An Ultimate Guide to PPC Management for Small Businesses

So, after a great research and seeing your fellows running successful businesses, you finally decided to take a plunge and pour your money into PPC campaigns.


But now after making a decision, you may find yourself wondering where to start first and how to launch the campaign without spending too much money?


Well, the good news is you don’t have to worry anymore or hire a bunch of PPC professionals who might take a lot of money in return. Whether you are a small business or just started your company, it’s important to leverage the benefits of PPC and drive qualified leads, visits, and traffic every day.


However, if you are a small business and don’t want to invest a huge amount in your campaign, this is the right article to read till the end.


Here we have mentioned some special tactics that particularly work for every small business that wants to take their company to the next level.


What is PPC campaign management?


Before proceeding to the tips of running a successful PPC campaign, it’s important to learn what PPC is and how it benefits your business.


PPC is the most reliable, flexible, and result-oriented advertising solution that helps every business succeed with the right methodologies. In PPC, you need to run ads on Google and pay a specific amount from your scheduled budget every time a user clicks the ad. 


In short, a Google AdWords campaign is the best method to buy paid visits for your website. For example, if you are running a real estate business, your keywords could be “The best real estate company near you”. 


If optimized well, the ad will appear at top of the searches when people use similar keywords to find real estate companies.


As you are a small business owner, you need to streamline your leads and revenue. And that’s where PPC can help. You could interact with a number of people every day, generate qualified leads, and earn maximum returns without spending too much money.


Here is a brief overview of the entire process:




Important Benefits of PPC Campaign


Here are some important benefits of running a PPC campaign


  • PPC ads reach more people effectively


  • You can get instant traffic to your site


  • Drive warm leads and visits


  • This leads to a positive return on investment


  • Boost your SEO and social media strategy 


  • PPC ads do not rely on algorithm changes


  • Multiple targeted options 


  • Different ad formats for targeting people


Let’s learn how to run a successful PPC campaign for small businesses?


Now you understand what PPC is, and what fantastic benefits it offers. So, it’s time to learn how you can successfully run a PPC campaign for your small business.



  • Identify right keywords


Keywords are the building blocks of your campaign. Without identifying the right sets of keywords, it’s hard to run a campaign that converts people. Therefore, we recommend every small business plan careful keyword research.


Finding the right keywords to target is a primary step that automatically leads to more ROI in the long run. It’s important to target the keywords that are likely to bring in the right people. When you target the right keywords that most people are using frequently, you can possibly earn more traffic and leads every day.


Therefore, you need to put in the effort to identify keywords that actually convert.


There are hundreds of keyword research tools that provide accurate results. In fact, you can take help from Google keyword planner that helps tell the volume, searches, and overall competition with bidding costs.


  • Target your audience strategically


As you are a small business owner, you probably cannot afford to pay for the clicks that come from irrelevant people, or the audience who is not interested in buying your services. 


But the good news is, search engines like Bing and Google enable you to target some specific people who are interested in your services. Based on interests, habits, location, gender, and requirement, you can target ideal people who can be your good customers. 


An important thing is, you need to be extremely accurate when it comes to selecting who you should target for the campaign. It’s even more important to target the right channels for your campaign so you can get the most out of your business. 


Some popular platforms where you can run PPC ads are Google Ads, Bing Ads, display networks as well as Facebook advertising are the best ways to get relevant leads for your campaign.


  • Set your goal to get desired results


Every successful PPC campaign has one thing in common, they have an organized structure and a determined goal.


Whether you want to generate traffic, drive leads or conversions, or just want to generate brand awareness, you need to set a specific goal to yield desired results.


The specific ads platforms we mentioned above also help you accomplish your goal


Let us tell you how.


  • If you want to target new customers, run a Google search network campaign.


  • If you want to build brand awareness, choose the Google display network for running visually engaging ads.


  • If you want people to call your business, go for a call-only campaign solution


  • If you want people to keep coming back on your platform and remember you, choose a remarketing campaign.


If you want all of them, then go ahead and test every network. It will help you gain new experiences.


  • Build a high converting ad copy


Now after setting a goal, finding keywords, and targeting the audience, it’s time to create a high converting ad copy that immediately gains the audience’s attention.


Ad copy is basically a text that we create for posting ads on Google or Bing. The ad copy should be engaging enough so it can convert maximum people the moment they come across your ad.


Google always tends to display high-quality ads in which text says something close to the search query of the user. 


For example, if you are providing SEO services in New York, and your title is “Get the best SEO services to rank at the top in New York” then the chances are your ad attracts people who are already looking for SEO service in New York.


Now just because the title is relevant to the search query, Google will display the ad at the top to provide the best user experience.



Here are some tips to create a high converting copy


  • Include scarcity terms in your ads, like “Only 4 days left” or “Last item left in the stock”.


  • Address your user’s pain point, for example, “same-day flower delivery services in New York”.


  • Also, try to be empathetic with your audience like, “tired of working with uncompetitive SEO professionals? Hire us now”


  • Make sure you state a value proposition like “free delivery all over the city”.


  • Do not be overly creative or play with words, sometimes people do not consider it real.


Here are the great examples of PPC ads description and titles



  • Know what your competitors are doing


Before running a PPC campaign, a good practice is to know your competitors and check what they are doing to get leads. When you know what your competitors are up to, you can create better campaigns and drive more effective results.


If you don’t know how to research competitors, just enter a few primary keywords on Google keyword planner and find out which are the most used keywords by the audience and competitors in the industry. You can easily create and customize your ads when you know your competition.


However, make sure you do not copy your competitors because you can’t appear unique and stand out from the crowd when you are doing the same things your competitors do.


  • Plan your budget


You need to invest money to earn money. So, if you have invested a small amount on your ad but noticed very small traction, it means you need to reconsider the budget. Because most businesses make the same mistake. 


They invest too little money which doesn’t create a significant impact and expect big results. When you spend less, chances are you don’t get any leads or maybe a less qualified lead, and just a few calls.


When you invest $100, the results will be totally different than investing $1000.


The more you spend the more chances to get qualified leads and conversions.


  • Test Results


PPC advertising is an ongoing process. Especially when you start getting leads and conversions through your ads, you don’t want to stop it ever.


However, there are always some things that do not work at the start and there is room for improvement. Therefore, it’s important to track the results of your campaign and monitor things effectively.


Some built-in features help you split test two or multiple ads so you can check which of them could perform well. So, choose the ads that perform well, and discard the other ones.


After that, you can simply check the metrics of your ads like click-through rate, cost per conversion, quality score, engagement rate, and many more.


Need help in running PPC? Schedule your consultation with Hukumat!


There are still a lot of things that new business owners might not understand due to the complexity of the campaign. Therefore, Hukumat Networks invite every small and large business to get help and consultation for running successful campaigns.


If you are a small business owner and willing to run the Google AdWords campaigns on your own, then you can get our help to set you on the right track.


Good luck!


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