15 backlink techniques you should avoid in 2020


Ignore These Backlink Techniques


Link building is an SEO technique that helps generate more traffic to the credible content that they are looking for, by linking sites. It helps the webpages and the sites to be found easily from across the whole colossal of web world.



If you are an SEO marketer, you know by now that backlinks to the website can gather more traffic. It is one of the vital steps of your SEO marketing strategies.



For as the years pass the Internet gimmick and the whole web marketing strategies become just more ingenious and demanding. Link building is one of the highly accentuated strategies to reaffirm your website’s credibility. 



If in 2020, you are one of those that are looking for techniques to increase the organic flow to your website through link building it is again essential to discern which techniques to follow and which ones to avoid considering the epoch.



To test the time and stand still the web marketers always make their strategies looking ahead at the pros and cons along with what can work the best after straining the drawbacks. Lets look at a few techniques involve with the backlinks that one shall avoid in 2020


1. Purchased Or Sponsored Links


Regardless it be buying or selling of links it equally sinks the reputation of your website in search engine results. It all works with algorithms and its utmost that the Google insider reports also tend to evaluate whether the links have been sold or bought and if are spams created to get the hype. If so, Google now can easily track it down and penalize the authority for the copyright issues and false links.


2. Repetition Of Keywords


At times there are words highly used and while link building it is better to use terms not so frequently used or literally similar in fact should link up to the content in a manner it brings in larger traffic. Using the same or similar keywords often leads to lesser attraction of visitors.



 The content for any site matters the most, so wise use of words collectively to build up keywords in generating traffic to your site plays a vital role. So one of the most common mistake is the repetition.


3. No Action Against Toxic Links


Toxic links are irrelevant dummy links to detriment the search engine ranking for a site. It is essential to know if your site is carrying any toxic link, as there may be many external sources that can work together to ruin the reputation.



 All in all one shall always be alert and as to in 2020 it leaves no question as to the advancement that one shall leave no margin to be unaware of the toxic links and not take actions.


4. Building Only Do-follow Links


When it comes to SEO marketing strategies and the upgrading of your content to reach more authentic visitors and as to how you get the response, it is a bad approach to generate just the do follow or no-follow links when back linking. 



At times Google finding such a repetitive strategy penalizes a site owner to have such content. It is a foul attempt to generate more traffic to your site even though it doesn’t happen to have any link with the back link you are affiliating to it. It is stealing the show for which Google charges restrictions.


5. Building Links From No-Indexed Pages


Often knowingly or unknowingly the web marketers generate links from the pages that are not even indexed on Google even though that’s a harm to your own site but Google again penalizes and restricts one by working with it algorithms in search engines to make sure one avoids making such a mistake. Its always important to self monitors the backlink profiles to elude such non-existing links.


6. Using Optimized Anchor Texts


Even though with advancement and knowledge of web marketing has had its height, regardless even in 2020 people tend to make a common mistake of optimizing anchor texts.



 Thinking that keywords stuffed with the optimized anchor texts can generate more traffic to your site is a vague strategy; you might even get penalized for doing so repeatedly. Instead what is wiser act of doing it is to use various combinations of anchor texts while building the backlinks.


7.Getting Footer Links Or Side-Wide Pop Ups


If we talk of when this strategy had its hype, the time is long gone now in 2020 this link building strategy is counted as not safe and distracting much. This activity causes the visitors to feel not so satisfied by the actual content rather a distraction generated by the backlink from another site. 



This also disturbs the actual window space for your site. Google keeps a check and balance and castigates one for creating such backlinks.


8. Irrelevant Link Building


If you happen to own a blog company based of steroids it’s certainly not a good idea to build a backlink related to some car portal. Bloggers tend to generate links from high ranked sites not thinking if it is related or not. 



This makes the content all bonkers and gives an impression that the blog host doesn’t understand the niche. It is again how we cater the two separate niches and brings them together with the high quality guest post or blog but it is not a safe approach of generating backlinks.


9. Building Links Too Quickly


There is no set number as to how many and how fast you can build links, but if one is getting hold of many manipulative links then that gives a bad impression of desperate attempts and Google tends to take penalty actions against your site. It’s obvious that quality is better than quantity so it’s wise to use less back links but good ones as to generate traffic. Slow and steady wins the race, so building links too quickly maybe the bad approach of raising traffic for your sites by backlinks.


10. Generating Links From Weak Social Shares


Google algorithms tend to review and rate the overall progress of your blog along with views and shares and social groups it attracts. And so if any back link is generated from a site where there is less traffic already it is a bad attempted backlink. 



There is a great importance of social shares as this is a great marketing approach in general so one shall never do a mistake of generating a backlink from inactive sites.


11. Links From Sites With Numerous Outgoing Links


The sites that are like social groups where many topics and many active bloggers participate it is good to generate link from that but often the mistakes arrive that the post that needs active response from the related group is often lost in flood of comments that are not related. So it’s best to avoid such a mistake in 2020 where it’s a value of time that works in your favor or against.



It is always best to target a certain audience and work on them to increase in your favor rather than catering any target audience from any niche.


12. Excessive Reciprocal


Link exchange is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build contacts and improve the collaboration amongst bloggers. But considering the date, now days this is considered as the saving your hope strategy and a vague attempt to keep the posts alive.



 It’s advisable to not participate in excessive reciprocal links and if one is to do it at any cost it’s best to collaborate with the bloggers and sites with high reputation or similar content as yours.


13. Link Building Solely For Homepage


Considering your site performance homepage may be one of the important landing pages, but it’s a bad approach to only be generating links to attract traffic to homepage as often the visitors may not be interested in the homepage but the other site pages maybe of their interest.



While doing that a visitor loses his/her interest in just one minute of visiting and doesn’t bother surfing more on your site. It is always good to make a good blend of links to the internal site pages from the homepage while you are practicing backlink techniques. Keeping one page active is a bad approach and often penalized by Google for deceitful attempts.


14. Harmful PBN links


PBN links have always been a bad attempt in generating backlinks, but regardless people have been building links from Public Blog Networks to date. If you happen to be one of the desperate attempter its best to quite doing so before any penalty charged by Google algorithm checks. 



Why so? 



As these networks comprises of unrelated categories and make your site rank low in Search results if one thing is being looked up for. Again, such links are time consuming to build up and so are expensive and a cost not worth it, at the end of the day you are putting your whole site at cost. 


15. Not Creating Work Linking Content


That is one main reason why many people are not able to generate backlinks, if you are not able to write contents worth linking-to. It is a two-way thing you have to be worth to get backlinks from quality sites as they can then viably affiliate them to you.



Considering the approach of site building and the marketing in terms of SEO on thing that you cannot afford to compromise in 2020 is the content quality and matter.


Final Evaluation


Every web marketer or SEO expert knows the benefits of link building and amongst many techniques, the wise choice always matters, it is due that even the connoisseurs can make the silliest of mistakes while link building and above mentioned are some of the ways you can avoid this year. 



The main forte to write this was to help you understand where you may be making a wrong choice. 



Backlink techniques are one of the oomph givers to you site overall, but the same technique can totally crash the quality of your site if are practiced wrong or abused in general. 



In addition, as every year the sites built in abundance the competition and strive to survive increases leaving out the less of margins for any mistakes or wrong approach. 


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