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About a decade ago, the percentage of people using social media platform has gone from 30% to 80% in the US only. Today, the majority of the patient population prefer using social media so they can connect with the doctors and dentists in a convenient and meaningful way. The good news is, it has become easy for both patients and dentists. Because social platforms are providing an easy source to get connected with the real audience.


At Hukumat Networks, our social media marketing team is here to make things a bit easier for you. We utilize advanced tactics in social media marketing that can help you earn more leads than ever before. Contact us today and find out how we are the best social media marketing company for dentists.


Social media marketing for dentists to gain visibility and new patients


Social media marketing services for dentists play an important role in recognizing and promoting your practice on different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Our experts build and manage profiles on all the popular social channels, publish engaging content, run paid Ad campaigns, interact with the patient audience and follow all the practices that can take your small center to the next level.


With social media marketing campaigns for dentists, you can build an exceptional way to improve the reputation of your brand, strengthen relationships with existing patients, and reach more new patients through continuous interaction.


So, if you are looking for professional social media marketing services for dentists, it’s time to consult with Hukumat Networks professionals that can provide you dedicated account managers who have helped multiple dental clients in earning 1 million leads in the past years.


Why social media marketing is important for dentists?


Social media marketing has now become a significant part of every business. If you can do the math, you will come to know that 80% of businesses rely on social media marketing for generating new leads. When it comes to marketing for dentists, social media has undeniable importance that can help you earn the trust of millions of patients out there through different free and paid campaigns. In addition to building leads for your centers, social media offers a lot of other potential benefits.


Strengthening relations with patients


Social media is one of the best places to connect with a massive audience. That’s the reason, our experts craft the most powerful strategies that can help you connect with more than 1 billion people on Facebook, only with the power of Ads.


Our experts respond quickly to all the messages, queries, and comments that offer us an opportunity to build relations with clients which proves that our clients are our priority.


For instance, we have received a query while working with the previous dentist client, he asks what are the risks included if we mistakenly swallow fluoride toothpaste. Our experts respond immediately to that query with a detailed answer and showed them that we are concerned about their issues and risks they are facing.


We reply to comment and messages that further gives us a chance to interact and start a conversation with the patient. Such a proactive and efficient approach sets us apart from others who are using standard methods to enhance brand recognition.


Attracting more new patients


Our social media experts do not only encourage existing patients to connect with you for dentistry needs, but also attract more new patients, friends, and followers to build a connection with your dental clinic.


For example, when we encourage your friends and followers to share or comment on the status, others will also get to know more about your practice and they will instantly build credibility just because one of their connections believes in the services.


With our social media marketing practices for dentists, we can instantly create a great viral buzz that increases your brand recognition and help you become a more legitimate professional.


Our advanced social media marketing strategy attracts hundreds of potential patients within months as we also promote limited-time offers like teeth whitening or fixing new teeth.


Emerging yourself as a leader in dentistry


As social media marketing has a viral nature, we take the benefits of sharing content and promoting more about your practice so we can make you the most popular leader in dentistry. Our experts tend to spread the word of your dental practice throughout the whole community of patients so more people get to know about your skills and use your help in the future.


We help you increase the awareness and quality of your dental practice by requesting your existing patients to comment on social channels like Facebook so that every new customer can easily trust your services and choose you for dental reasons.


Our experts create and share some relevant and engaging content about dentistry which includes dental hygiene, wisdom tooth complications, fixation of new teeth, dental care, laser teeth whitening, and much more. These articles and posts build trust in your community and they see you as the most credible dentist in town. With social media marketing for dentists, you cannot only build good relations with your clients but also build a strong regional reputation that might win you clients from other countries and states.


Effective social media channels for dentists that raise more awareness


As mentioned earlier, there are lots of social channels that help you increase brand awareness and generate leads throughout the world. But some most effective channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These social platforms attract new clients and offer you a chance to grow more with time.




Facebook is one of the most favorite platforms of all the people which has more than 1 billion active population throughout the world. Imagine you have a business page on Facebook, and you are attracting thousands of patients online every month. This would help you earn dream revenue in a short time by only using Facebook.


We help you increase your client base by applying lots of meaningful strategies, that include engaging content-based posts, paid Ads, and useful articles that link back to your site.


When our experts’ post, we give a link back to your dental website so we can educate more people who are taking an interest in your services. We share relevant posts including articles, blogs, and press releases so we can make you a great source of dental information for a massive audience.


Since more than 60% of the population loves attractive visuals, we prefer adding multiple images and videos that create more interest in your posts. We share images related to your office, team, procedures, and different tools & equipment you use. It helps us build more trust and credibility regarding your profession.


Other than that, never forget to include unique offers and features that further engage your patient audience. For example, we add seasonal information, contests, special offers, a patient of the month awards, dental tips, and other helpful resources.




YouTube is another most engaging medium for dentists.


Our experts utilize lots of incredible ways to create & promote videos that successfully market your dental practice, which also includes office tours, testimonials, and procedures of teeth removal and teeth whitening.


We explore several ideas that can increase the trust of your audience and make them believe that your services are positive and trustable among all. Our videos attract more views and increase the number of likes and comments on YouTube, which leads to more followers and prospective patients looking for your services.


Other than that, we also compile all the photos, clips, and videos from the experiences of the team, and your participation in seminars. This helps us increase the customer base and provides a chance to interact with more users every day.




f you want to market your dental practice in front of 330 million active users, Twitter is the best channel to utilize. Our experts know the effectiveness of this medium so we create a reliable and super engaging strategy for Twitter so you can market your practice more efficiently.


The benefits of Twitter are just similar to Facebook, but there is a difference in the character limit. We cannot post more than 240 characters, still, we utilize the medium for spreading awareness and leads. For example, attracting patients using trendy hashtags, like #teethremoval #teethwhitening and #flouridetreatment are the common ones that engage more people from all around the world.


We also tweet images of your staff, dental clinic, office, and happy patients after undergoing the treatment.


We also target a wide audience by using Twitter Ads based on certain demographics like age, location, interest, and others.


Other than that, we also tweet news articles, blog posts, tweets from conferences, industry conversations, and twitter chats.




Instagram is another big social media channel that is getting popular day by day due to its visual nature. With more than 1 billion active users monthly, Instagram has a huge fan following that leads us to manage a massive patient audience and generate more leads. Instagram has a 90% young audience which allows us to build leads by focusing especially on younger people.


Instagram relies more on attractive images and video clips, so it helps us share before & after images. We also share short clips of our happy patients that have undergone cosmetic procedures like teeth straightening and whitening etc. We also include photos of our team and introduce them to the whole community so people already get to know more about you and know who to contact when they visit the clinic.




LinkedIn has over 660 million users worldwide. So, we cannot overlook this platform for lead generation. This is the best professional network that helps us connect with hundreds of users daily. We use LinkedIn to showcase your skills, spread your industry knowledge, and grab more attention towards your dental practice so that more & more people come to know about your service.


Social media marketing costs for dentists


Social media marketing costs usually vary for dentists as it simply depends upon the number of channels you want to use for your profession. It also depends on the number of posts you want us to update per month, and several other elements that contribute to the costs of your marketing practice.


Well, our experts understand the industry well, so we create custom strategies for all the clients which depend on their requirements.


So, by keeping all the factors in mind, your social media strategy would lie between $900 to $5,000 per month. We can also include and exclude things based on your needs. For a more accurate estimate, you can contact us and learn everything about the costs.


How we market your dentistry skills using social media?


We use social media to market your skills in front of a massive audience so they can build a more trustable relationship with you.


Share interesting news and tips


We create a perfect dental content marketing strategy for your channels that include sharing blog posts, helpful tips, infographics, videos, and other content for more engagement.


Tell the audience about your achievements and rewards


If you have won any reward recently, we share it with your community so they build more trust over your services. By highlighting your achievements, success, and important milestones, your audience would love to choose you without giving a second thought.


Sharing photos


Sharing real photos of your clinic, team and dental procedures generate positive feelings in your audience. By sharing ‘behind the scenes’ images, it gives a pleasant vibe about your service and skills.


Engaging with followers


Without engaging with followers, it’s not possible to build relationships and increase leads. Our experts respond timely to all the posts and messages and interact with new people so they can convince them about how useful your services are.


Managing online reputations


Most of the patients rely on social media channels when it comes to seeing reviews and feedback about the clinic. That’s the reason, we strive hard to manage strong online reputations by asking people about leaving positive reviews that further help others to know more about your dental efficiency. Social media plays an important role in maintaining a brand reputation as these channels help them voice their opinions in both positive and negative ways. But our strategy especially revolves around getting positive reviews so we can manage positive impressions for increased recognition.

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