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There are 5,410 orthodontists in the US. How could you make sure that even half of the patients know about your practice? Well, SEO is your answer.

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Orthodontic SEO - A secret to building a strong clientele

The time of using a phone directory for finding reliable orthodontist is long gone. Today, finding a right orthodontist quickly is as simple as using Google. However, if you want your patients to find your orthodontic practice and choose you over hundreds of others, then SEO is essential to consider for enhanced reach.


At Hukumat Networks, we have a team of dedicated SEO specialists for orthodontists who are committed to delivering powerful results within a short period. Schedule a consultation and discuss your orthodontic marketing needs with our professionals.


How we rank your orthodontic practice with SEO?


Well, this is a 1-million-dollar question. If you are an orthodontist, you don’t have time to involve yourself in marketing related activities. Thus, companies like Hukumat Networks create a concrete marketing strategy that helps you build effective plans of growth with powerful orthodontic SEO.


SEO involves website optimization so that your orthodontic site can appear high on search engines and help patients discover your practice efficiently. Patients who search online for orthodontists always tend to narrow their choices and prefer top three listings in search results. That’s the reason, ranking your site on those top positions matters the most, which mainly depends on your on-site’s SEO.


Thus, to offer more targeted clients online, we help you improve all your orthodontic  marketing efforts which start with SEO. Consult with our professionals today and let them create a plan that matters for your growth and recognition.


SEO services for orthodontists that double your leads and revenue


One of the most significant benefits of considering SEO is you can rank your orthodontic site higher in search results. The more you rank, the more clicks will be obtained from people who are already looking for your orthodontic services. Now, the majority of patients prefer to click from the top three search results, so we strive hard to rank your site on those positions so you can get unlimited clicks and visits within hours. In addition to that, there are several other benefits, including


You will get more visits


90% of the clicks go to the first page of Google, and 95% of people click top three searches which means ranking on top of the search results is extremely important to get valuable clicks and visits.


The higher is your ranking, the more targeted audience it will attract. Hence, when you successfully get more visitors, you are more likely to earn tremendous opportunities that convert audience looking for orthodontic services.


SEO costs less


SEO is an inexpensive technique as compared to paid search ads and others. The method delivers more targeted visits which are more likely to become your potential patients. With a small financial investment, we help you increase your brand recognition that offers a steady stream of leads in the long run.


You can make all your money back that you have spent on SEO, only by attracting a relevant audience to your site.


Better targeting with SEO


Our SEO experts perform in-depth keyword research and add broad keywords in the content marketing strategy. Some general terms, like “orthodontist” or “dental protection”, can never provide valuable visits due to increased competition. So, we create a strategy that utilizes long-tail keywords so we can better target your audience who are looking for, “orthodontist near me”, “best orthodontist in (city name)”, and “teeth straightening clinics”.


Lead generation strategies for orthodontic clinics


Now you have got a perfect idea about why SEO is essential for your orthodontic practice; it’s necessary to get an overview of lead generation strategies that help you achieve your long-term goals. So, our experts create plans that position you higher in search results.


Leveraging the power of local SEO


People avoid traveling far for orthodontists as they are already in pain, so they want some nearby clinic that helps solve their issue. Thus, people tend to narrow their search to local orthodontists. Now, to help you discover by your potential prospects, we include local SEO in our strategy.


Our experts use your town name and target all nearby cities in the keywords and mention them in titles, descriptions, and even in the domain name. Moreover, we also enlist your free orthodontic profile on popular local directories such as Google Maps, Bing and Yelp. This practice helps patients in finding everything about your practice, such as your service speciality, website link, location and other details.


Building links for orthodontic site


Search engines always value the worth and trustworthiness of a site before getting it ranked for targeted users. That’s the reason, building high-quality links for your orthodontic website is our first preference.


When people add their website link to your site, it helps search engines to detect that your content is worth linking and you are offering legitimate services. It allows them to recognize that your site is trusted by a lot of people in the relevant field. This improves your ranking dramatically and gives you a chance to connect with thousands of people directly.


Create a blog for orthodontic sites


You want more and more people to visit your clinic for their orthodontic needs. But that doesn’t mean you are there to give them free dental advice. Instead, we create a blog on your orthodontic website that informs and educates them more about your orthodontic practice.


It showcases your skills and talents, and they can quickly discover how your services help them solve their dental issues.


We have a team of expert content creators who create engaging and informative content related to dental cleaning, teeth straightening, teeth polishing and other related issues. We help you gain the trust of hundreds of new patients by publishing high-quality content on your orthodontic site. By offering a significant amount of SEO optimized content, we successfully grab the attention of search engines so they can rank the blog post and help people discover something interesting.


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Let’s create a powerful orthodontic SEO strategy today!

At Hukumat Networks, we understand the complex nature of your orthodontic profession, so we create a compelling strategy that generates desired results within in short period. We have made several leads and calls from targeted patients within a short period that helped us maintain our client retention rate by 85%. Our plans are tested and delivered proven results in the past few years. We make you stand out in the competition with actionable SEO plans according to your competitive industry.

So, if you think you don’t have time or energy to invest in your orthodontic site to rank it higher on search engines, contact our professionals at Hukumat Networks and let us help you in complete website optimization.

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