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Wondering what could be the better way to fill more motel rooms with tourists and travelers? Maybe a meticulously designed social media strategy meet your growth challenges.

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rive sales & establish better relations with social media marketing for motels

Whether you are running a luxury motel or just started your own small chain, social media marketing has become an essential strategy for growth. It has changed the way you interact with the audience, runs a business, and engage people. That’s the reason, the hospitality industry is now harnessing the power of this effective medium that offers worldwide exposition, drive plenty of sales and establish better relationships with old and new clients.


At Hukumat Networks, we held the pleasure of working with a lot of motel owners and helped them generate streamlined methods of conversions. Connect with our experts and learn how it’s a profitable strategy of growth.


Why choose motel social media marketing for increased bookings? 


Did you know direct bookings have been increased to 50% annually? This means more and more people prefer online purchases. The same is the case with the motel industry. People love to visit your website and social media channels so they can get an idea about your motel specifics such as the quality of food you serve, the cleaning system of your rooms, and the safety measure for car parking. 


When your audience gets satisfied with all such aspects, they prefer to choose you immediately over others in the industry. To give them a clear picture of your motel atmosphere, social media presence is an important aspect. Our experts set up business pages on all the popular channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest so we can maintain connections with people across every platform. 


Relying on social media channels for increased growth and presence has become more than a choice now. If you want to expect the same for your motel’s growth, it’s time to book your appointment with our team and let us create a powerful plan for immediate results.


Motel social media strategies that attract guests from all parts of the world


Now that you know why social media is important for your motel marketing, so you must be wondering what strategies could ultimately make a difference and helped the audience know that you are the best choice in the hospitality industry.


Share effective and engaging content


Your audience loves content- not just content but valuable, engaging, and interesting content. That’s the reason, if you are not sharing something useful and interesting, your audience might not see you as a trustable source. 


Because people want to see an inner picture of your motel, some of them want to see your dining halls, and others may love seeing your rooms. But if you are not showing them anything at all, you might not engage people towards your luxury motel. 


Our experts make sure that we create constantly engaging content in form of articles, infographics, videos, status updates, and other materials to engage an audience and educate them about your exceptional hospitality services.


Personalized business pages


Your motel social media strategy is incomplete without setting up personalized pages and making them attractive for your audience. For example, while creating business pages, we add a perfect logo, cover image, and add unique details that describe your business and help people know why you are different than others in the industry.


Launch Ad campaigns


It’s quite challenging to build a strong social media presence without launching ad campaigns. That’s the reason, we put special concentration on creating social media ads for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that we can grab maximum attention across several platforms. The benefit to launch ads is, you can get visits and clicks from people who are already looking for your service. The ad will show up to the audience who are more likely to click and interact with your professionals.


Interact with an interested audience


Your social media strategy remains incompetitive unless you interact with people who want to get information about your business and might become your guest in the future.


That’s the reason, we make sure that we respond to all the comments, send messages, process group discussions, share stores, post updates, and launch polls & surveys so we can engage maximum people and help them discover more about your industry.


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Let’s revitalize your social media campaigns for motels with Hukumat!


If you are already running a social media campaign for motels but it is generating ineffective results, then it’s time to switch and move onto a more result-oriented company, like Hukumat Networks. We have a track record of generating proven results for your business in a given timeframe.


So, let us revitalize your strategy and drive leads by 80% with advanced social media marketing solutions. Contact us now or chat with our experts to know how we are the best social media company for motels and hotels.

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