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Social media marketing for hotels to keep your place buzzing with new tourists

Whether it’s a peak season or low season in the hospitality market, you always want to see your hotel buzzing with new tourists, from corporate meetings to random travelers enjoying vacations on the seaside. The fact is, the competitiveness of the hospitality industry is turning into a big challenge especially for some newly launched hotels.


Therefore, hotel owners and marketers tend to discover some new methods that offer maximum exposure and online visibility to the hotel business. So, in order to connect you with new tourists and travelers, we implement social media marketing which is the most beneficial tool today. Learn more about how it’s more beneficial for your business.


Why social media management for hotels is effective for long term growth?


With billions of people using Twitter and Facebook, more than 75% of Americans rely on these channels to make better purchase decisions, that’s why social media is the most important tool of your marketing strategy that helps you increase seasonal hotel bookings while boosting its reputation in the market.


According to research, more than 25% of people use social media platforms to research the best hotels for their accommodation while 70% of people post their hotel photos and videos after enjoying their stay in the hotel. With such a staggering number of people taking interest in booking hotels, it gives you a chance to increase your recognition among competitors.


Moreover, it also boosts your brand engagement while promoting some unique selling points that convince the audience to use your services once in their life. This means social media is the backbone of your marketing technique that can take your small hotel to the next level in no time. Connect with our specialists and learn how we increase potential visits to your luxury hotels.


How to promote a hotel on social media with the best marketing professionals?


When you have to market your hotel on social media channels, it’s important to consider various tips, strategies, and ideas that could increase your reputation quickly. Therefore, working with a professional company offers a lot of benefits as they can best develop marketing plans according to the latest trends.


Set marketing goals


As a social media marketing company for hotels, we need to follow this important rule. It’s essential to set long-term marketing goals that can also be broken into several small goals, after doing that, you will have a proper roadmap about all the benchmarks regarding strong social media presence. It also helps you hit the highest revenue in the first quarter of the campaign.


Our experts help you set realistic marketing goals for your hotel, so you can earn maximum recognition and exposure to drive potential leads on your website.


Find the right audience


In most cases, you know who your target audience is, so you don’t need to waste time finding better people. Either way, our experts help you discover your audience’s common social media retreats, whether they are most active on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. However, most of the time, hotel marketing depends on Facebook due to its increased worldwide popularity.


But that doesn’t mean you cannot choose LinkedIn or Pinterest as these are also helpful channels for photos and videos. Even best to get advice before traveling.


This simply means we research on the channels that help us find a relevant audience who is more likely to click and visit your profile for booking accommodations.


Promote social media presence


If you are not giving a shout-out to your social channels, especially if you are new to the industry, then how would you ensure a strong social media presence?


We help you add different social media buttons and shout-outs on several platforms that include websites, email marketing campaigns, print materials, and other promotional stuff.


Engage more people


Engaging your target audience is a constant challenge for your hotel’s social media campaigns. In order to manage this effectively, our experts create compelling content on every channel and post questions, reviews, and different article links that educate people well about your services. Moreover, we also launch paid advertising campaigns that target the right people who are more likely to click the ad. This helps us engage an interested audience through a variety of amazing techniques.

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