Top SEO Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

SEO Trends In 2022


We’re way past the days where backlinks and keyword placement guarantee SEO success. With Google in full data-gathering mode, search engines have become more personalized, timely, and accurate.

That said, SEO requires more than keywords and backlinks. It’s more than content; more than metadata optimization. Google now prioritizes seamless user experience by focusing on accurate information in a very timely manner.

Google makes it nearly impossible to completely understand its page ranking algorithm code due the constant adjustments and updates. These changes are performed in order to get rid of the nuances that stir users away from legitimate and credible websites.

To make sure that you reserve a spot on the first page of SERPs, here are the top SEO trends you should keep a lookout for in 2021

1. Mobile Dominance


Google’s mobile-first index has to do with how people use the web today — that is, through their mobile devices. As evidenced by the rampant use of smartphones, the search engine behemoth said in November 2018 that many people prefer searching Google using their mobile phones.

With the mobile-first index, Google’s algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of a website to rank its pages. However, its main search index will continue to be a single index of apps and websites. It’s such a huge change, but Google promises that it will still maintain a high-quality experience for all users, regardless of the choice of platform.

As a result, businesses have started to optimize mobile versions of their website, from design, information architecture, to navigation.

2. Digital Assistants And Voice Search


A lot of online users have come to love voice searches. In fact, as many as 1 in 5 searches originate from voice searches. This year, the trend is expected to become even more popular. Huge companies like Google and Amazon are investing a huge amount of money to further develop digital assistants and, according to statistics, people will be more reliant on these types of technology.


 In 2020, it is predicted that 50 percent of searches will be done through voice assistants.


Because of this evolution, SEO professionals must keep up, as well. Websites these days must be optimized in a way that all questions are addressed. 


Search queries involve keywords, and these keywords must be identified so your website will be the first to appear when a user uses a certain search term. This is where keyword research is really handy.



3. Unparalleled User Experience


The short attention span of online users is pretty evident. According to Google, sites that load longer than three seconds lose almost half of their expected visitors. That’s a lot to lose, so website owners really must do something about impatient readers. If they want instant solutions, you must be able to deliver it.

And, yet, even if your website has the fastest load time, users will still leave if they can’t find their way to the information they want within your website. Don’t expect them to stay either if your content is all garbled.

The trend in 2018 doesn’t only cover your site’s speed. It’s also about ease of navigation, readability, design, and information architecture. Gone are the days where you can just stuff keyword and backlinks just so search engines can understand you.

Google’s priority is its users, and if you gain favour from users, Google will love you for it.


4. Optimize Your Web Strategies in 2021


SEO strategies worldwide will continue to evolve and will always be an ever-changing industry. This year, Google prioritizes the overall experience of the user using a personalized approach instead of a system generated the way of ranking websites. 

With these changes, websites will become more conversational and mobile-friendly, to help users get the product, service, or information they truly need.

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