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Are you ready to bring in 8-10 new patients every month at your clinic? PPC advertising for orthodontists is your way to go!

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PPC campaigns for Orthodontist businesses

Fine-tune your practice and entice new patients with orthodontists PPC

If you want to bring in some new leads and patients for your practice, publishing an ad on newspaper or using other traditional marketing methods won’t cut it anymore. Hence, PPC marketing is the best way to consider that can set a new foundation for your clinic in no time.

At Hukumat Networks, we have PPC experts for orthodontists with years of knowledge and experience that have previously created 7,974 leads in past years. Let’s discuss how they can fine-tune your practice with pay per click ads.

Why choose PPC for orthodontic practice?

PPC campaigns help us target your patient audience based on their preferences and previous searching behavior. Because when you publish an Ad in a newspaper, you cannot target a specific audience who need your help, instead you are announcing in public that you are providing these solutions.

However, this is not the case with PPC. These ads are placed on search engines and will only appear when the user type in the keywords that are matched to the queries mention in your ad. We can say that PPC acts as a modern version of print ads, except they are based on bids and keywords.

These campaigns enable us to target the most competitive keywords related to your practice. This practice makes sure that internet users that are looking for your help will only find you, and you are not wasting your money on the audience who are least interested in your services.

If you want to explore more details about the entire process, contact our strategists today and let them give you a plan based on advanced pay per click tactics.

PPC campaign for orthodontists that deliver more leads and calls

As discussed earlier, PPC campaigns target a specific audience who are interested in your services. So, to reach out to such a massive audience, it’s essential to build an effective campaign that converts leads into patients as soon as they come across the ad.

Start with keywords used by your audience

Pay per click ads is usually based on specific keywords. Your audience commonly uses these keywords for finding orthodontist relevant to their needs. When they enter those keywords in Google, they will come across several ads at the top that best define their needs.

Now, to determine what keywords we should target for PPC campaign, our experts start the process with keyword research. We also use some popular tools and software for finding what keywords are used by our audience, the average cost-per-click (CPC rate), as well as the competition for each keyword used. We follow several advanced practices to get clicks for specific keywords so your ads can be clicked and visited by the target audience.

Create attractive landing pages

When we create PPC ads for orthodontists, we also need to create an attractive landing page which would be the next destination of your audience after clicking the ad. Landing pages are essential as they give more knowledge and information about your orthodontic practice.

Our experts know all the tactics to create converting landing pages.  We match the information on the ad with the landing page so that your patients won’t be disappointed after visiting the page. For instance, if we give an ad for teeth straightening, then the landing page would discuss essential details about the procedure and will have a contact form to get in touch with an orthodontist.

Create campaigns in Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the best platform to run PPC ads. This platform helps us design the ad the way we want. Our experts choose specific keywords that are targeted on each ad.

The best part is, PPC ads help us decide our own budget. Like how much you want to pay for each click.

Track and monitor the campaign

It isn’t easy to track the performance of your ads if you are not regularly monitoring the success rate.

Thus, our experts follow advanced tracking measures so they can check who sees, clicks, and visits the ad. We can also decide if we want to increase bids for advertisements about a particular keyword, or if we want to change the landing page for each ad.

FAQs- Learn more about PPC advertising for orthodontists

What are the benefits of PPC advertising for orthodontists?

PPC offers a lot of benefits to orthodontists, such as you can get clicks from the most relevant audience who are interested in your services. Moreover, it gives fast results; you can start driving clicks as soon as we launch your campaign. Besides that, you can target the audience through geo-targeting extensions that give relevant visits to your clinic.

What are the costs of PPC ads?

It depends on your requirements and the keywords used by your audience. If you want to get exact estimates, contact our professionals and get a free quote.

Are you a certified Google Ads partner?

Yes, our experts are Google certified and launched several PPC campaigns for orthodontists which makes us an ideal choice for your profession.

Ready to launch PPC ads for orthodontists?

If you are ready to target the right audience for your orthodontic ads, Hukumat Networks is here to help with custom PPC campaigns. We have an experienced PPC team that drives fast results and offer a tremendous amount of leads and appointments. Contact us today and let us explain how the process works for your orthodontic marketing needs.

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