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Do you have a social media marketing strategy for yoga studios? Well, if you are still without a strategy, its time to consider a plan that offers fabulous social presence.

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Social media for yoga centers: Ditch the stress of generating regular leads

Imagine a time when your yoga studio doesn’t need a strategy to run. You give one Ad using traditional advertising methods, and start receiving several leads. But now, time has changed. We have already set our foot in a digital landscape where every business has gone social and promoting its services through dozens of social media channels.


At Hukumat Networks, we understand how to get in the social media world for advertising your yoga center business. Contact our experts today and find out how we are the best social media marketing company for yoga centers.


Drive engagement and visibility with social media services for yoga centers


Social media advertising has now become an essential need of every business, including yoga studios. Especially when it comes to running paid ad campaigns on Facebook, you will find out how you can generate targeted leads by leveraging the power of social channels without spending plenty of money.


These Ad campaigns enable businesses to target their audience specifically. For example, if you want to target people between 20- 25 years who previously searched for yoga practice, you can target that audience through a motivating ad that offers them consider your help. For a minimum $100 ad spend in one month, it’s easy to get your center’s name out there as well as generate prospective members and sales.


If you are interested to know how this strategy works, contact with our social media team today and let them create an actionable sales plan for your yoga center.


Why do you need a yoga marketing plan by Hukumat Networks?


If you are unsure about how social media marketing can boost your presence, you need a plan crafted by our experienced social media professionals. Here are the reasons why this plan is best for your yoga marketing needs.


Boost client retention rate


The engaging audience is the first tactic used in social media marketing that offers a massive recognition to your business. No matter which platform we are using for social growth, interacting with customers is a central point that develops a healthy relationship which seems more personal than professional. Our professionals interact with your audience and build a strategy that gives them more loyal customers. We encourage building strong customer relationships and personal friendships that leads to a high retention rate.


Less advertising costs


Social media advertising is affordable for even small yoga centers. We create campaigns that help you reach a massive with comparatively small investments; because the average cost per click on Facebook ads is $1.72.


By advertising on social media channels, you cannot only increase brand awareness but also improve the process of lead generation. We use our own tools and software that offers you a chance to tweak an ad campaign and help us analyze how we can further improve the results.


Increased traffic and leads


Yes, that’s true. Social media marketing can help you get the most targeted traffic and leads to your yoga website. Once users take an interest in visiting your site and knowing more about your business, you can easily convert them into a potential member. We implement various strategies and create engaging content that quickly increases your conversion rate and traffic volume.


Top social platforms we use for yoga studios social media marketing


So, you have got to know why social media strategy is essential for your business. But what platforms we use, and why they are more relevant to consider for the campaign?




Facebook is the most powerful medium that has 1 billion users. That’s the reason; our experts share informative and interesting content which includes blogs, articles, images, infographics, videos and much more. We also encourage user’s participation with games, quizzes and exciting questions. This helps us create a strong bond with your audience.




Instagram is the best photo-sharing app that has 10x higher engagement rate than Facebook and 84x higher than Twitter. Our experts post exciting photos and video clips of your yoga teachers and striking poses that inspire people from all around the world.




Twitter is another platform that offers us a chance to give in-depth information about your yoga practice. As twitter is based on posting limited characters, so our experts create catchy little text with videos, images and links which have 35% possibility to get retweeted from your interested audience.


Let’s connect with an all-in-one marketing company for yoga centers


At Hukumat Networks, we understand how to engage a massive audience with a compelling social media marketing strategy for yoga centers. If you are interested to know more about how we plan everything, contact us today and let us craft a plan for exceptional sales results.

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