SEO for Web Hosting Companies

Trying to sell your hosting services to new customers? It won’t be easy if you are not ranked anywhere in Google. That’s the reason to consider SEO for web hosting companies.

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Stay ahead of the competitors with SEO services for web hosting companies

Web hosting services are continued to grow with time. The reason is their tremendous popularity among the audience who need to host websites to boost their businesses. However, their popularity level is already at its peak, yet they need to show up at the top of searches due to increased competition in the hosting industry. That’s where they need the help of search engine optimization solutions that can take their newly launched website to the top in a short amount of time.


So, if you are new to the industry or just launched a new website for your hosting company, Hukumat Networks is here to provide custom SEO strategies that can work effectively and take your small business to the next level in no time. Give us a call to understand how it works for your business.


Why do I need web hosting SEO services for my business?


The competition in the hosting industry is getting competitive day by day. This means your web hosting business should stay ahead of the curve if you want to improve its online visibility- so, SEO is the foremost thing that can help you do it efficiently.


SEO does not only help you rank higher in search results for competitive keywords, but it also helps you inform & educate your audience about your technical services and act as the most trusted source of information in the industry. This would position you as the most credible company among all competitors.


Without implementing strong SEO methodologies, your competitors are most likely to rank on targeted keywords which might be, ‘best web hosting company’, ‘web hosting company in New York’, and ‘web hosting near me’. So, if you want to outrank them and get all the desired leads, it’s time to contact a professional company and get your SEO strategy in place.


How does SEO web hosting work effectively for long-term growth?


Now that you understand why SEO is important for your web hosting company, so it’s time to consider investing in this long-term and most reliable strategy that works effectively in the long run.


Determine relevant keywords


Before we start a profitable SEO campaign for your web hosting company, we need to pin down some most competitive keywords. Now, these keywords are usually the ones that could be used by the target audience for finding your web hosting business. These keywords can actually rank your company at the top because they are the most competitive search terms in the industry.


We also make sure that we implement keywords that are easy to rank than others on the list. That’s the reason, we focus to choose long-tail keywords as they are more specific in nature, used by a small number of audience, and bring the most relevant audience to your website.


For example, some long-tail keywords are, ‘web hosting services in New York’, ‘affordable web hosting company’, and many more.


Now, these keywords usually fit a small number of queries by a relevant audience, so they don’t have a high competition to rank for. We also use several tools and software that help us identify the right search terms.


Create SEO friendly and informative content


Once we decide on the most relevant keywords, we create SEO friendly content by incorporating all the major keywords.


Content is actually the backbone of your strategy, you cannot rank anywhere in search engines of your content is not SEO friendly and informative, so it looks like the most essential thing for your website ranking.


Our experts create optimized content for your web hosting company that can help your audience move easily through the buying funnel.

There are a lot of options and ideas while creating content for your company. One option is building a blog page on the website and creating several blog posts that reflect your services and guide people about the effectiveness of web hosting.


Other than that, we can also create articles, guest posts, press releases, and other content material enriched with keywords and educate people about how you are best in the industry and why they should consider you every time for web hosting needs.


Provide the best user experience


When search engines rank webpages in search results, they check if the website is providing the most relevant, useful, and interesting content for the audience that is according to the given query. Besides that, they also want to make sure if the website offers the best user experience.


User experience refers to the way your audience navigate the website and check for all the information and details they are looking for. It’s also about how easily your audience can navigate the site to check their desired information.


Therefore, we make sure that your website has easy to use a navigation bar that directs people about the next steps without wasting their time.


Now, this also relates to the bounce rate, which helps search engines to determine how they should rank the website. It refers to the total percentage of the audience that visits your site and leaves immediately after landing on the first page.


Target local audience through Local SEO


Your SEO strategy remains ineffective unless you apply local SEO techniques that refer to the process of ranking your site for a local audience who use location-based keywords to find web hosting companies near to their place.


Now the biggest example of location-based keywords is, ‘web hosting company in New York’. The people who belong to the same region would be able to find your business at the top while entering the same keywords that best define your company.


We apply different tactics to rank your website for a specific region. For example, we create free Google my Business listing which shows up your company at the top of map searches. The listing will appear with all the details such as services, operating hours, website link, contact details, and location information. We also make sure that we list your profile in several web directories so people can easily find your business in their particular areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need help starting your SEO campaign for web hosting?


If you are looking for a company that gives results in a short time, Hukumat Networks is your go-to choice that offers long term outcomes by implementing strong SEO methodologies.


Our team is dedicated and talented that is efficient enough to create customized web hosting marketing plans. So, if you want to build custom campaigns for your company, give us a call today and let our team build an actionable plan that gives lasting results.

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