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Are you a doctor struggling to get new patients in your clinic? You might be missing out on the most important marketing strategy- Pay per click!

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Companies we are providing White Label services.


Years committed to providing superior Digital services.


Client keywords ranked on the first page of Google!


Companies we are providing White Label services.


Raving fans and counting

PPC campaigns for Doctors

PPC advertising for doctors- the most instant method to get new patients:

If you are a doctor or a physician, you must be looking for incredible ways that can help you reach more patients in a short time. Well, it’s not that easy, especially if you are not using pay per click methodology. With PPC services for doctors, it gets easy for them to find new patients by giving an Ad about their specialty and highlighting everything that can make people believe that ‘yes, he is the best doctor in town’.

We understand that several marketing techniques can stand you out from the competition. But PPC is the most effective and instant method that can immediately rank you at the top of search results when your patients are looking for the best doctor.

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PPC marketing for doctors that delivers a high return on investment:

Pay per click is the specific marketing method that can help generate leads fast and offer excellent results as compared to traditional techniques. This is a method in which we display ads on various sites or platforms and pay a specific amount when somebody clicks on that ad. Now there are several marketing benchmarks in PPC that play an important role in the success of your campaign, but the most important ones are- CPC (cost per click- how much you need to pay when people click on the Ad) and CTR (click-through rate- how much you need to pay when the desired action taken by the user like filling out the form for an appointment).

Now the average CPC rate for doctors and the medical industry is $2.62 for specific search ads, and the CPC rate is nearly $78.09. These amounts may differ according to the competition and keywords.

At Hukumat Networks, our PPC experts help you design, create, launch, and optimize your PPC Ads for doctors so you can easily maximize your presence in the huge marketplace. Get in touch with our team and let them create a custom strategy that brings more healthy results in a short time.

Why PPC is important for doctors?

PPC is the most targeted level marketing technique that gives you the flexibility to control your budget and manage everything according to your requirement. This makes PPC an ideal advertising solution for almost all industries including medical,  and this is definitely the most particular industry taking benefit of this instant marketing method.

The reason is, most of the patients search for different keywords that define their queries for selecting the best doctor in town and when they enter those keywords, they see a list of results which leads them to the top choices in search results.

For instance, when they type “the best doctor in {city name}” and search different results and Ads with no intention to call anyone because they get confused by the choices and can’t decide who is better to choose. But when they search ‘best doctors near me’, they will get more relevant and quick results and they might contact one of them to book an appointment.

So, when we run PPC ads specific for these keywords, we increase the chances to show your ad at the top of search results when anyone enters the keyword relevant to your Ad. When the user finds and clicks on your Ad, he will be redirected to the main landing page and check further details to contact you for their health needs.


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PPC advertising strategies for doctors that help them win more leads:

Our experts create effective and powerful PPC campaigns for doctors and select the most competitive keywords to deliver exceptional results.

So, if you want us to get hands-on your PPC campaign for doctors, let us begin with the popular Google AdWords which is the fundamental platform for running PPC ads.

Once we create an AdWords account, we start creating campaigns and reach more and more patients who are seeking help and cure. Here are some strategies we follow to give the best results.

Determine goals:

The basic step we take in developing a powerful PPC strategy is determining your goals towards your profession. Like, why are you advertising your practice? Do you want to increase the list of new patients? Or just need to publicize your clinic that has just opened?

Now, this sounds simple, but many people forget to include this in their strategy and start directly from the things that hold secondary importance.

So regardless of setting any of the goals for your practice, we make sure that your goals are measurable, trackable, realistic, and specific.

Once our team determines your practice goals, we continue further.

Search or social advertisement?

After setting the goal, the next element to consider is deciding for search or social Ads. We can help you start with both; we find a popular search engine and the most frequently used social media to kickstart your campaign.

For an instant, if you want to get new patient appointments, we help you target patients on Google, which is probably the best place to jumpstart.

But if you want to grow your patient audience and interact with people before or after their visit, then social platform Ads are the best to improve brand awareness.

Develop an attractive offer:

Do you know how we interact with your patients through Ads?

We give them a reason and we generate their need to interact with your practice for better health results.

No, we didn’t offer them any kind of special discount or give them some offer, but we give your patients something they want to have.

Most probably, we give your patients a solution to their current medical condition or help them determine what symptoms are related to the disease they are suffering from. By giving them something they want, can definitely attract them towards your Ad, and they will develop more interest to dive into further details.

We understand that there is great competition in the medical field, so patients often get attracted to enticing notes and offer provided by healthcare services. Thus, we grab their attention by offering something more legitimate and useful that can improve their lifestyle.

Research on specific keywords:

Research on the right keywords is probably the next step in creating an effective PPC campaign for doctors.

That’s how our team determines the most reliable and competitive keywords used by patients to find medical care.

We tend to choose keywords that are the most specific and relevant to your specialty and skills. The more specific the research is, the more chances to get relevant clicks.

We include keywords that both define your location and specialty. For instance, if you are a doctor in New York, patients will search for “Doctors in New York” and this is more likely to connect with broad patients looking for your help as compared to those who are searching for ‘doctors in the US’. The reason is someone looking for “Doctors in New York” knows what they want, and they are closer to book an appointment as compared to the people who are using broader terms and couldn’t spot your Ad.

Landing page optimization:

When users click on the Ads, it’s our job to take them onto the landing page for further information. We determine which page is the best to convert visitors and can get them more relevant details. Many experts also link their homepage to the Ad, but this is not the best practice.

We create Ads based on your specialty and then link them with the website page that best describes them. For making an appointment, we direct patients to the relevant page so they can fill in the details and schedule a visit.

After creating an Ad, we optimize all the pages with the help of a conversion rate optimization technique that helps us generate multiple conversions at the same time.

This is basically a process of assessing different elements on the website so we analyze which version can prove to be more effective that can get people to take the action we want to see, like booking an appointment of filling a contact form.

By testing these Ads, our experts strive hard to increase the number of visitors on your site who are actually interested in scheduling appointments and then make most of the PPC campaign that is designed to meet the specific lead generation purposes.

Develop creative Ads:

After taking all the essential steps, we develop a creative Ad copy that is ready to drive the patient’s action on the Ad.

When we launch campaigns on Google, the Ads will be only limited to some images and simple text. However, for social Ad campaigns, the PPC Ads will both have attractive visuals and text. This offers us great flexibility and power on how we want to show the Ads in front of a huge patient audience.

Above all, we tend to create numerous versions of Ads running simultaneously. While we don’t need to test any huge variations, we just tend to find the best version of Ads that can generate more clicks and conversions.

Driving maximum clicks and traffic to the landing page:

Besides improving the conversions on your website, we use advanced PPC tactics to drive high volumes of traffic to the pages that are generating maximum conversions.

We research competitive keywords so we can efficiently determine which keywords can attract your patients more towards your practice, and once we finish doing this, you will be able to get more & more conversions from your landing pages.

Implement conversion tracking:

Both Google and social media channels have tracking capabilities that help us analyze the conversion results. Now, these capabilities can help measure, track, and analyze the progress of the Ads. This is just the first step in tracking. To track the campaign best, we run Google Analytics on the site that helps us identify which Ads are generating more clicks and conversions. Our experts also leverage call tracking as many patients do not book online appointments and prefer to contact through cell phones.

PPC services for doctors that offer valuable leads:

We handle different PPC services for doctors that offer valuable leads and conversions in a short time. Our PPC services include:

Paid search Ads:

90% of people use Google to solve their health-related concerns, and more than 70% of people tend to find doctors on Google by entering different keywords that best describe their needs. When they enter keywords, they get to see the Ad posted by our experts, which in turn generates immediate clicks and conversions.

Social Ads:

No business can get noticed unless they pay money to put their Ads in front of a massive audience. That’s the case with doctors as well. So our experts create effective social Ads that target vast communities and generate quick leads within a few hours.

Google AdWords management:

We launch Google AdWords to deliver exceptional Ad experience for our doctor clients. We understand that the health and medicine industry has special significance due to its privacy and disclosure elements. Our team has a perfect experience essential to navigate all the restrictive elements that help us deliver the best results.

Bing Ads management:

We also create ads for the Bing search engine and make sure that your Bing Ads give maximum return on investment and gain multiple clicks within hours.


Retargeting for doctors refers to the Ads that describe your specialty to patients who have visited your site once. These Ads are the best way to encourage positive action and guide patients more about your services. Our experts efficiently retarget ads through Google, Bing, and different social platforms.

If you need more help in discussing PPC services for your medical practice, you can contact our team today and let them create a plan that suits best to your profession.

FAQs- learn more about PPC for doctors

What is PPC for doctors?

PPC is the paid Ad campaigns that consist of a compelling Ad copy, and include title, description, headings, images, website link, and location. With PPC ads, we target actual patients who tend to seek help from your medical practice. We place Ads on Google and social platform that specifically target people who are interested to explore your services. PPC ads generate valuable clicks, visits, and conversions which are hard to get through other traditional marketing methods.

Which PPC management services are best for doctors?

Well, it depends on multiple things like your budget, requirement, and business goals. To make the perfect decision, we offer you to get your PPC audit before choosing anything. Because it can help you answer more accurately and you can decide which service suits best to your needs. You can also consult with our professionals for further information on PPC services.

How many visits & clicks do you confirm with PPC ads?

We cannot give you an exact figure for this. Because the number varies according to the amount you spend on Ads. When you invest more, we can guarantee hundreds of clicks in one day, but with fewer investment problems, you may find just a couple of clicks and impressions on your Ad that leads to fewer visits on your website.

Why PPC campaigns matter for doctors?

More than 70% of people tend to find doctors online for their healthcare needs, that’s the reason its important to get listed on top of the search results so maximum people can find your Ad and consider your help. If you are not using PPC, it’s hard to reach a massive patient audience who is considering help from the online medium.

What makes our PPC services different?

We have worked with multiple doctor clients and helped them generate millions through our PPC campaigns. That’s the reason, we have perfect knowledge about your industry which makes us a good choice for doctors’ PPC campaigns. Other than that, we also assign a dedicated account manager- PPC expert who is responsible to update you about all the ongoing activities. Our experts create a custom strategy that can help you win hundreds of patients within a couple of weeks.

How long does it take to see results?

Well, it takes some time to build credible results with PPC campaigns. But as this is the most instant marketing method, you will start getting leads as soon as we launch the campaign. To stabilize everything more efficiently, it takes 3-5 months for maintaining a regular stream of leads.

Yield best results with PPC campaigns for doctors:

At Hukumat Networks, we are committed to building a well-designed and super effective PPC campaign for doctors that offer guaranteed clicks and visits.

So, if you are ready to yield ideal results for your practice, its time to consult with our PPC professionals and let them build a strategy that can take your small clinic to the next level within a short time. We have created multiple successful PPC campaigns for doctors and physicians, so if you want us to do the same for you, contact us today and get a free quote to kickstart your lead generation process.

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