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Bring in new dental inquiries with SEO services for dentists

With the growing technological age, dentists have been learning the significance of establishing a strong online presence through various techniques. Most of them are creating websites to get connected with old & new patients, and others are trying to adopt new content marketing strategies so people can share their ideas and knowledge. However, all these creative efforts can go unnoticed if they are not utilizing the benefits of SEO.


Yes, Hukumat Networks is here to provide powerful SEO services for dentists that can help them grow and enhance their online presence by ranking their site on the first page of Google.


Get in touch with us today, and let us craft an actionable SEO plan for dentists for further growth and evolution.


SEO services for dentists that attract 60% leads and offer increased ranking


If you a dental surgeon, we understand that SEO might not be your priority as you believe that this tactic doesn’t work for your profession. However, the time has changed and technology has gone more advanced. Now you can’t grow your online presence without utilizing the power of search engine optimization that ranks your website high on Google and other search engines.


According to recent research, 67% of the clicks go to the first five results on a search engine, so if your website is not found anywhere on the first page, it’s hard to get leads, clicks, and visits which results in reduced profit and revenue. If your practice’s site achieves this kind of ranking, that means more website traffic, more qualified leads, greater credibility and authority, and, ultimately, more patients for your practice.


We also keep in mind that your competitors are already doing SEO and ranking their sites high on search results. That’s why we create unique strategies that set us apart from others and help you win the competition within a few months.


But to win that competition and to gain more exposure that SEO brings in, we need to follow some best SEO practices so that your audience knows you exist and help them through your valuable dentistry skills. Because SEO looks like the only option that can get you in front of a massive patient audience who immediately turns to Google when they are looking for dental help.


At Hukumat Networks, we give you a chance to utilize the fantastic opportunity so we can get you in front of everyone who needs help in teeth whitening or teeth removal. Since we have worked with multiple dentist clients, we understand the industry well, and we know how to target the right audience. Speak with our SEO strategist and let them create a plan that works well for your dental marketing needs.


Dental SEO strategies that improve your patient count


Every marketing plan is based on knowing the idea of how to reach the target patient audience and how to convert them into potential leads. SEO is also a strategy that is designed to help reach millions of people and get their attention towards your practice. When you get their attention, you will ultimately increase rankings and conversions, which offer more recognition, and this is how the cycle continues. To begin the process of SEO for dentists, we follow certain procedures:


Include competitive keywords in content


Yes, your prospective patients are looking for the best dentists, but they are also looking according to their needs. For example, some people search for ‘teeth whitening’, and some choose ‘teeth removal without pain’. Now long-tail searches that are usually made from the combination of several words may have low search volume, but they bring in great traffic that converts people as soon as they land onto your website.


For instance, instead of focusing on website optimization for dentists, we make sure that your dental website must include competitive keywords according to the location, like ‘dentist in (city name)’ or ‘tooth removal in (city name)’.


While optimizing your dental site, we make sure we include keywords that define your practice specialties. For example, our experts never use keywords like dentists for best results, instead, we use, ‘cracked or broken teeth’, ‘gum disease’, ‘periodontitis’, and certain procedures you perform.


Local search optimization


When it comes to dealing with health or dental issues, people tend to find services that are located near them. That’s the reason, we believe that if we will not target any geographic area in our SEO strategy then you would be missing a lot of potential leads. The most efficient way to do it for dentists is, we improve the search results by adding the name of the town or choose certain areas and locations that are near to your clinic. In this way, we can easily target people in those locations who are looking for dental services.


However, our experts do not neglect other areas as well. We also add locations to different webpages, and even in titles and descriptions for more effective results. We also provide a free listing on Google my Business, through which you can improve your search visibility and people can easily find you on Google Maps. We add your clinic name, services you provide, website links, images, and other details that prove helpful for your patients.


SEO friendly blogs on dental care


The primary objective of dental SEO is to attract multiple patients online and convert them into a regular paying customer. But how to do it most efficiently? This is probably a question that arises in every dentist’s mind. Well, one of the most important ways to do is spread helpful information that in turn increases brand recognition.


In simple words, our experts choose blogging practice for your dental site. We create helpful blogs and articles on dental care so we can attract multiple patients on your website. With these articles, we educate your patients and increase awareness. We also add keywords and optimized the posts according to SEO practices. This helps us increase the possibility of getting ranked. When your traffic continues to increase, search rankings will also go up, and we make you the most authoritative source of information and dental clinic in your town.


Earn more quality links


The total number of links connected with your dental site has a great impact on how your site will rank in search engines for specific keywords regarding your dental practice. Now this means, if we have to rank you high on search engines, we also need to build high-quality links. Our experts manage this by creating the best content in an SEO friendly manner that has the chance to get ranked on the top three positions.


Now this will not only boost ranking, but it will also position yourself as the leader in the dental industry. Because when we talk about SEO, building quality links is necessary than anything. They just work as an endorsement for the blogs you publish for your field. That’s the reason, Google uses links to rank sites and focused more on linking with authoritative sites.


Technical SEO improvements on your website


No, you don’t need to scare with the word ‘technical’ because it doesn’t involve some complicated technical duties that make you confused about anything. This is just the second important step in SEO methodologies and essential to managing multiple foundational improvements needed to rank high on Google search results.


For instance, our experts strive hard to give you SEO optimized onsite content which leads to quick ranking. We make sure that your website is coded well and has a proper structure according to SEO practices. Because if your website has multiple structure or technical issues, then search engines won’t be able to see your website and you will never get ranked. Our experts analyze and identify the website structure issues while performing an SEO audit as well as follow the regular assessment process, so we can fix any kind of content optimization issues.


Other than that, our experts also follow the best SEO measures that give a responsive, secure, fast, and high performing website through which you can position yourself as the best dentist in town.


Monitoring and tracking


Continuous monitoring and tracking are other considerable factors that help you analyze the results of your marketing campaign. We assign a dedicated account manager who updates you about all the ongoing activities and gives regular information about everything during the project. We also give detailed monthly reports that help you compare before & after results. We track conversion results through Google Analytics and other software so we can make further plans accordingly.


Channels we use that generate new dental patients


Did you know search engines like Google are not the only source that delivers huge volumes of traffic? While no doubt, they are at the top sources that give unlimited dental patients, but we utilize some other channels in SEO as well that help us generate more regular dental patients.


Online directories


Online directories like Yelp and Yellow pages are the best ones that help us enlist your dental profession so people can easily call you while looking for the best dentist online.


Review sites


Our experts use hundreds of review sites that help your business get a positive impression from people who have already used your services. We search and explore which review sites are the best so we can leave a positive review of your dental practice and encourage more people to consider your help.


Social media


Many times, when we look for some service, we see social media pages like Facebook profile ranks at the top which shows that their social presence is strong and people are satisfied with the service. Our experts tend to make that impression for your dental practice so we can boost your online reputation well.

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For dentists, SEO is the basic element that can help them achieve the desired position in Google. So now you must have understood the significance of SEO for your dental website, you will be looking for processes to kickstart your campaign with Hukumat Networks.


Don’t overwhelm your thoughts and confuse your mind in resolving SEO issues, choose our SEO experts at Hukumat Networks that can help you secure the top position in search results.


Our professionals have helped multiple dentist clients in boosting search engine ranking through various SEO practices. We have a team of experienced professionals who know how to drive quality visits on your site and help you attract a lot of targeted patients.


So, if you are interested in improving your dental SEO but have the least knowledge and time to understand everything about it, let us help you craft a strategy for excellent outcomes. We create custom dental SEO plans that increase your online presence and help you beat the competition so fast that even you would be amazed by the remarkability & excellence.


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