10 Best Plugins to Super Charge your SEO

You have developed a highly attractive and great-looking website on WordPress, added compelling content, and included all the design features that could set it apart from others in the industry. and now you hope that you receive plenty of relevant visits and leads every day!


But unfortunately, most of the time, it did not happen the way you imagined. There is already great competition in every industry, and you have to work hard to stand out from the crowd. 


Therefore, most website owners consider SEO as a primary element as it helps boost ranking and traffic without investing much. However, SEO also involves several complications and technicalities that are difficult to understand for a common person. That’s where the plugins come to the rescue. 


Plugins save your time, offer maximum flexibility and reliability by providing the accurate details you are looking for. For example, if you need to know how many backlinks the site has generated so far. There will be a special plugin that answers your question and gives you a list of all the backlinks.


That’s the reason, relying on plugins has become extremely important for a thorough analysis of your website. Here we have compiled a list of important plugins that could supercharge your SEO to its maximum.


1. Yoast SEO plugin


If you are an SEO expert, you must have heard and used the Yoast plugin as it’s one of the favorite plugins of every SEO professional in the industry. It is also the most downloaded plugin in all the WordPress websites. Especially if you have a bunch of sites for supporting your business, its pro version is extremely helpful and gives a great boost.


Yoast is an extremely user-friendly plugin as it can be easily handled by a beginner as well. You can optimize hundreds of aspects of your WordPress site using the Yoast plugin.


Also, it has currently 27,363 votes which makes it an awesome choice for your website.


It helps you manage different important elements on the site, for example


  • Meta title and description


  • Tags


  • Elementor integration 


  • Automated publishing 


  • No in-app advertisement


  • Images


  • Internal and external links


  • Content readability


  • And a lot more


You can analyze your SEO easily with Yoast and get incredible recommendations for improvements and adjustments.



2. Rank Math


Rank Math is another useful plugin for SEO that optimizes the website for creating content. It significantly offers real-time value and insights about all the content without requiring you to leave the WordPress interface. 


With Rank Math, you can simply optimize titles as well as meta descriptions and get a proper snippet preview, which ultimately helps reduce the chances of any display errors.


Now the interesting element is, this has been already optimized for speed. It’s fast and your site can never experience any downtime or speed issues.



3. All in One SEO Pack


Another great plugin you would love to use is the All in One SEO Pack.


The plugin has already been used by more than 2,000,000 sites which means most people like to rely on that for analyzing different aspects of their website. 


This is a great choice for people who want to do on-page SEO while following rules for schema and AMP. 


It also helps in creating and submitting sitemaps to different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, so you can maximize your search presence all over the web.



4. SEO Squirrly


SEO Squirrly is one of the most fantastic plugins that was even endorsed by the popular SEO expert Neil Patel.  The plugin is extremely useful for all website owners and is explicitly designed for even beginners and non-tech savvy people.


This puts special emphasis on creating engaging content that is helpful for both audiences and search engines.


Some of the main features of the plugin are


  • Identify most profitable keywords


  • Deeply analyze your content


  • Give advice and suggestions to improve 


  • Content optimization for human readers


  • Helps create a sitemap for search engines



5. Premium SEO Pack


Do you know what makes this plugin unique and special?


It has some elements and features that are not offered by other plugins in the list. 


Some of its foundational features are sitemap generation as well as monitoring Google Analytics. However, it also has some important features of monitoring page speed, creating rich snippets, checking 404 errors, and building quality links. 


You can also get detailed insights about internal linking.


6. SEOPress


SEOPress is an ideal solution for everyone who has just stepped into the field and does not want to spend an exorbitant amount on different tools. This is also one of the most well-established and popular WordPress plugins.


This is not only for US-based users but accessible in more than 17 languages with translations in English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, and other languages.


The plugin will help you handle different elements such as


  • Image SEO


  • White label


  • XML and HTML sitemaps


  • Installation wizard


  • Mobile/desktop preview


  • Facebook/Twitter preview


  • Redirections 


  • And much more


The bonus part is you can get unlimited keywords while performing content analysis.


When you go for SEOPress Pro, you can access more advanced features including local SEO, video SEO, breadcrumbs, broken link checker, RSS SEO, schemas, and much more.



7. SEMrush


If you want to talk about the leader in the world of SEO plugins, we would love to mention SEMrush. 


The plugin provides a super reliable and comprehensive platform so you can easily analyze different keywords, find out competitors, and explore the world of paid search marketing. 


SEMrush creates a free WordPress plugin commonly known as SEO Writing Assistant. When you install this plugin, you will be redirected to the SEMrush platform that further gives a detailed guideline while creating content for your site.


All you need to do is, enter your desired keywords and start creating content. You would get a lot of useful recommendations and then you will find out that the content score is incredibly divided into readability, originality, and voice tone.



8. Ahrefs SEO


We would love to mention that Ahrefs is an ideal plugin and one of the best names in SEO.

The plugin is best for both beginners and professionals. 



Besides, it’s a lightweight plugin that can be installed for free. However, you need to take a license if you want to leverage its advanced benefits.



It allows you to audit all the content on your website. In addition to that, you can get the advantages of some deep databases offered by Ahrefs. You can check the performance of pages and all the granular details.



For example, you can see where each page is ranking, what is your total traffic, the number of links, and other features.




9. Redirection


Let’s imagine a scenario to better understand the role and functionality of the plugin. 


You have deleted one page on your website because you don’t need it anymore. 


But Google still ranked that page high in search results as it has a high-volume keyword that is frequently used by many people. Now you also have plenty of backlinks that are pointing to the same page that you have deleted.  How could you delete that page without losing any backlink or traffic?


You can simply consider a 301 redirect that would tell the search engine to look at some other page instead of the deleted ones.


This is the main responsibility of the redirection plugin that is quite essential in your SEO strategy. With the plugin, you can easily accomplish the hardest thing without putting in too much effort. Just specify the page URL that you want to link to, and you are done!


10. MonsterInsights


You cannot imagine doing fantastic SEO without tracking the performance and analytics of your website. That’s what most plugins do, and that’s what MonsterInsights do extremely well. 


By using this super amazing SEO and WordPress plugin, you can easily bring your Google Analytics to your WordPress dashboard and start getting healthy and actionable insights about your website’s performance. You can also get suggestions and recommendations for improvements.


You don’t need any kind of technical coding to install a Google Analytics tracking script. You can simply check how many people are visiting your website and what page they are liking the most. It also gives you a detailed content report that helps determine which pages of the site are getting more clicks and views.


Especially if you are new to SEO and think that Google Analytics is extremely difficult for you to understand, then MonsterInsights offer you a simplified approach and make things easy for you. A user can get a streamlined analysis of their data without even logging into their Google Analytics account.


Have you ever used one of the above SEO plugins before?


So, this was our list of tried and tested plugins that give accurate and authentic results. Have you ever tried one of these plugins for your website’s SEO?


If not yet, give it a shot today, and let’s discuss what plugin inspired you the most and how it helped you improve the SEO of your website.


If you still need more suggestions on using the right plugins, contact our specialists at Hukumat and let us recommend some top plugins for ideal results.


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