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Planning to set up social media pages for your travel agency? Or want to secure more bookings? If so, consider implementing the strategies that ensure a strong social presence!

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Social media marketing for travel companies that build a solid customer base

Did you know 90% of travel agents said that social media marketing is the most essential tool that offered them incredible success in a short time? The reason is, more and more people are relying on social channels to get positive reviews before making any purchasing decision. When they feel satisfied with some service, they decide instantly and connect with the professionals for a final conversation. Now that’s what builds a strong customer base and offers increased growth potential to travel agencies.


At Hukumat Networks, we make sure that you build a social presence by incorporating various advanced methodologies. Speak to our strategists today and find out how it’s beneficial for your business.


Why its necessary to launch travel social media campaigns?


Social media marketing has now become the backbone of your marketing strategy that ensures the right target audience through compelling methods. According to the research, more than 67% of Americans spend 31 minutes on each social media channel scrolling different products and services, which makes social media a powerful tool for your travel website.


The fact is, more than 70% of travelers rely on at least one social media channel before confirming their trip. So, if your travel agency is not leveraging the power of social media marketing, you are missing out on lots of potential leads that may become your lifelong customers.


Our experts set up business pages on popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. After that, we create a robust content strategy that educates people while building more interest in your services.


So, if you are also interested to build profitable social media campaigns for travel websites, contact us today and get a custom plan that drives instant results.


Social media strategy for a travel agency that secures more fans & followers


Increasing clientele for your travel agency is not as much challenging as it sounds, especially when you implement wonderful social media strategies for your business.


Evolve yourself as a brand


One of the most effective ways to generate recognition in the industry is, build yourself as a brand that customers love to consider for every trip.


Our experts help you set a great online reputation by convincing your existing customers to share some positive reviews about their experiences on your business pages. When your audience read plenty of positive reviews and feedback, they automatically get inspired and choose you over others.


We tend to create innovative social media plans for travel agents, provide some most useful tips, address your client’s needs by focusing on their concerns. By creating compelling content for your business, we help attract the right audience and leads.


Offer attractive deals & packages


If you have a website for your travel agency, you can easily offer your customers some attractive deals and packages that entice them towards your services.

By creating some last-minute deals, highlight special features, car rental bargains, special packages for room bookings, and other elements may anticipate the audience and persuade them to consider your help. This would have a big impact on your travel brand and may increase brand awareness.


Highlight your expertise


Highlighting your expertise is another method to gain more fans and followers. Our experts build bucket lists, create multiple engaging images to deliver powerful thoughts as well as emphasize your expertise as the best travel agency in town so we can offer your audience the best experience while displaying some refreshing destinations for their holidays.


Creating a need to travel and relaxing the mind is another element that can be explicitly discussed over social media platforms. We highlight what makes you special and why customers should plan their next holidays with you.


By focusing on all these elements, we better engage your potential audience and help them convert into lifelong paying leads.

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Let’s skyrocket your bookings with a social media company for travel agents


Now that you know how social media is effective for your travel agency, so it’s time to hire a professional company like Hukumat Networks that has years of experience in handling social media campaigns that further skyrocket your bookings in no time.

Contact us today, share your long-term goals, and let our professionals build a rock-solid strategy to grow.

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