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Struggling to sell more tickets for your movie theater setup? Well, that’s no longer an insurmountable task especially with the help of PPC campaigns!

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PPC ads for movie theaters that drive prompt conversions

There are over 40,837 movie theaters in the US, which means if you belong to the same niche, you have to face stiff competition to recognize yourself as a leader in the industry. However, in order to that efficiently, movie theaters are no longer relying on traditional marketing where they use a huge billboard addressing the not-so-specific audience, and just conveying a message to watch a movie with your friend.


Now, the time has changed and technology has evolved. You have an opportunity to generate two-way communication by considering online marketing methods like PPC campaigns that convert your desired audience the moment they click on the ad. Confused? Give us a call today and learn how this works for your business!


How PPC advertising for movie theaters is beneficial in today’s modern age?


Before deciding on buying a ticket and watching a movie in a theater, people prefer online research. They take interest in knowing which is the best theater in town, what movies they are screening, what are their ticket prices, what’s the process of booking reservations, their menus, special offers, discounts, and much more.


Now the majority of the audience decide everything the moment they visit your website. But the point is, what methods you can inculcate to position your website at the top and convince people that you offer the best service in town?


Well, the answer is PPC- which is the most effective and affordable advertising method that helps you create ads for search engines and social media platforms so you can position yourself at the top even above all the organic listings. PPC is beneficial for movie theaters as you can sell bundles of tickets within an hour if your ad tops the list of all search engine results.


Give us a call to explore how we manage to do this for you!


What PPC strategies for movie theaters give instant results?


When it comes to movie theaters PPC, we need to consider some special strategies to sell your tickets on the spot without wasting a minute.


Go mobile


More than 65% of audiences search for movie theaters using mobile devices. Now, this simply means that the PPC campaign should make it easy for smartphone users to find information and buy tickets online.


To make your campaign profitable, our experts add a click-to-call feature in every ad they create, it helps people click your movie theater’s number and call automatically at the same time.


We also create effective landing pages for PPC ads and make them compatible across all screen sizes. We make sure that the ads are mobile friendly and people don’t need to zoom in or zoom out to check further details. This helps us increase engagement rate which leads to more sales and calls every day!


Add location-based keywords


When moviegoers search for movie theater industries online, they usually tend to find a place in their vicinity. Movie theater PPC ads efficiently take this advantage and help us add location-based keywords where we can easily include city names, towns or regions in the keyword to make it more specific.


These location-based keywords are long-tail and cheaper because they are not so common in searches. These keywords help us bring in specific customers who are interested in watching a movie at your theater.


Landing page optimization


PPC campaigns can work effectively if the landing pages are in order and conveying the same message as in the ad contents. The landing page is basically a final destination that helps people decide what action to take. That’s why our experts put special focus on creating effective landing pages.


To manage this diligently, we include a compelling call to action on landing pages, such as ‘contact us’, ‘learn more’ or ‘buy a ticket’. Having attractive images regarding the interior, exterior, and overall environment of your movie theater also convince people to buy a ticket and enjoy quality time while watching a movie with their loved ones.


Other than that, we also tend to keep the same content as your ad, so that people can find relevancy in the ad and the landing page.


Monitoring results


Another major element of PPC is monitoring results for your movie theater’s campaign. We check the success and failure of your ads and make adjustments to bring more improvements accordingly. Our experts use a platform like Google AdWords that helps us analyze clicks, conversions, engagements, and all the metrics that generate the best results.

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