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Want more potential homebuyers for your business? If you are a realtor and failed to reach your full potential, you may need a website to convert visitors into leads.

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Shape your business with realtor website design and get an extra edge

Your website is one of the most effective profit-generating tools that help you gain targeted leads and conversions, and help your clients get an overview of the properties that are currently available. It works more than just a brochure especially if you want to thrive in an online world where you have to compete with the industry’s biggest real estate experts. That’s the reason, in order to expand your online presence, you need to take a start from realtors’ websites.


At Hukumat Networks, we make sure that you have a website that is designed according to current industry standards. We make your website an identity of your business so that you can achieve your objectives in a short time. Confused how it works for your profession? Give us a call and let us explain the strategy.


Why do you need a website for realtors business?


Buying yourself home or plot is a complicated and long-term process that cannot be manageable without realtors’ help. Because all the potential homebuyers have a lot to ask and explore before making a deal, so they want to connect with someone who can walk through the whole process and shed some light on both positive and negative aspects.


That’s the reason, you need a website that offers a wealth of useful information to all interested clients. It would help visitors to initiate communication with your experts or finalize a deal that can be extremely profitable for your business. Moreover, if you want to grow your online visibility, you must need a website and recognize yourself as an authority in the real estate industry. Contact our team today and let us create a smart design for your real estate business.


Effective web design strategies for realtors that offer more traffic and leads


If you are a realtor, you must know the fact that dominating a real estate market is not an easy job. You have to come up with ideas and strategies that offer more traffic and leads in a short amount of time. Therefore, we help our clients with important website design strategies such as


Using unobtrusive background


As you know, a realtor website design relies more on attractive images than text. Because very few people read a bunch of paragraphs before buying a home. That’s the reason, our experts tend to build lots of images, videos, house plans, and other details in a clean and unobtrusive background so it delivers an enhanced user experience and people love to visit the website again.


In addition to maintaining a clean background, our experts also add neutral solid colors such as off-white, grey, brown, beige, and white. We avoid adding monochromatic color schemes as it distracts the audience from the real purpose. We also make sure that the header is consistent with the color scheme and is not taking your clients away from the website.


Clean and user-friendly layout


When we sell property through your website, we tend to make the design more functional, comprehensive, and user friendly. We make sure that the pages are not so overwhelmed as it feels difficult for users to find their desired information.


We keep every design element in mind before choosing a proper layout. When we include lots of text, we tend to break it down into a few paragraphs and leave the white space between. Along with some text, we also add different photos that build more interest in your audience. Other than that, we also help you add user-friendly navigation that features all the property listings and other services. Under each service, we make subpages so we can guide your audience more efficiently and help them explore everything they are looking for.


Addition of call to actions


While visiting all the pages on your website, your potential homebuyer might want to contact you for knowing further details. That’s the reason, our experts mention all the contact details at the header and footer of your website and also highlight significant details on other service pages. This helps your audience choose respective call to action buttons such as ‘contact us’, ‘schedule a consultation’, and much more.


For example, a contact or appointment form on the home page motivates buyers to process the request and communicate with professionals for more concerns. We also create dedicated contact pages so your audience can easily add up essential details to get in touch with your professionals.


Implement responsive design


Responsive design is the most important element that makes your website accessible on every device. Your audience accesses your site through different types of devices, such as mobile, desktop, and tablets. We make sure that every user is having an excellent user experience regardless of every device they use.


For example, if your client is searching for a home and accessing your website via mobile, but the website is not compatible with a small screen, then all he sees a disturbing alignment, and scattered theme. He will be required to zoom in and zoom out every feature to check all the details- which will definitely push your client away and he might search for a better user experience by visiting another realtor website.


Our experts implement responsive design to provide your audience with a carefree user experience so they can access the website using every device. The website would be automatically adjustable to your screen size and the audience can easily the information they are looking for. Responsive design is the best way to make sure that your audience is accessing a website and getting most of the details on every webpage.


Secure with SSL


Security is another basic element that should be considered by every realtor. Our experts take care of all the security measures by providing a free SSL certificate that enables HTTPS protocol to your site.


With SSL, you can protect your website from malicious errors and hacking attempts. Moreover, it also increased customers’ trust and they enter their details more confidently. Above all, it’s also favorable in ranking your website high in searches, because Google never considers a website that is offering an insecure user experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

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At Hukumat Networks, we encourage every business owner to come forward and discuss every little detail of your project. We have a team of expert designers who have created multiple websites for realtors and helped them drive countless leads that exceeded expectations. So, if you are also anxious to put your business at the top, connect with one of our experts and let us handle all the concerns regarding your realtor website.


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