How Reviews On Citation Sites Help You Increase In Google Rankings?

Reviews Help You In Google Ranking


Forget what your girl told you- Instagram is not only for sharing photos, food pics, memes, and quotes.

In fact, for realtors like you, Instagram is a goldmine. It’s one of the most incredible social media platforms that helps you keep active in your client’s news feed, and offer you an opportunity to generate million dollars by promoting and showcasing home listings in a more jovial way.


With 500 million daily active users and the 4th most downloaded App worldwide, Instagram’s ubiquitous nature makes it the most wonderful app for Ads and promotions.


77% of realtors prefer to use apps like Instagram and Facebook. Wondering why?


It’s simple because they can expand the circle of referrals and interact with people by following concrete Ad strategy.


So, let’s forget the old scrappy days of real estate where you need to go door to door to encourage referrals and dispel several questions to clear your position.


It’s time to get inspired by the new wave of technology where more than 90% of millennials begin their search online- even use the platforms like Instagram to connect with property grammers like you. Let’s dive in to see how realtors make most of the real estate business from Instagram Ads.


With that being said, I didn’t mean to interrupt your crazy busy routine, I am just here to show you some inspirational Ads examples of realtors.


So just hold your hot cup of coffee and scroll through the list of Ads that have already won thousands of hearts!


Factors determining Your local ranking


The unfortunate truth that every business owner has to face is that it is far simpler to get a negative review than the positive reviews. Whenever a customer feels angry, then they are motivated to do something about it.
Yet, it is possible to generate lots of positive reviews that will enhance your ranking when you follow clever methods. Before that, it is necessary to know which factors can influence your ranking in a search engine. According to Google, local search rankings are based on the following three factors



  • Relevance It means how well the content and blogs on your website matches with the desires and needs of the users who are searching for it. Having an up-to-date and detailed business information can improve relevance and thus help match your lists of contents to local relevant searches.


  • Distance It is another primary factor that refers to the distance between your location and the location of the user. If the location of your business is closer to that of the user, then the higher are the chances that your local searches will rank higher. 



  • Prominence Another factor is the prominence which refers to the kind of information that is available on the internet about your business. It includes not only online ratings and scores but also the reviews on your website.



Importance of Reviews



The importance of reviews is increasing with every new day. It is not only crucial for improving user’s experiences but also forsearch engine optimization. Moreover, it is also important for driving more and more traffic to your website thus improves your search ranking on Google. Sites like Google and Yelp have more influence on search results as compared to the other sites.

Moreover, some pages of business on these sites rank much higher as compared to others so if you are getting lots of reviews on such sites then it means that you are getting enough coverage, unlike other sites which are less popular. They are the huge parts of the local search engine optimization and can play an essential role in improving your overall visibility on the internet.

Reviews even show up on Google maps when people search for your business. Some statistics on the Online Media Masters revealed that reviews could contribute up to 8.9% in Google search ranking. 


Another survey byMOZ’s Local Search Ranking Factor reported that reviews could contribute up to 10 percent in the decision of the Google and another search engine to rank the search results. Having a profile on the internet is not only adequate, but you also have to earn reviews in order to propel your online business. 


SEO MOZ reported that Google gives about 17% weighting in its SEO algorithm to local sites which have good reviews on citation sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, Yell or Trust pilot.

What Statistics Say About Reviews?


The power of reviews is increasing with the passage of time, and there is no doubt in saying that reviews on citation sites are important for increasing your ranking. It is pretty important in today’s world. Suppose that you have come to Pakistan for the first time. You want to have a coffee, but you don’t know the location of the local stores.

In a situation like this, Google can be of great help to you. By searching for local cafes, Google will show you a number of local cafes nearby depending on your location. It will show you several results but which one are you going to choose? The answer to this is that you are most likely to choose the first one.


The search results on page one of the Google are usually the ones that have good reviews.

Research byUmer Hayat has found that the three top listing in Google search has 472% more rankings as compared to 4 to 6 listings. 


A report onSearch Engine Land has shown that the velocity, diversity and quality of reviews can influence your Google ranking up to 10% or more. Google and its search engines do their best to help their users to find the exact products they are looking for most efficiently. Therefore, it puts more weight on the online reviews particularly the positive ones.


When people review the citation sites and say that your company is great, then Google matches your company to those consumers who are looking for your products. This process of matching benefits not only Google but also consumers as they are more likely to come back again.


Reviews and Business


Having reviews on citation sites will not only improve your overall visibility, but it is also good for the growth of your business. Reviews and the feedback of customers have a great impact on the decisions of the consumers. 

An analysis by Dimensional Research has shown that about 90 percent of the customers reported that they were influenced by the reviews on the sites to buys certain products.


About 85 percent of the customers also reported that they read the reviews for local businesses. When people read reviews, they figure out their desire and wants, and their decision of yes or no to a business depends on the online reviews greatly.


Bright Local conducted a survey that reported that 85 percent of the consumers read the online reviews. This survey also found that about 67 percent of the consumers read about six reviews or less than that before forming any decision about the business. The more are the positive reviews on your website, the more you are going to have online traffic.


Reviews And Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Melanie Fuller invites audiences and realtors to take a tour of absolutely gorgeous home she has constructed so far. This open house Ad is basically an open invitation for people who want to get connected with a realtor.

She has framed three images in the Ad by focusing on the main information and the title at the center of the image, which definitely attracts many people at first glance.


Other Ways Through Which Reviews Influence Your Google Rankings


  • When a person searches for any query, then Google displays the top three search results which are the most relevant ones. Google often uses the ratings of the customers to determine which search results to place on the top spot.



  • Positive and better reviews are likely to lead to more clicks and therefore improve your visibility. For example, if you are looking for coffee shops nearby you.



  • Let us say that you are met with two options. One of the two options has five-star ratings while the other has two stars. Which are you going to pick? Most probably the one with better reviews and ratings as people are more likely to choose a qualified traffic. It shows the powerful impact of reviews on your online business.



  • Some reviews that appear in the Google Maps of your Google My Business Page have a large impact on your ranking in the search engine. If you want the stars to show up on Google My Business, then you will need about five.


Bottom Line


Now, this is something unique you must have never come across before. Realtor explains the tale of two markets the buyer’s market and the seller’s market. He has mentioned investor results, average days results on the market, and price appreciation all in one in just a single image. 


This Ad attracts residents in the market and informing them that the days are hot for selling so if you are thinking to invest, now is a perfect time!


Most interestingly, 509 people reacted, isn’t amazing?


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