Can artificial intelligence dominate digital marketing in 2021?

Believe it or not, but artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming the most sought-after addition in today’s dynamic marketing world.



The most surprising element is, brands like Amazon and Shopify are also leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning so they can show some relevant products to people who are more likely to buy them.



Who could have ever imagined that?



Well, I know how artificial intelligence is bringing back the idea of that old 50s sci-fiction series associated with futuristic robots.



But you know what? That’s not only it!



Artificial intelligence has now become much more than you can ever imagine!



Do you know what excites me more about AI? Its ability to mimic human intelligence levels. It encompasses several efficient technologies that are exactly set up to ‘think and perform’ like a human. Isn’t it amazing?



Yes, AI technology is getting mature- day by day!



But the way it has paved its way to digital marketing is totally mind-blowing. In fact, it has become an integral part of the marketing landscape, and now the chances are it might dominate the industry in 2021 due to its speech & image recognition technology and problem-solving nature.



So, let’s proceed further and analyze how it can transform the future of digital marketing in 2021 & onwards?


Implementation in AI-based content management system


According to Falugni Desai



“Artificial intelligence is about replacing human decision-making with more sophisticated technologies”



I think she is absolutely right!



Because artificial intelligence is no less than human input. But there are some aspects of content that are based on keywords and technical structuring that needs to be accomplished by human input only.



So, I think AI-generated content could be only useful for email marketing, social media, reporting, and descriptions.



On the other side, some machine learning algorithms could be used for generating content to post on different e-commerce websites and real-time stock market updates. The reason is, a large part of the content is based on stats and metrics which could be easily managed by AI and ML.



In 2021, AI-generated systems would become more efficient. They will be able to generate automated content in every regard whether its SEO Content or simple articles for blogs, so your team can devote more time to creative activities that may have a big impact on consumer behavior towards your business.


Image recognition technologies


You know what, text search is soon going to become a story about the past!



Yes, that’s true!



Because today, more & more business owners prefer to add voice search so they can help potential customers in navigating their website faster.



The reason for this shift is, voice command is becoming superior and more useful as compared to long blocks of texts that waste a lot of time.



But with voice search, all you need to do is, send a specific query to the system, and get relevant search results.



Moreover, this voice-based search feature is an invention of Echo Dot and Google Mini. They use virtual assistants so they can efficiently interact with the audience through voice messaging.



In addition to accomplishing text search recognition, image recognition is also expected to get at the forefront in 2021. It is going to help customers automatically detect the best item according to their needs among a million other things on the internet.



The interesting thing is, Facebook has already implemented the best use of this technology and utilizing the AI-powered image & video recognition solution.



Companies are leveraging the power of facial recognition software which is implemented in 56% of the fashion stores in the US. These stores welcome consumers with discounts as well as push notifications when they enter the store.


Utilization of AI-driven chatbots


No one can ever deny the importance of AI-driven chatbots in today’s dramatically changing marketing world as they have now become a central focus in a lot of business processes.



AI-driven chatbots are efficient enough to convert any user into a lifelong prospect that greatly establishes customer interest in different products and services.



In 2021, you must feel amazed to learn the real value of these advanced chatbots that would surprisingly recognize all the complicated speech queries and even replace human agents involved in solving customer concerns.



The key point of utilizing advanced chatbots in the future is, their ability to manage customer discomfort. They would be able to proactively deal with people who are unhappy with your products.



Besides extraordinary infallibility and speed, the chatbot will help you improve the standards of customer satisfaction as well as increase engagement from all around the world.


Deliver a more productive & personalized website experience


You must be surprised to know that there are a lot of smart AI algorithms that can be applied to boost the website experience and give a great push to conversion rate.



Now there are a lot of popular resources such as Forbes, BBC, and The Wall Street Journal, that take the benefits of push notifications so they can easily engage more & more passive readers.



The amazing part is, AI is not only responsible for sending standard messages but also delivers highly- personalized notifications along with different references to information that could engage readers for hours!



Several E-commerce Websites are already harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. They have tailored numerous web recommendations to meet the preferences of the target audience which turns out that AI has replaced human consultants who provide advice, guidance, and assistance in the customer’s buying process.


Handsome return on investment with AI


Amongst all the factors that make AI special is, its ability to automate the tasks that reduce the pains of manual work and repetition and even give some more time to accomplish multiple thought-provoking jobs.


AI-based automation can also be characterized by unlimited positive changes in small and medium-scale businesses such as fast decision-making, incredible cost savings, efficient risk management, and the least possibility of human errors.


However, among all the upsides of AI is, they can help generate a healthy return on investment. Since you have an option to reduce the major labor costs and have more managed control in business processes, artificial intelligence allows you to earn maximum revenue in the very first quarter after its careful implementation.


Similarly, businesses can even prefer AI-driven systems that help run profitable advertising campaigns for attracting paying customers as well as stimulate people to place more orders on your website.


Artificial intelligence in modern advertising


As I said earlier that artificial intelligence is gradually improving all the facets of life including digital marketing.


So, this couldn’t be farther from the truth that AI is soon going to affect digital advertising as well. There are a lot of elements that improve digital advertising in 2021.


Facebook and Google search engine are one of the biggest tech giants that are built on artificial intelligence solutions. These platforms allow us to create profiles to run advertising campaigns through which customers can buy the products & services they have searched for previously.


The usage of AI algorithms will improve in the future and they will be focused to provide accurate matching and automation. This results in showing customers the products that best fit their requirements.


Thus, in 2021, AI-powered advertising will be more common that tend to bring a relevant audience to the ad who has ever searched for the same thing before.


The fact is, AI can efficiently read big data sets regarding consumer interaction and then use all their analysis to build useful insights so they can better optimize the advertising campaigns.


By doing so, all the advertisers will have more control over the campaigns and they can assess how it runs perfectly to the network. Artificial intelligence could also be used to create ads as the technology is rolling out several features that help creates a more optimized message for the target audience.


Final thoughts


Now that you know what are the biggest impacts of artificial intelligence on digital marketing so yes, we can say that artificial intelligence would completely transform digital marketing in 2021, and may dominate it through versatile software and features.


I think such domination is a great blessing for all digital marketers.


Because they can easily obtain deeper knowledge about their customer needs, produce more personalized content, as well as get huge advantages from advanced AI-powered algorithms.


Isn’t it exciting for you?


AI technology is gradually becoming an essential part of the digital marketing world so I think every marketer should be ready to implement it correctly so we can better leverage its powerful benefits.


It gives all the businesses a great boost that can take their small company to the next level in no time. Such exceptional domination of artificial intelligence into the marketing arena is not only helpful for companies, but it is also going to benefit consumers as they can have an enhanced user experience.



So, are you ready to build a strong & satisfied customer base by implementing advanced artificial intelligence features?


If so, let me know in the comments and share your thoughts on this new source of productivity and profitability.


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