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Want to tempt your customers with the sweet smell & taste of your fresh out of oven products? Let’s entice them through your doors with internet marketing services for bakeries!

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Win more targeted customers with bakery marketing services

With more than 2,800 commercial bakeries in the US, you can expect their combined annual revenue is almost $32 billion, as more than 6500 retail bakeries have a $3 billion annual revenue rate. With such tremendous growth in the food-centric industry, there are unlimited revenue generation opportunities, so the need to establish a strong online presence to run your bakery is getting higher. What would be an ideal choice for small bakeries to distinguish themselves in the growing industry?


And your answer is internet marketing. With combined marketing methods, you can easily develop a loyal customer base while streamlining the process of leads and conversions. Contact us to explore more benefits of marketing.


Why do you need a good marketing plan for a newly opened bakery?


Whether you are running an old bakery setup or just opened a new bakery in town, you must be looking for ideal customers who love to taste your products and enjoy the scrumptious food you provide. However, enticing more customers through the door is a real challenge today. To manage that easily, it’s important to get a creative and innovative marketing plan for your newly launched setup.


At Hukumat Networks, you get a chance to work with a team that has more than a decade of experience in marketing. With SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and website design solutions, you can simply take your small business to the next level and recognize it as a brand in the industry. The best part is you don’t need to invest heavily. When you discuss the needs with our professionals, we give you a custom quote based on your requirements and budget.


This sets us apart from others in the industry. Let’s explore more benefits of choosing Hukumat Networks for your bakery marketing plan.


Reach extensive target market with superlative bakery marketing strategies


People of all ages love yummy cupcakes and sweets. But how would you convince them that you are the best provider of their favorite products? We make it happen through the best internet marketing strategies for bakeries that increase your reach to a massive audience and make them believe that you are the best source in the industry that caters to their hunger needs.


SEO for bakeries


SEO is the most popular and reliable strategy for marketing your bakery Infront of a massive audience. The process involves ranking your website high in search results by targeting keywords that are frequently used by your audience. 


Our experts identify some relevant keywords that best define your products and business so we can target people who are already using the same terms for finding your products. To make that happen effectively, we perform detailed keyword research using different tools and techniques that help us give accurate results.


After that, we implement them in your website content and other areas so we can target them for increased ranking and recognition. We also target location-based keywords for your bakery, so your nearest customers can easily find you after entering keywords that get them through your door.


We create a free GMB listing for your business and make sure that your bakery shows up on map searches along with complete details such as opening hours, contact number, location details, and other features.


Web design for bakeries


Website is another important element of your marketing strategy that is a true reflection of your business and helps customers understand your products in detail. Our experts launch an effective and engaging website for bakeries that incorporates all the design elements and help you stay ahead of the competitors.


We are not only focused to bring wow factor through delicious photos and attractive design but also responsible to check other elements that contribute to the success of your websites such as responsiveness, custom design, secure structure, and SEO optimized website design.


With a compelling and well-designed website for bakeries, you can entice more customers every day and get them detailed insights into your products. This increases your brand awareness and boosts recognition in your market as you are giving your audience a secure online platform to explore everything about the business.


Social media marketing for bakeries


Social media marketing is another wonderful strategy to keep connected with your audience directly across several platforms.


Yes, our experts set up your profiles on popular channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. After that, we implement robust content sharing strategies and educate your audience about the effectiveness of your business and products.


We interact with people through various ways, like launching polls & surveys, starting discussions in groups, posting status updates, mention in stories, responding to comments, sending messages, and tons of reliable methods that give the audience complete information about your business.


We post a link to informative articles, share images, videos, infographics, and also post your special bakery items while launching free gifts and discounts for loyal customers.


This increases your credibility and authority in your industry, and you can get countless leads within hours.


Pay per click for bakeries


If you are interested to get fast and guaranteed leads, then PPC is the best solution that can help you provide countless leads and visits according to your requirements and expectations.


Our experts launch profitable PPC campaigns for bakeries by performing in-depth keyword research and detailed industry analysis. After getting complete information, we launch ads that feature competitive keywords used commonly by your target audience.


These keywords are mainly responsible to bring loads of clicks and visits to your ads. Once we create ads, we also build effective landing pages that are the final destination of your audience once they come across your ad.


PPC offers a lot of incredible benefits to your bakery business. you can engage a massive audience through a compelling ad and get thousands of clicks according to the amount you spend on ads. The more you invest, the more clicks you receive on ads which ultimately turns out more conversions and traffic.


The best part is, you are only required to pay when the audience clicks the ad. If nobody clicks, you won’t end up paying instead receive impressions from an interested audience.


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Let’s join hands with Hukumat to run successful marketing campaigns for bakeries


Whether you are new to the marketing arena or have launched campaigns before for your bakery business, it’s significant to come up with a strategy that gives exceptional results. That’s the reason, we help our clients establish a strong presence in their industry by implementing several online methods.


So, leave all those worries behind and get at the forefront with our advanced marketing services. Call us today and schedule your consultation to learn more about bakery marketing solutions.


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