people love to explore and click.



That’s why it’s important to get that traffic first who sees and clicks your ad. After that, you should be focused on getting conversions and drive sales.



“Remember, more than 50% of online sales happen due to the blessings of your compelling Facebook ad.”



You will realize that this traffic is valuable and would be effective in the long run that gains more and more views on your pages from the target audience.



Loved the idea of selling duck socks cheerfully through a colorful photo and compelling caption.





Using all these beneficial social media tips to skyrocket your traffic can simply stand you out among the competition while optimizing the long-term growth of your brand.



Do you think that any of these could work well to improve traffic?



Well, my suggestion is to give them a little whirl and let me know your thoughts in the comment so we could analyze what works and what needs more improvement.


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