13 Best Google Rank Tracker Tools for Website Owners in 2021

You might put a lot of time, money, and energy into crafting an engaging website. Right? But let me tell you one more thing for your benefit, this is not enough to build a prosperous brand.


The secret is, you need to work on its ranking, traffic, and online visibility too.


Now in order to manage this efficiently, you need to have a great SEO strategy in place so you can emerge stronger among the group of all the savvy entrepreneurs today.


But what if I tell you that your strategy is useless despite following all the stellar SEO practices?


How would you measure the results and track performance to bring more improvements?


You must be worried, right?


Well, don’t be, because it’s simple!


You have a lot of tools available out there that can help you track traffic, rankings, conversions, keywords, and competitors; so, you can manage your operations efficiently and create positive impacts on your clients.


When you easily track the rankings for your website, you may have a lot of incredible opportunities to improve SEO. But unfortunately, it’s not possible to track each and everything manually, and hence we need to use Google rank tracking tools to check the rankings every day!


Want proof?


Here we have a roundup of top 13 rank tracking tools so you can figure out which can work well for your website.


1. ProRank Tracker: VisitSite


If you are looking for the finest rank tracking tool, here we have Pro Rank Tracker that helps you perform smooth and reliable keyword tracking in search engine results.


It helps you get the complete picture of rankings across all the search engines using a variety of devices. Moreover, it also provides several analytics tools for further tracking.


What could you ask more?




It acts as a game-changing tool which offers several sophisticated features


  • Daily and on-demand ranking updates


  • Website auditing


  • A web-based tracking system that enables complete access from anywhere in the world without even downloading anything.


  • API is accessible on all the ProRank tracker business plans so you can easily integrate data into your systems.


  • Its keyword suggestions help identify multiple new opportunities


  • Determine hidden wins with the tool’s discovery feature


  • Excellent customer support with 24 hours ticket system




  • Its basic plan costs $25 per month. But if you want to choose a starter plan, you may need to start from $49 monthly.


  • However, if you are willing to track 1000 keywords, it’s best to rely on a Standard plan that costs $89 per month. They also offer an advanced plan that efficiently tracks 2000 keywords as well as costs $129 per month.


  • But if you have more requirements, you can select a business plan that can track 3000 and 1000k terms in the costs between $180 to $3,300.



2. Wincher: Visit Site


Looking for an affordable rank tracking tool?


Wincher is here to create a difference.


Wincher Rank Tracker is one of the most affordable and reliable ranking tools for small business owners who have just established the setup, and want to track the ranking of keywords using all the feature-packed tools.


What sets the tool unique is, it has a lot of insightful reports as well as an incredible pricing model that attracts people a lot.


Above all, my most favorite benefit of this tool is, we can select multiple domains and keywords we want to track at the same time.


Not only that, but I also love the way I can add my teammates to ongoing projects and check more than 10 competitors without paying any additional costs.





  • Get regular ranking updates


  • Ranking alerts and notifications


  • Perfect keyword research


  • Competitor’s analysis


  • Easy data exportation and automatically generated reports


  • Keyword groupings into several categories


  • Free trial


  • Efficient desktop and mobile tracking





Here you have a dynamic pricing solution without any commitment. Because it offers


  • 10€ monthly (approx. $12 monthly) for one website you include and track 100 keywords


  • 3€ monthly (approx. $3.50 monthly) for additional sites you include


Users can easily create his plan, change settings, and cancel subscriptions anytime.


3. SERPRobot: Visit Site


Worried about the health of your site?


Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, because SERPRobot is here that helps you accurately report the rankings of your site for several keywords.


You can find the results in real-time directly from authentic search results.


One can easily track a variety of keywords for their domain; analyze results over time in form of graphs and lists as well as narrow the search by location and device.





  • Check accurate website rankings, volume, average position and check the keyword ranking by the graph


  • Search by region, device, frequency, and narrow your location for clear results


  • Set up automatic and real-time updates


  • Simple user interface





One of the most affordable ranking tools? SERPRobot, definitely!


Its pricing starts from $4.99 per bot monthly. The tool provides SERP bot free of charge for 2 weeks, and after that, you are required to hire a paid bot for further facilities. Moreover, you can cancel the subscription anytime.



4. SEMRush: Visit Site


If you are looking for the most popular SEO tool specialized in keyword research and rank tracking, then look no further!


Because SEMrush is here to provide detailed insights about every element you are looking for.


This is one of the best and most reliable rank tracking tools that offers just more than the tracking of website rank. You can easily track the position of your keywords every day through SEMrush.


What’s more in-stored for you?


Users can easily find its local competitors as well as a group all the relevant keywords along with tags.


By utilizing its data carefully, it’s possible to target several devices as well. Just enter the domain, and you are all set to target keywords.





  • Keyword magic tool for finding relevant keywords


  • Position tracking


  • SEMrush sensor


  • On-page SEO checker


  • Organic research positions





SEMrush is everyone’s favorite freemium tool that can offer limited feature access without paying any charges.


So, convinced to buy it today?


  • Well, if you want to purchase, try its basic pro plan that may cost you $99.95 monthly.


  • If you want to choose the Guru plan, you need to pay $199.95 monthly.


  • But if you are willing to the business plan, get ready to buy it for $399.95 monthly.


5. Serpstat: Visit Site


Wondering how to get a full-stack tool that can track everything from competitors to ranking and keywords to backlink analysis?


Then Serpstat is a perfect choice for you.


In this tool, you can easily research keywords, analyze competitors, as well as search analytics.


Is that all?


Well, No. There is much more than that.


Users can efficiently perform detailed advertising analysis that helps explore what type of ads are great to bring engagement. Not only that, but you can even research compelling content ideas according to your audience’s preferences.





  • Offers keyword research, keyword clustering, backlink analysis, rank tracking, site audit, competitors’ analysis


  • Easily track 15,000 keywords, as compared to the 500-keyword tracking feature in SEMrush


  • 30% less costly than Ahrefs and SEMrush


  • Discover top competitors keywords and ranking





Achieve excellent SEO results at the lowest possible rates with Serpstat!


Their basic plan starts from $69 monthly which enables you to run 4,000 queries in one day.


6.LinkResearchTools:  Visit Site



If you are looking for a complete rank tracking and link building package, then smart LinkResearchTools are here to fulfill your needs.


This is basically a full suite of tools that helps in tracking and monitoring link analysis. By considering LRT’s tools, the user can easily set up his link profile and remove all the toxic links that are negatively impacting the ranking of your website.


The tool also assists you in Google penalties as well as push up your ranking in search engines by offering detailed insights.


The tool is best to achieve accurate and fresh link data for your website.





  • Extensive tracking of backlinks and website analysis


  • Domain and competitive analysis tools


  • Audit & recovery tools for avoiding Google penalty


  • Real-time backlinking alert


  • Free browser extensions


  • Analyze all the links in details





LRT provides a lot of affordable plans for businesses with different requirements.


  • If you are interested in link detox, you can consider their Link Detox Smart plan that charges $2,199 per year.


  • If you are looking for the LRT suite, then you can choose the cheap plan Superhero Small that costs you $499 yearly.


7. Traffic Travis: Visit Site


Need some rigorous health checkup to determine ranking and other SEO issues of your website?


Traffic Travis is here to manage this and much more beyond your expectations.


This is one of the most efficient tools that perfectly analyze all the technical gaps in both on-site and off-site SEO that could even impact your overall ranking.


You can instantly check all the backlinks as well as keep an eye on AdWords competitors.


The great part?


Users can even have a link finder feature that can determine all the authoritative websites or domains that can be targeted to boost your ranking profile.




  • Perform a free health checkup of your site


  • Unleash all the major technical mistakes


  • In-depth competitor’s analysis


  • Monitor search engine rankings


  • Find a lot of quality link targets


  • Link profile analysis





Who doesn’t love free stuff in life? Everybody does, right? So, if you have just launched your website and cannot invest in expensive SEO tools, you have an option to choose Traffic Travis.


  • The tool is completely free but it offers some limited features with their free version like how many campaigns we can run at a time, and how much data can be managed using this tool.


  • However, if you are looking to get more out of it, then you need to switch to its pro version which costs $97.00 (one-off fee).



8. Ahrefs: Visit Site


Want to improve the SEO of your website today?


Well, Ahrefs is here to offer a great suite of tools that significantly improve the SEO of your website. It is the best rank tracker tool that helps you monitor your rankings accurately & immediately.


What’s interesting?


Users can easily compare the performance of your website with competitors as well as get scheduled reports that offer detailed insights into all the metrics. You can also track rankings across mobile and desktop versions.



Here are some amazing features that can be done by Ahrefs only.
  • Detailed keyword research


  • Check ‘clicks’ data


  • Uncover content gaps


  • Keyword ranking details


  • Assess SERP history


  • Monitor outbound links


  • Check internal backlinks


  • See ranking history


  • Uncover top subfolders of traffic


  • Monitor outbound links




Did you know Ahrefs provides 4 amazing pricing solutions?


  • Their lite version starts from $99 and tracks 500 keywords.


  • The standard version starts from $179 that gives full access to all the features with 15,00 tracked keywords


  • Their advanced version offers $399 and 5000 keywords searching


  • And the most advanced agency version is available at $999 with access to 10,000 keywords tracking.


9. Moz pro: Visit Site


Whatever SEO results you are expecting for your website, Moz is here to turn your dreams into reality.


Moz Pro’s Rank Checker tool is an ideal solution for those who want to track the rankings of their sites on search engines.


How does it help you?


The tool fetches all the ranking data as well as store it so that you can compare the rankings easily at later phases. We help you consider limited data and also track it over some longest period to analyze if the efforts are bringing change in rankings on search engines.


What more you can expect?


Moz also supports all the popular search engines. You can efficiently check the rank both globally and locally. Not only this, but you can even track the rankings of competitors by considering this tool.


In fact, every person I talked to, said this is the most accurate tool that gives authentic information and suggests valuable improvements for bad redirections and link building.




Here are some amazing features that can be done by Ahrefs only.
  • SEO auditing


  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • Off-site SEO
  • Custom SEO reporting
  • On-site optimization
  • Link research
  • Site crawl


  • Moz also offers 4 subscription plans.
  • Its standard plan starts from $99 per month


  • A medium plan gives access to all the features that may costs you $149 per month


  • The large plan is an ideal one for companies that is available at $249 per month


  • And the premium version focused by in-house marketing teams is available at $599 per month.


10. SERPWatcher: Visit Site


Want to check your daily rankings in just 30 seconds?


Well, you have an option to do it with the help of the SERPWatcher tool introduced by Mangools that helps you track your search rankings within 30 seconds. It’s mainly a simple ranking tracking tool that helps you know how efficiently you are dominating search engine rankings.


What could be more awesome than that?


The tool also got a Dominance Index so you can understand the ranking and every detail in a simple manner.



  • Track mobile and desktop results


  • Effectively track rankings


  • Track search results by locations
  • Daily updates regarding keyword positions
  • Check all critical details in one screen
  • Check performance with metrics
  • Check custom interactive reports


  • SERPWatcher offers both monthly and annual plans, but most of the people feel comfortable with their monthly plans that basic, premium, and agency plan.
  • The Mangools Basic plan charges you $29.90 monthly.


  • And the Mangools Premium plan is available at $39.90 monthly which is the most considerable choice for all businesses.


  • While their Mangools agency plan is a little expensive that costs you $79.90 monthly.


11. CognitiveSEO: Visit Site


If you are looking for an all-rounder rank tracking tool, then nothing could beat the results of cognitiveSEO.


The tool cannot only track universal SERPS but also help you drive the best local and mobile optimization results.


Wondering what makes it the best tool?


This finest and popular rank tracking tool helps you track all the locations and languages in a detailed manner. You can receive any instant alerts or changes happen in SERPs.




  • Offers SEO auditing


  • Keyword research


  • Search metrics


  • Rank tracking


  • Off-page SEO


  • SEO reporting


  • Audience insights




  • CognitiveSEO provides two major pricing plans.
  • With their starter plan, you can simply enjoy the costs of $129.99 monthly.


  • The second pricing plan called the business plan is mainly suitable for small and medium companies. You can get a custom quote according to your business needs and see what they offer you through their bespoke pricing plan calculator.


12. RankRanger: Visit Site


Unlike all the simple tools that give access to monitor rankings on 3-4 search engines, RankRanger is a little different yet exciting tool.


It helps you monitor the rankings carefully on more than 500 search engines around the world. The tool helps you check mobile rankings and local rankings and also give daily SEO reports.


What else could it offer more?


This is one of the most reliable rank tracker tools as it also provides some additional insights such as SERP snapshots as well as a Featured Snippets discovery tool.




Its features include
  • Competitor analysis


  • Keyword research tools


  • Link management


  • Rank tracking


  • Google analytics integration


  • Mobile keywords


  • Localization



  • RankRanger gives you access to three pricing plans:
  • Its basic plan costs you $69 monthly.


  • The Standard plan is best for most businesses that costs $119 monthly.


  • And the Pro plan would set you up by $399 per month.


13. RankTrackr: Visit Site


Whether you want to track search volume, ranking, or generate reports for your website, Ranktrackr is here to solve your needs which is the most accurate and slick tools out there.


By utilizing the impeccable features of ranktrackr, you can check the keyword rankings in popular search engines, such as image carousels and maps.


What is more interesting than this?


Well, it even sends you multiple scheduled reports to check the rankings whenever you need it. Sounds impressive, right?




Its features include
  • Advanced customization


  • Historical overview


  • Email reporting


  • Competitor analysis


  • Advanced filtering


  • Keyword analysis




If you are looking for some cheapest tool for your newly established business, then Ranktrackr can help you a lot in getting intuitive and accurate results.


  • This is one of the most cost-effective tools, as its pricing starts from $7.50 monthly.


  • Their advanced version offers costs you $357.50 monthly which is most suitable for SMBs.


Final thoughts


According to Bruce Clay:


“Search engine optimization without the best tools is like doing brain surgery with a hammer”


This proves the considerable significance of rank tracking tools that gives you detailed ideas about your website’s performance.


Well, after this brief compilation, I think you are now able to select the best rank tracking tool for your website that can give accurate ranking results.


Well, I understand that its hard to try more than 2 tools for your website’s SEO, its not even recommended to rely on multiple tools as the results could create conflicts in real metrics. That’s the reason, it’s better to give a try to the tool that sounds most reliable among all.


In order to track the rankings of your website in search engines, it is extremely important to ensure that your business remains competitive and you can perform well to win the target audience. Your relevant people can find you easily and you can get a chance to increase interactions.


Another valuable suggestion I give most of my readers is if you don’t have enough budget to utilize on the majority of these tools. Then it’s best to try out their free versions and experience a 7-day trial. This helps you analyze which tool is working well for your business and could deliver more exceptional results.


By considering all the rank tracking tools, its easy to monitor all the significant changes in rankings as well as implement actions to improve results. This could even help you increase the online visibility, traffic and website reach.


Are there any tracking tools I have missed out on this list? Let me know in the comments section, and discuss what makes them more special.


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