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People who experience bones or muscular issues find an orthopedic surgeon in their area. How does your practice stand out to meet their medical needs?

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Target qualified patient audience with an effective PPC ad for orthopedics

There are around 25,000 orthopedic surgeons in the US who perform several complicated surgeries that range from hip replacements to fixing knees, shoulder, and wrists as well as multiple joint problems. They strive hard to improve people’s mobility issues and provide a better quality of life. That’s the reason, orthopedic practice is considered an “arm” of the medical & healthcare industry as it’s the most lucrative career choice today.


But the point is, what if your extremely competitive practice is unknown to several people and they are unable to find you on search engines? The easiest solution is pay per click- which is the most effective marketing strategy that brings targeted clicks on your orthopedic ad. Contact us to know more about how we create effective PPC campaigns for orthopedics.


Why does PPC advertising for orthopedic surgeons important?


The extraordinary levels of patient targeting and budget control options make PPC the most powerful advertising solution for orthopedics and the overall medical industry. It’s particularly valuable when you want to increase the patient count and get unlimited conversions in a short time.


The reason is, patients enter queries that best describe their medical condition, which takes them to your orthopedic ad and offer more information regarding their situation. Once they get satisfied with all the mentioned details, they immediately make an appointment and visit your clinic for quick treatment.


Our experts follow all the advanced methods and tactics that help your patients explore everything about your practice. For example, if a patient wants to do hip replacement surgery, he will simply enter ‘orthopedic surgeons for hip replacement in (city name)’. After that, they will come across an ad that further explains their solutions and invite them to book an appointment for an immediate cure. That’s how the process works for your practice, but if you are curious to know more details, contact us today and let us create a powerful campaign today.


PPC strategies for orthopedics that help you get more calls & appointments


Building an effective PPC strategy usually takes a lot of knowledge and expertise, which is the basic reason why orthopedics like you prefer to choose the best PPC company for orthopedic practices. Here is a quick overview of our PPC advertising strategies that work well for your orthopedic practice.


Incorporating specific and competitive keywords


Incorporation of competitive and specific keywords is mainly the basic step to your successful PPC campaign.  By implementing advanced keyword research procedures, our experts determine the most frequently used phrases in the orthopedic PPC campaign.


Thus, we tend to select the keywords that look more specific according to your practice specialty. Because the more specific our keywords are, the easier to know the requirements of patients.


That’s the reason, we use both location-specific and practice-specific keywords. For example, if you are an orthopedic surgeon in New York, then users who enter ‘orthopedic surgeons in New York’, are more likely to come across your ad and schedule appointments. Now, this is because patients who are looking for “orthopedic surgeons in New York” exactly know what they are looking for, and much closer to convert as compared to people who are just entering the keywords ‘Orthopedic surgeons’. The more the keyword is a long tail and specific, the more are the chances to get a relevant patient audience.


Landing page optimization


When we create ads for your orthopedic practice, we need to determine where we want to take all the patient audience after clicking the ad. This page is called the landing page, which offers further details to your patients after seeing the ad.


We do not link your ad to the landing page of your website because it may not define the contents of ads and may look irrelevant to most of the patients. That’s why we create separate landing pages for ads, which exact matches to the ad content and define the practice best in a more specific manner.


Moreover, we create ads according to your practice specialty, then link those ads to the pages that describe your practice best. For example, if an ad is about shoulder surgery, then we will create a landing page that defines everything about shoulder surgery, its benefits, complications, appointment scheduling, and further details.


Driving more traffic to highly converting pages


Besides improving the conversion rate of landing pages, we run PPC campaigns to drive maximum visits ad clicks on the pages that are already generating maximum conversions.


To do that more efficiently, we target keywords that help us determine which phrases are attracting a more patient audience. Once we identify the keywords, we incorporate them into the ads, which help us get multiple appointments from all the high-converting pages.


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A well-designed PPC campaign for orthopedics can simply yield more leads and conversions in a short time. If you want to experience the same for your practice, give us a call today and  let us build an effective campaign that draws in more visits and appointments beyond your expectations.

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