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Looking for a strategy that entices more patients to your dental practice? PPC can help you beat the competition in your region by showing Ads at the top of search results.

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Pay per click for dentists- Show up on the 1 st page of Google & drive traffic FAST

Are you looking for more incredible and instant marketing methods to generate a huge return on investment? Well, PPC advertising for dentists can help you overcome today’s hardest challenges; as you can reach more new patients with a strategy that brings your dental practice Ads on top of the search results to gain more clicks, visits, and appointments while improving your overall ranking.


At Hukumat Networks, our goal is to turn prospects into leads and get you the most relevant patients looking for your help. Contact us today and let us bring fruitful results with powerful PPC campaigns for dentists.


Dental PPC services that keep your practice at the forefront


Dental PPC advertising is one of the most effective ways that put your dental practice in front of a massive patient audience who is looking for your help. With PPC advertising for dentists, you are paying a specific amount to show up your ad on search engines, so most people can view, click, and know more about your service area. However, if you are not following the best PPC strategy for dentists, the Ads will never show at all. Even in the worse scenario, they could also be shown in front of the wrong audience which is definitely a total waste of money.


At Hukumat Networks, we are focused to create result-oriented PPC campaigns for dentists that always show up your Ads at the forefront and beat your competitors efficiently.


Get in touch with our PPC experts, and let them build an actionable plan to drive more traffic and clicks.


Why PPC advertising for dentists’ matter?


Pay per click advertising usually begins from search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When we create Ads for Google AdWords, our specialists select the right keywords that can make the advertisements more compelling yet engaging, and have chances to grab user’s attention while they are looking for dentists.


After that, if our bids win the race in high competition, your ads would start appearing at the top of search results and get more clicks and views.


Our experts also use Google AdWords that help us advertise your dental business across thousands of other businesses and users existing in the Google Display Network.


One of the most significant benefits of using PPC services for dentists is, you will only pay when someone clicks your ad. If someone doesn’t click, you don’t need to pay but you will still receive engagements and impressions.


Moreover, with dental PPC, you don’t need to wait for results. When our experts launch your campaign, you will start receiving clicks, visits, and views to drive traffic. Now this means, if you want to receive traffic and views, PPC is the best option indeed for quick lead generation.


Best practices we follow for dental PPC campaigns


While planning for the PPC strategy for dentists, we analyze each element that plays an important role in your campaign’s success. As we have worked for multiple dentist clients so we know all the positive and negative aspects that play an important role in your dental campaign.


Research on keywords that patients consider


First, it’s essential to understand what are the common key phrases your potential audience is typing in while considering online dentists. After researching on those key phrases, we divide all the competitive keywords into categories and then focus specifically on the services you provide.


For instance, our experts might choose keywords that are targeting the audience looking for teeth whitening services, and the other group which is primarily focused on painless teeth removal procedures.


This helps us target more relevant PPC ads that drive high click-through rates.


Build custom pages for dentists


After that, our experts tend to create different customized landing pages that attract the patient audience and they decide whether to choose the services or not. We follow all the advanced tactics to make the pages attractive and engaging so we can convert maximum people for your dental practice.


Now this means the Ads and the landing pages we create always have a great balance that discusses the same topic as the Ad. For instance, if your PPC ad has mentioned something about cracked or broken teeth, then the landing page would also highlight the same area that emphasizes to fix broken teeth.


We also include clear and effective calls to action on landing pages that encourage patients to take the next step for contacting you and scheduling a quick appointment to get your help.


When we create custom landing pages for your dental practice, it helps us establish credibility, assurance, and consistency which further ensures that your patients won’t lose interest or push back button once they land onto your page.


Targeting local patients


Targeting local patients is important for dentists because you need to show up all the Ads in your area where people are searching for dental services.


That’s why we create a free account on Google my Business through which we make easy for people to search you on the map and you would automatically show up on top 3 positions, which increases your chances to get most clicks. If someone lives near to your dental clinic and searching for dentists in his area, he would be more likely to see your Ad at the forefront which in turn gives you one prospective patient near to your clinic.


When we target local audiences for your dental practice, we help you reach some most qualified patients’. In this way, you won’t overpay for your dental ads.


Ad optimization for calls


We create PPC ads for dentists that generate guaranteed calls and set maximum patients in your clinic regularly.


Google Ads ultimately charge you the same amount for calls as they do for the normal clicks to your landing pages.


To increase the number of call-in leads, we also add your contact details in your Ads and then set the Ads to display when you are treating patients in your clinic. This also makes sure that all the calls would be answered by real people who help turn maximum leads into real patients.


Utilization of Ad extensions


Standard PPC ads for your dental practice always give you some limited amount of space. That’s the reason, our experts tend to purchase multiple Ad extensions as they allow us to add more details about your dental practice and give users a chance to communicate with you.


For instance, the extensions mainly highlight your phone number, address details, and the basic information, like your website link, business hours, and services. We also choose site link extensions that allow us to display several links to various pages instead of a single webpage.


Now, these Ad extensions simply help us expand your Ad reach as well as attract prospective patients.


Tracking leads


Tracking and monitoring are other elements that help us track results and analyze which methods are more effective in lead generation with PPC ads for dentists. We track what tricks are working well, and which Ads are bringing in more clicks and visits. This is basically called tracking in PPC. This technique also tells us which ads are more successful in building leads and which are just wasting time, energy, and money.


To manage the process efficiently, Hukumat Networks implement the technique of tracking contact details, so our experts can show what your PPC ads are doing for your practice.


When we track the ads for you, we eliminate all those Ads that are not converting patients. After that, we help you focus more on your money and boost the efforts that are bringing good results. Our experts also help you modify future campaigns by using the perfect Ad format for dentists that are giving valuable leads.


Analyzing results


In the end, our experts do not forget to check, analyze, and demonstrate the results of your PPC campaign.


There are lots of useful tools and software that include Google Analytics, which helps us track results and conversions and check all the valuable information that can improve the PPC strategy in the future.


We also use the information to test the results of all the new Ads. This certainly helps us create attention-grabbing titles as well as effective Ad copy that can lead to several clicks, engagements, and conversions. With PPC ads, we monitor different elements that include conversion rate, click-through rate, return on Ad spend, cost per conversion, cost per click, and engagement rate.


Elements that make your dental Ads stand out from the competition


Generating an effective PPC Ad campaign that converts maximum leads into patients is no longer a challenge with Hukumat Networks. Because we create effective Ads that consist of multiple elements and contribute to the success of the campaign.


Enticing titles


Creating attention-grabbing titles is everything that can help you win your PPC campaign for dentists. With catchy titles, we draw in maximum visits and showcase your skills and talents that can set your practice apart from others. Because your Ad title is the first thing that your users will see and make a decision to choose. That’s the reason, we make them count and use them to generate quality traffic.


Relevant content for your dental campaign


An attractive title can grab the attention of your users at first glance, but an attractive description can make people stick to the Ad and they will prefer to read until the end. Because the description is mainly a continuation of your Ad title. So, we never confuse the audience by defining different elements in both parts of the Ad. In short words, we do not include content in your Ad body which has simply nothing to do with the title of your Ad.


We make sure every element of the Ad is working together to craft the best results. This helps us attract all the new patients by giving them everything they are expecting to see in the Ad body. We also include effective and clear calls to action in your Ad body that helps us drive more clicks and visits.


Effective landing page


When we manage to get clicks for your dental Ad, it serves the first purpose of the Ad. Now the next move is to maintain that momentum by sending the patients to the main landing page that has to convert leads and turn them into potential patients. We make sure that your landing page is perfectly created and optimized according to today’s advanced tactics. We create separate landing pages for Ads and ensure your visitors are getting detailed information as per requirement.


Testing Ads


Now just setting up a campaign for dentists is not going to work unless we are not testing Ads and checking final results. Ads are something that should be monitored and tested continuously to boost your dental marketing campaign. It helps us analyze what keywords and marketing tactics are working and generating positive results.


When we test PPC campaigns, it helps us find which is the good combination of Ad body and landing page as it can simply increase more conversions and leads.


Our experts do not feel afraid to test several versions of Ads or keywords as it helps them find which elements are good and how the audience is responding. After enough testing & tweaking, we efficiently craft the result-driven PPC campaign for dentists that attracts several patients from different parts of the world.

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Plan PPC campaigns for dentists for excellent results


If you are looking to establish the most profitable and beneficial PPC campaigns for dentists, its time to choose Hukumat Networks for your marketing needs. Our PPC experts understand your dental practice so efficiently and design the campaign that specifically meets your dental marketing needs.


Our team has the best experience in developing a high return on investment. They know how to manage your campaigns well without wasting a single penny. We have worked with various dentist clients and helped them generate thousands of dollars in the past few years.


If you are interested in running your dental campaign with Hukumat Networks, contact our team, discuss your needs and let them build a strategy that plays well according to your practice.

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